Best reading lights for kids

There are a lot of options when you search for reading light for kids. I have divided them into sections, so that you can decide what kind of reading light you need, and after you decide, you will have different options in that specific category.

To achieve that goal, Every section links to its own detailed post, listing all the best reading lights for kids in that specific category.

Types of Best reading lights for kids

  1. Clip on book lights – These lights clip to the book you are reading. Choose these if you are looking for portable and lightweight light. Do not choose this style if you are looking for something more sturdy and rugged. Plus if you think that your kids will start playing with then and damage the light, or would not sleep.
  2. Clip on headboard lights – These are book reading lights with large clips that can be clamped to a thick headboard. This useful for bunk beds and kids beds.
  3. Bedside lamp with directional light. These have flexible goose-necks or some kind of adjustable neck mechanism that directs the light to the book.
  4. Bedside lamps that spread light all around. These are in shape of an egg.
  5. Floor lamps and 2-in-1 lamps that can be made bedside lamps as well.
  6. Head lamps for kids for reading in bed.
  7. Neck light that wraps around the neck.

I will list all the reading light and mention the relevant links for more info. For example if you like bedside table lamp in egg shape , then there will be a link to more of these items. You can click that link to get more similar options and get the one that you like the most.

Decide before buying

Another thing that you need to decide is, Do you must a reading light that is colorful, have some kind of cartoon, or pet animal design/shape? Or, a good quality light with the right functions is preferable to your? It is important because if you go for simple there are more options of high quality lights with more functions. No doubt, you can also get a kids design reading light/lamp with good quality and the required functions, but the chances are low.

All of the book lights are safe to use and has decent built quality, and produce soft even light that will not cause any eye strain.

Clip on reading lights for kids girls boys

Rechargeable, bookmark size, warm

Rechargeable, bookmark size, warm Clip on reading lights for kids girls boys

This is a slim, lightweight and tiny book light that works with paperbacks and hardcovers. It is dim-able with two brightness levels. You get a warm glow that does not disturb your sleep. After finishing reading, just place it inside your book as a bookmark.

More: Amazon, Detailed Review

Dual Head, Best All-in-One book light

Dual Head, Best  All-in-One book light Clip on reading lights for kids girls boys

This is one of the best book lights because it has lot of functions that will help you read in bed in any situation or location. Whether you are in your home, traveling somewhere, or camping at an off-grid location. Some features are: lightweight, Warm light, long lasting rechargeable battery that is also replaceable without any special tools, large clip, key hole at the back to hang it headboard/wall, 3 color modes warm, warm white, and cool white, 3 brightness levels in each color and a great customer service. It is also available in single head design.

More: Amazon, Detailed Review.

Rechargeable, Pink or Blue, Cool design

Clip on reading lights for kids girls boys Rechargeable blue, cool design

What makes this book light great to be included in this list are: Cool design for kids, Lightweight and portable, Rechargeable, flexible neck, Warm eye-care light that does not disturb sleep, and availability in blue and pink colors for boys or girls.

More: Amazon

Runs on two coin cell batteries, Tens of designs.

Clip on book light with coin cell batteries for kids girls boys

If you do not mind changing coin cell batteries quite often, and you are OK with cool white light, then there are tens of colors and designs available from the company Withit and French Bull.

It is a small and lightweight clip on book light with flexible neck. The basic functions are the same but there is a lot of variety in designs. You can get this as a gift for a kid who loves to read books before bed. It is also safe as there is no electrical connection needed. This article will be too long if I add all of those here, so just click the links below to get more designs.

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Head lamps for kids for reading in bed

Head lamps for kids for reading in bed

More: Click the image to know more at amazon.

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