TopEleck 4 LED review: Small, Feather-light, 2800K Book Light for Bed

Small and lightweight book light warm color flexible gooseneck topeleck review

TopEleck 4 LED book light is a great choice, If you are looking for a warm color, smal l book light for reading in bed. Its 2800K color temperature, very close to 2700K, has less blue light as compared to 3000K. Plus, the brightness can adjusted to very dim setting. Using this book light, you will be able to read without disturbing your partner, without disturbing your sleep, and without any eye-strain.


  • Warmer color temperature – 2800K
  • 2-in-1 Warm & cool color in one light
  • Small size – 10’’ in total length
  • Lightweight – 1.6 oz
  • Dim light – 0.5 watts LED
  • Rechargeable – Lasts upto 12 hrs
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Page friendly 1.5’’ wide clip
  • Perfect for Kindle too
  • Awesome customer service


  • Less bright for some users
  • Bouncy neck for some users


TopElek small 4 LED book light provides you with the following benefits.

Easy To Carry Around, Portable And Travel Friendly

TopElek is light weight and small book light that weighs just 1.6oz and measures 10’’ in total length from top to toe. This makes it very easy to carry around. You can keep it in your pocket or purse while travelling in train, bus, or plane.

Does Not Add Extra Weight When Clipped To Books

It is a great book light for paperbacks. As this is a featherlight book light, you will not feel that it is attached to the book. It does not add any extra weight to the books. Even if you are reading light paperback books, this book light attachment will feel comfortable.

Gets Very Dim, For Light Sensitive Bookworms

If your are super sensitive to bright light at nighttime, or your partner gets disturbed when you are reading in bed, then this book light is a great solution to both of the problems. You can only illuminate 2 warm LEDs out of 4, to get a light that is very dim. It will be enough for you to read in bed, comfortably, but will not cause eye stress.

2800k has  Less Blue Light Than 3000k Color Light

If you are looking for blue-light free booklight, or 2700K book light, then this one is very close. You can get amber book light that has 1800K color temperature, but that is expensive and a bit bigger than this. Get TopElek 4 LED book light if you want inexpensive and small warm color, rechargeable, clip-on book light.

Hassle-Free Rechargeable Battery Lasts For Weeks

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 12 hours on dim brightness and 6 hours on full brightness. The battery saves you from the hassle of keep buying and replacing batteries. But if you find it comfortable to change batteries than charging it, or you plan to travel where your might not have easy access to charging, then you can check coin cell battery, or AA or AAA battery book lights for reading in bed.

Eye Care Light Without Flicker, Or Hotspots

This book light has a no-flicker LED. If you have used any flickering LED lights, then you will be able to better understand how annoying it gets. On top of that, there is a frosted cover on LEDs which provides you with the smooth even light without any hotspots or harsh glares. This book light will not create eye-strain even if you use it for long period.

Read In Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner

If you looking for a book light to read in bed without disturbing your spouse, then this mini light is a good option. Its flexible neck can be adjusted to point the light on the pages, and not on the whole room.

You can check out multiple ways on how to read in bed without disturbing your partner.

Both Warm And Cool Light Gives You The Option To Choose

Surprisingly, this tiny book light has not only a rechargeable battery, but it also comes with two light colors. You can call it 2-in-1, as it has both cool and warm color light available in it.

Just press the button on the back of head of the light to select the colors. Press once for warm color, twice for cool color, and three times for both lights at once.

Sturdy Clip That Is Easy To Use, Even For Kids

The clip is sturdy enough to hold the book light in place, but it is not too hard to open. Even kids can use it easily. Moreover, the clip does not damage the pages of the book.

Use It For Any Kind Of Book Or Kindle

You can also use this book light to illuminate your Kindle or any other ereader. It can be easily clamped on it, and will not damage or scratch the screen.

Great Quality Backed By Awesome Customer Care Team

TopElek 4 LED book light is a well build light that comes with a 18 month worry free warranty, and a 45 days replacement guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with the product. The company is very caring about their customers which is shown by their prompt response. They go out of their way to please the customer. You can buy this light with confidence.

Positives reviews summary

A lot of users love this book light because of its small size, and dimmable warm light that is 2800K not 3000k. Some users classify it as one of the best book lights for kids, because it is safe and easy to use. Book lovers also admire the sturdy and wide clip, flexible gooseneck and overall build quality of this eye-friendly book light.  

Negative reviews summary

A few who had problems say that they find its neck to bouncy and less sturdy. Whenever they turn the page or move themselves, the light moves around, spilling the light in the room and on their partner. For the solution, the company responded immediately and replace the light. Now they are happy with their new light.

Some users also find it very bright. For those, TopEeleck 7 LED light is recommended, because It has more brightness adjustment levels.

For those who bought it for music stand, found that the light does not illuminate the whole sheet of music. This is actually a good thing for reading in bed, as the light stays in the book and does not leak in all over the room.


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