Why are LEDs better than CFLs?

LEDs are safer and more cost-effective than CFL bulbs.

  1. CFL bulbs have mercury in them which is not safe to dispose of, while LEDs don’t have that.
  2. CFs pose a risk of explosion as there’s a gas filled in them. But LEDs are solid state lights and there is no such risk of explosion, plus LEDs lasts longer, saving your replacement cost.
  3. CFLs are lesser energy efficient than LEDs, as they waste a lot of electricity in terms of heat. LED efficiently utilize energy to give you the same amount of light by using less electricity. LED can save up to $30 per year which makes them highly cost-effective.
  4. CFLs emit UVA and UVC radiations which are harmful to your skin. LEDs do not harm your skin.
  5. CFLs are not dimmable, while LEDs can be dimmed to adapt to your needs. This makes them ideal for table lamps and nighttime reading lights.
  6. CFLs flicker with the fluctuation of AC frequency, while LEDs run on DC current making them run smoothly without causing any harm to your eye.

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