How safe are LED lights?

First I thought that LED lights are so safe that this question seems a bit irrelevant. But no one can stop a question from being asked. Anyway, after doing some research I got to know that

The short answer to this question is: LEDs are safe, but blue light is not.

Most of the LEDs emit a shorter wavelength of light, which is bluish. Research shows if our eyes are exposed to this colored light for a longer period, it may have a bad effect on our eyes.

But this was a problem when the LEDs available in the market has only blue light spectrum. That is above 5000k. But now with the awareness among the consumers, market leaders like Philips have a Range of LEDs is available with lesser blue light, or even the warmer 3000K Light which solves the problem.

Whenever there’s an invention, there is always going to be some critics which eventually help make the product better by identifying the weak points. Like, CFL was also an energy efficient bulb, but they were criticized for having mercury and emitting ultraviolet light. Same happened with the LEDs. But now, with the awareness, a demand for warmer colored light is there. So, you can easily buy a warmer color light.

Get a light on lower Kelvin scale; you can buy one below 5000K, and even below 4000K which would be an even better choice.