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Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day so you could read all the books you want? If so, then is perfect for you. This website is the ultimate guide that will help you enjoy all your reading adventures. provides information to bookworms on different accessories that will help them read, enabling them to take their passion for reading with them wherever they go.

Whether you love to read in bed, read while exercising on the treadmill, or while reading in a car, this website will help you get all of your reading needs to be met with gadgets that are easy to use.

Also, here you will find answers to the most common questions that book lovers ask, such as, how do I choose an e-reader? How much light is enough for reading in bed? How to read in bed without neck pain? and the best way to hold a book open, handsfree? All of these inquiries and more will be answered by

How to make reading more comfortable?

Although the answer depends on mostly where you read, three common factors are:

  1. Reading in a good or ergonomic posture with proper body support.
  2. Ensure that the light is enough and evenly dispersed.
  3. Taking periodic breaks.

Regardless of where you read, if you take care of your posture and have enough light, then you will enjoy reading more. With a bad posture and lacking enough light, it is difficult to concentrate on reading and you may even get neck or back pain, or feel headaches after long reading sessions. A good posture and enough light will help avoid physical discomfort.

Depending on where you read, we have a different section for every situation. Also, for kids, elderly and disabled persons, there are separate sections as well.

Reading comfortably in bed

Reading under the covers is a nice and cozy way to get your reading in. However, sometimes it can be very uncomfortable, and you may not focus on what you are reading. To get more info on how you can do reading in bed more comfortably, read this article on the bed reading accessories to find out what will work for you to make reading in bed a more enjoyable experience. Those accessories will help you read in bed without neck and back pain. Also, that article will help if you want to read without disturbing your partner

Reading in a chair

When it is time to relax and read a book, the living room couch may not be the most comfortable reading place. This article on chair reading accessories will inform you on how to get the most comfortable reading experience from your chair. With the right support for your arms and back, and with proper illumination, you can enjoy your favorite books without feeling discomfort. Read about them here to find out what you should get for yourself.

Reading in a car

For those long road trips, or commutes from work to home, or just commuting on a regular basis, we recommend that you consider getting one of these accessories for yourself for better comfort when reading in your car. You may not realize how uncomfortable you can get from reading in your car, and these accessories will help fix that problem for you. Also, some of these accessories make great gifts for friends and family members who like to read in their cars as well.

Reading while traveling

Whether you are going on a road trip or just to work or school, these accessories will help you make your life easier for the time that you have to read during those trips. They will improve the quality of your reading time, enabling you to concentrate better on what is being read. Read more here about the best accessories when traveling by air, water, and land. In that post, you will find the best accessories and tips that will make sure that you are able to read comfortably and avoid neck pain. You will find the best book lights that do not disturb others as well as travel pillows to keep your head steady while reading..

Reading during camping

Reading in the great outdoors is a great way to enjoy your favorite book and get a nice break from your day. However, even though the reading experience is very enjoyable, sometimes it can be very uncomfortable or tedious to read sitting on the ground or on an uncomfortable chair. To solve that problem, we have listed some of these accessories which will allow you to sit in bed while enjoying your favorite book while camping. These accessories will give you more comfort than usual so that you can really focus on reading your book.

Reading while taking bath or in a pool.

Sometimes, you want to relax in a nice hot bath while reading your book. Other times, you want to read your book while you swim in the pool with your friends and family. This article will list some of the best accessories that will make these two activities much easier than usual. They are great for children as well as adults who love to read but also like to play in the water. Read about them here to find out what you could use for yourself or a loved one.

Comfortable reading for kids

Kids nowadays are very much into digital devices, such as cell phones and other gadgets. However, sometimes we need to encourage them to get away from all the gadgets and read a book. With these accessories for kids, you can do it in style! These products are not just for kids, though. They are great for everyone who wants a comfortable reading experience without the conventional glare from other devices. Read about them here to find out what you could use for yourself or a loved one.

Comfortable reading for elderly

The elderly are just as much into books and reading as the rest of us. However, with all of the changes in the body due to aging, they can have certain difficulties when reading. They may have difficulty holding the book open for long periods of time or having a comfortable place to read. These products will help them with both of these problems so that they can have an enjoyable reading experience without any difficulties. Read about them here to find out what you could use for yourself or a loved one.

Reading for people with disabilities

There are a number of people who have disabilities that make it difficult for them to easily hold a book or even use their hands and fingers. These accessories will help deal with both problems so that they can have an enjoyable reading experience without any issues. Read about them here to find out what you could use for yourself or a loved one.

Things to make reading more comfortable

If you are looking for a complete list of things that can make your reading experience more comfortable, then you should check this post. Here you will find many different suggestions that can be used by all ages and readers of all levels. You will find the best book lights, e-readers, magnifying glasses, reading glasses, and much more. You will find reviews of each product so you can decide which one is the best for you.

And if there is anything else you need to know about reading, let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about reading or books in general.