Book Holder for Reading in Bed with Light

Some companies sell both products as a combo so you get the book holder for reading in bed with light. But if you do not like their pre-made combination, can also make a custom set with your preferred book holder and light.

Here are the solutions for your perfect reading setup in bed.

Combinations of Book Holders for Reading in Bed with Light

Here are the best 5 reading lights and 5 book holders to make a perfect combination of book holder with light for reading in bed. But before that, check this pre-made combo first.

Book holder and book light combo

Book holder with light for reading in bed

This book holder with light by ZZWS Store is an inexpensive lightweight solution. The adjustable bookstand works best on a hard bed table. But you can place it on a pillow, on your lap, or on your belly as well. It helps angle the book at a better angle which is more relaxing for your neck. The side page holders hold the book open so you can read in bed, handsfree.

The page holders at the side hide the text behind and it can be inconvenient for you to adjust them again and again. Other book holders have a minimal page holder that does not block text.

And the book light the comes with it is not the best clip-on book light either.

Light#1 Clip-on book light – warm and white light – focused light

Ecologic mart book light to pair with any book holder for reading in bed

This Ecologic Mart book light is a versatile book light that can be paired with any book holder because you can attach it directly to the book. Plus, you can clip it to the headboard if it is 1.25 inches thick.

You can pair this book light with any of the book holders mentioned in this article

Choose this light if you want to read in bed with the light focused on the book only. You do not want to disturb your partner. If you like this style of light then for more options you can check the best book light article here

Light#2 clip on headboard light – light is spread on a wider area as compared to the first one – Less portable

Clip on headboard light that also pairs with any book holder for more bright light while reading in bed

This reading light clamps to the bed headboard and provides a directional plus ambient light in the room. The light is brighter than a book light. It can pair with any of the 5 book holders listed in this post.

Oaso headboard reading light is one the best bed reading lights that has three color light i.e. amber, warm and white. It runs on direct power from any USB output. Using its gooseneck, you can direct the light at a specific angle for better illumination.

This is less portable than the clip-on book light. So, if you read in one place, then this is a good choice. But if you want a reading setup that is quick and portable then choose the clip-on book light mentioned earlier.

Light #3 Ambient night light for reading – Dim ambient light that induces sleep – Easy to carry

Ambient night light for reading in bed on any book holder

This ambient light is great if do not want focused light on the book or in a specific area of a room. This keeps placed on a side table or a bed table book holder mentioned below.

Get this if you need a soft night light that shuts down automatically ( timer function) when you fall asleep while reading in bed. You can set the light to any of the 16 colors.

Light 4 Amber book light

Amber book light for bedtime reading on any book holder.

hooga amber book light is similar to the first one. It has the same pros and cons like the Ecologic Mart book light. The only difference is that it produced amber color lighy that helps in inducing sleep.

Get this if you want a light that does not disturb partner, and also helps you sleep better.

For more info on why this color light helps you sleep better check this post on which color light is best for reading in bed? White or Yellow?

Light#5 Neck light with warm, white and amber color light, Portable light

Neck light with warm, amber and white light to read before sleep.

This Litom Neck light works with any of the mentioned book holders in this post or any of the other book holders for the bed. This is because you wear it on your neck and direct the light on the book you are reading. The book can be on any book holder and you will not have a problem reading in dark.

This is equally portable as a clip-on book light. The only problem with this type of light is that when you move your body, it moves with you, which irritates some readers.

Now, let’s discuss the 5 book holders that you can pair with ant of the above listed lights to make your reading setup.

Book holder # 1 – The Book Seat – Easy to carry

The book seat book holder for reading in bed with clip on book light

The Book Seat is a pillow book holder that you can carry anywhere in your home or while traveling. Put a clip-on book in its pocket and your book holder with light is reading for reading in bed.

To keep it portable you can use a book light or a neck light, but if you want more light then choose a headboard clip light to use with it.

This book holder can hold small paperbacks and also large hardcovers. It does not block the text while holding the pages open. Here is my detailed The Book Seat Review

Book holder # 2 – Adjustable foldable aluminum bed table

Adjustable book holder bed table for reading in bed with book or headboard lights

This book holder angles the book at a comfortable angle and the right height. You can place this table over your bed and read any book hands-free. Its page holders do not block the text behind it.

You can pair this book holder with any of the book reading lights mentioned earlier.

Book holder # 3 lap desk with light by Sofia and sam the one with the magnetic light is also available that will be good if you accidentally touch the light

Lap desk book holder with built in USB light for reading in bed

Sofia and Sam Lap desk with USB light can be a great solution if you want a book holder with light for reading in bed. But it lack angles adjustment that I will talk in the next heading.

Another drawback is that if you buy this one for bedtime reading, you can read while sitting in bed and you have to get a page holder separately, to hold the book open hands free.

A similar book holder with magnetic light is also available on amazon. That would be helpful if you accidentally hit the light with your hand or the book you are reading.

If you like this lap desks then check this post to check the 12 best lap desks for reading in bed here.

Book holder#4 – Adjustable lap desk by mind reader

Adjustable lap desk to hold books and the clip on book light

This adjustable lap desk does not have a light option like the one listed earlier, but it offers angle adjustment. It means, you can choose to angle the book at 8 different angles.

Just clip the book light on the book and place it on your preferred angle to read in bed comfortably. You can use the book lights mentioned in this post earlier or check this post for more options of best book lights

Book holder # 5- Levo book holder that can hold the book open at any required angle and height. You can read lying down flat and the book open above your face.

Ultimate book holder for reading in bed that can work with any light

Levo book holder floor stand is the ultimate book holder that allows you read in bed in any position without stressing your neck or back. You can read lying down flat or on your side, sitting up in bed, or relaxing on a lounger.

But this one is not as portable as the other ones mentioned here.

You can pair any of the reading lights with it, specially the clip on book light and head board light s.

Final words

If you want a simple quick solution then The Book Seat with an Ecologic Mart book light is a good option.

If you think any of the above-mentioned solutions are not enough or something is missing, then For more options check out the 9 types of book holders for bed, and the 16 types of reading light for bed. And after analyzing make a custom solution that will work for you the best.

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