BookwormGadgets.com is here to make reading easy, fun, and comfortable. Reading makes people smarter and more empathetic, which is bound to make this world a better place for everyone. Know more about our vision, mission and Plan.


To promote and support the habit of book reading, for a better, wiser, and happier humanity.


To be a one-stop resource for book lovers, where they

  • Find recommendation about the best reader-friendly products and systems.
  • Buy products that are needed for a seamless reading experience anywhere, anytime.


To help bookworms in finding quality gadgets like best clip-on book light and other accessories in less time.

We recommend and review products that a bookworm will definitely love. Each recommendation requires an extensive amount of research which take hours or even days. All that, to ensure that book readers can save their time. The Things (for example, Book reading lights) that are featured here, will surely enhance your reading experience by making it more relaxing and easy. 

Quality Policy

Provide high-quality content to visitors that is not just information but knowledge and wisdom.

The content must be well researched and critically analyzed so that it will save a good amount of time, which otherwise would be lost in finding and analyzing the information to form a decision


Fazal ur Rehman

Or simply Fazal (rhymes with the puzzle). Right now, this site is being run by me, single-highhandedly. I am an aspiring bookworm. Although I read quite a lot on the web, and listen to audio books, but book reading is a habit that I am trying to develop.

Here is what I feel: If you want to do something, then create a website/blog on that topic. It will make it more interesting, hence you will do it more often. For example, I wanted to read more books so I created this site. Now, I am constantly exposed to a lot of new topics everyday. I think about reading, I feel when other bookworms share their feeling. This get me excited and makes reading more interesting to me.

We are living in an era where there is information overload, and I am expert in digging information to find wisdom. This enables me to create highly valuable content (research-based reviews, FAQs e.t.c.). Moreover, Reading Gadgets and accessories is a thing that I am interested in. So, I made this site to help book readers, especially who loves to read at night by providing them the best and most comprehensive knowledge. It will save their time and money while earning me a commission when they buy through my affiliate link. A win-win for everyone.


I have created a Youtube channel where you can listen to the articles I publish here.


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