When are LEDs bad?

This is a right question as compared to “ Are LEDs bad?”

Because objectively speaking, LEDs are better than any other type of bulbs available in the market. But, if you are not using them correctly, they might harm you. LEDs are bad in following conditions:

  1. When LEDs are directly glaring at your eyes — Our eyes are comfortable to see in the reflected light. But when there is a light glaring directly into your eyes, it will cause harm to your eyes. So, you should use a light that projects a soft even light onto the book, so that there are no glares while you’re reading.
  2. When you subject yourself to blue light LED, before sleeping — If you are reading before sleeping then choose the lights that are yellowish warm, as this color has longer wavelengths and lesser energy, so it does not affect your sleep cycles.
  3. When the brightness is too high — You can see the sky but you cannot see the sun directly. It is not natural and it may damage your eyes. Avoid the light that is very high in brightness. Excessive light put stress on the retina and may also cause a headache.
  4. When the brightness is too dim — In low light conditions, it is difficult to read and focus which causes stress; Avoid that as well.