Energizer Mini Clip-on Warm Book Light for Reading in Bed Review 2019

energizer booklite book light for reading in bed in warm color review

Energizer book light is a small, really  tiny and lightweight book light that is available in cool light or warm light option. It runs on coin cell batteries, and lasts for about 10 hours. The build quality is also great. All this, make this book light a great gift book lovers, whether kids, or elders. But consider this after checking all the best clip on book lights for reading in bed

Updated 21 March 2019: Now, it is available in warm color. Earlier it was only available in cool white color which disturbs sleep. That was a flaw considering its use as a book light for reading at night, but that has changed.


  • Small size – 10’’ long – for travelling and camping
  • Clip opens ½’’ for books and Kindle
  • Sturdy clip does not damage the books
  • Run on coin cell batteries – No need to charge
  • Flexible neck allows you to direct light
  • Read in bed without disturbing your partner.
  • Lights up both pages of the book.
  • Very lightweight


  • Need to replace batteries.
  • For some readers, the light is super bright.

In a hurry? Check it on Amazon, or read full review here.


energizer booklite book light small and lightweight review.

Small Pocket-able, Portable Book Light

If you are looking for a small and portable book light that can easily fit into your pocket or purse, then it is one of them. It measures just 10 inches in length. Plus, you can fold it in half,  and lock it to make it even smaller.

This is great for reading while travelling train, or the car.

But this is not the smallest light. Luminolite bookmark light is shorter, tinner book light that is 2’’ shorter in length. It has a rechargeable battery and produces warm color light.

Plus, there are a lot of lights with way more functions, like brightness adjustment, color changing, flexible gooseneck, and long lasting rechargeable battery. They are not the smallest book lights, but still, these are portable, and even pocketable.

Plenty of light to read by

Energizer book light is a tiny book reading light, but do not be fooled by its small size. It produces a powerful beam of light that is enough to read in dark.  It produces 11 Lumens of focused light, that is more than enough for nighttime reading.

Some people even complain about the high brightness of the light.

No need to charge ever, But…

This is a good book light for if you are travelling and it would be difficult to find a power source to charge the battery. You can just keep some extra of these slim and tiny coil cell batteries while going on an adventure.

It runs on CR 2032 coincell batteries that last for about 25 hours. After that, the light gets dim and eventually turn off. There is a small screw on the light that you need to unscrew to change the battery. So, you have to keep a small screwdriver with you.

Practically, this will last for a week or two, if you read one hour daily.

Some users say that it lasts for months before they need to change the battery.

Perfect for Travelling, or Camping

This book light is great for reading at night while camping in woods or while travelling. Just keep some extra batteries and a screw drives, and you will always have light to read during your adventure.

But if you do not like keeping track of batteries and screwdriver, and there will be a power source available where you are going, then consider this All-in-One best book light or Luminolite warm book light for reading in bed, or Luminolite bookmark size tiny for reading in bed.

Light Both Pages, Without Disturbing Partner

The light beam it produces is wide enough to illuminate two pages. But, at the same time, it is focused enough to not disturb your partner.

But some users complained about being it too bright. You can read those review here.  

Direct the light Anywhere you want

You can control the light direction however your like. It has a flexible neck that allows micro adjustments.

But, it is not as flexible as other gooseneck small reading lights that I have reviewed. Check alternatives section to find those.  

Light is Effective upto 4 meters

The light beam is powerful enough that you can use it at a distance of upto 4 meters. This means, you can clip it to the headboard, or on the tent while out in the woods.

Clip Works for Books

Its clip opens half inches, which is enough to clamp on any size book. You can use it to read small or large books, whether they are paperbacks or hardcovers.

It does not add extra weight to paperback books. Plus, the clip does not damage the pages.

Read kindle As Well

You can use this book light to read kindle or other ereaders as well. The clip can attach to any ereader that is lesser than half inches thick.

LED bulb last for years

There is no need to replace the bulb, as it is a LED bulb which lasts for years.

Cute Small gift for kids, or Book Lovers

This is a small, cute and very inexpensive gift for kids, or book lovers who love to read in bed.

Even if they already have a book light, they will surely love this gift. They might not use it that often, but it will be helpful to them.

Reviews Summary


More than 80% of the users love this small book light for reading in bed. They love how tiny this is and still it produces enough light to read for weeks of reading.


Less than 20% of the users have some complains. Some of the users do not like the brightness of the light. They find it to be too bright and irritating to read in bed. Others do not like the battery timings of this book light.


This is good small size book light for reading in bed, if you do not mind keep on replacing batteries.

But, you should check out some better alternatives before buying this book light.

  1. The closest, yet better alternative to this book light is Bookmark size book reading light with warm color light and a rechargeable battery, by luminolite.
  2. Another alternative is Ecologic mart All in One Best book light for reading in bed. This has two heads, more brightness adjustment levels for an even dim light, flexible gooseneck, large capacity rechargeable, and replaceable battery, and a large clip that can easily be clamped to a wall or headboard. Get to know more in this  Ecologic Mart Eye care warm book light review, or check it on Amazon.