7 Clip-on Book Reading Lights With Timer – Tiny, Small and Large

Are you looking for a reading light with timer for reading in bed? Here are three types of clip on book reading light with timer: Tiny, Small and Large.

These reading lights are great if you fall asleep while reading at night, or you just want the it to turn off automatically.

One book light mentioned below, has a log timer as well which tell your for how long you have been reading. This is great for logging and tracking your reading time before bed.

Tiny Bookmark size clip on book lights with timer

1- Lightweight and portable 3 color light

Lightweight and portable 3 color light with auto-off timer
  • Auto-power-off timer – To preserve the battery the lights shuts off after 1 hr.
  • 3 colors of light  – Warm 3000K, warm white 4500K, and White 5500K in one book light. Great for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep. Also good as a task light for any daytime use.
  • Built-in 230mAH Rechargeable battery – Charges in 40 minutes and you can read for about 3 hours. With its easy to charge with built in USB cable, you will never forget the cable any more.
  • Eye care light & Precise brightness control –  Touch sensitive stepless dimming. Just touch and hold to decrease the brightness up to 15%. The light is no-ficker, smooth and even for no-eye strain.
  • Clips – Thick, Thin and Magnetic – comes with two clips to hold thick hardcover books and e-readers, also for thin and small paperbacks. Plus, the magnetic base can be attached to any iron surface.

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2- Digital bookmark, Timer & booklight for kids 3-in-1

3-in-1 Digital bookmark, timer & booklight for kids
  • Cumulative digital timer – Gear for kids and others who like to log their reading time. Records and stores up to 100 hours, a 60-second fluency timer, and a countdown session timer. In countdown mode, the lights shuts off automatically when the timer is complete.
  • Lightweight and portable – Thin and lightweight, you can take it anywhere and keep it as a bookmark in the book.
  • Runs on 2 coin cell batteries – It is not rechargeable, and need two CR2 batteries which are included in the package.
  • White light not Warm yellow – It is not great for reading before sleeping as it will have blue light it which will delay your kids sleep rhythm.
  • Lot of designs to choose from – You can choose among a lot of colorful and beautiful design and get what your kid would love the most.

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Small Clip on book lights with timer

3- Mighty Bright AAA battery Timer Light

Mighty Bright clip on Timer Light
  • Auto power off timer – Adjust timer for upto 60 minutes in 15 minutes increments. Light turn off after the specified timer. Four Red color LED light indicators show the remaining time.
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries lasts for upto 72 hours. You can use rechargeable cells if your do not want to keep buying cells.
  • Simply, just 2 brightness levels – It is simple and easy, just turn it on, and select high or low brightness and start reading. But this also means, that it lacks more precise control.
  • Light color is white not warm – This not blue-free and hence will disturb your sleep. But you can make it warm by covering it with amber color film.
  • Good for kids and elderly – There is no electrical connection, It means that it is safe for kids. Plus, less options means it is easy to use for even an elderly person.
  • Runs on Portable AAA cells that can be found anywhere. No need to charge just replace these AAA batteries and keep reading. They are easy to find anywhere you go.

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4- Timely Reader incandescent AA batteries Book light

Timely reader incandescent AA battery book light with timer
  • Incandescent bulb book light with timer – It uses incandescent bulb that produces warm light that is softer on eyes, but consumes a lot of power as compared to LED.  Users say that it is battery hog. If you are looking for an incandescent bulb book light then it is a great option. Otherwise check other options.
  • Adjustable timer powers off the light when the timer completes.
  • Power it by directly plug in via adapter, or use 4 AA battery cell
  • Produces warm light that is good for sleep.

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Large clip on reading lights with timer

5- Ring Headboard reading light with timer (Warm/Cool)

headboard reading light with timer with both warm yellow and cool white lights.
  • Headboard reading light with timer – Use its wide clip to clamp it to your bed headboard. Its long neck helps you to direct the light however you like.
  • Auto power off timer lets you read in bed without any worry. You can set it for 3 hrs, 6hrs, or 12 hrs time.
  • Warm light for reading  – It has 3 light colors, warm yellow 3000K, warm white 4500K, and cool white 6000K. Warm yellow color is great for reading before sleeping, as it does not delay your sleep.
  • 5 levels of brightness, from 20% to 100%, allows you to precisely adjust the intensity of the light . No more too-dim or too-bright light. The brightness will be perfect every time you read.
  • Runs on direct power from the wall means that neither you have to charge this, nor you need to replace the batteries. Just plug into any USB power source, like powerbank, phone charger, or your laptop to  start reading.

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6- Long Headboard/ Bedside reading light with timer (Warm/Cool)

Long Headboard/ Bedside reading light with timer (Warm/Cool)

This clip on reading light with timer is from the same company and has the same benefits as the Ring Headboard light mentioned above. All the features including, off-timer, brightness levels, color choices, and the power sources are exactly same.

The only two differences are the shape and the watts. It is long bar shape light that is slightly less brighter than the the light mentioned above.

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7- Reading Light With Timer And Memory Function

clip on reading light with timer and memory function warm and cool color options.
  • Fixed 30 minutes off-timer activates when you press and hold the on/off switch for 2 seconds. Just press it when you feel sleepy and it will turn off after 30 minutes. One timer option works, yet keep it simple to use.
  • Cool white, Daylight, Warm white – There are three color options. Warm option is great for reading while in bed.
  • 5 level dimmer with memory function, remembers the last used brightness level. It means, you do not have to press the button multiple times to adjust the brightness every time you want to read. Just turn it on, it will be at the brightness at which you were reading last time.
  • Runs on direct power, by using the included power adapter, only. It has USB socket at the base of the light, use that to plug any USB cable to charge your phone or tablet.
  • High quality diffuser that provides you with soft and even light without any ghosting or flicker. You will not feel eye-strain even after reading for long period.

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More reading light with timer

There are three other types of lights for reading in bed that have timer function in them.

  1. Floor lamps with timer
  2. Childern reading lights with timer
  3. Bedside lamps with timer.

More reading lights

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