Accessories and Information to Read in bed, comfortably!

To read in bed comfortably, you need to need to fix the problems that are ruining your reading experience. At Bookwormgadgets, you will find the solutions and the accessories that will make your reading experience in bed, better and more comfortable!

Read in bed without hurting your neck

Do you feel pain in your neck while reading in bed? It is usually because of the improper placement of the books which causes stress in your neck muscles. You can easily solve this problem by getting a book holder for bed to hold books at the right angle and the perfect height. For the complete solution check out, How to read in bed without neck pain?

Read in bed without Back pain

If you are feel pain in your back while reading in bed for long period, then use any one of the best back support reading pillow for bed.

Read in bed without shoulders or arms pain

The pain in your shoulder or the arms occurs because of poor posture, and when you hold the books for too long. The solution is to use a page holder to keep book open , or get a book holder and read without using hands.

DiAs the shoulder pain is connected to the neck, so once you understand how to read in bed without hurting your neck, your shoulder pain will also be cured.

Reading with one hand

To read in bed with one hand, you need something to hold book open while you read. So, check out the detailed post on how to hold book open with one hand?

Read in bed without Disturbing your Partner

If the reading light disturbs your spouse while you read in bed, then check how to read in bed without disturbing your partner, with 3 accessories: Dimmable book light, sleep mask, and sleep curtain.

Read at night without blue light, so you do not disturb your sleep

If you do not want to disturb your sleep, then you have to limit your blue light exposure before sleeping. Your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm gets delayed due to the blue light exposure in the evenings and at night. Read this post on How can you read at night without blue light, so your sleep does not get disturbed.

  1. Blue light blocking glasses
  2. Warm or Amber color book light for sleep
  3. Amber color film to block blue light from any light source.

Best Reading light for bed

If you want to read in bed without eye-strain, then you need to illuminate the book properly. For that, you can check out the best reading lights for bed.

Read before sleeping while travelling

If you often find yourself reading at a hotel room, a beach,  in a train, or while camping, then check out:

  1. Portable book lights
  2. Portable book stands
  3. Portable body-support reading pillows

Reading digital books in bed

If you love to read ebooks on kindle, iPad, Kobo or any other e-readers, then check out:

  1. Kindle, iPad, or e-Reader holder stand for bed
  2. Clip-on reading lights for Kindle

Reading in bed accessories

You will find accessories for reading in bed, specifically for all ages and genders. These make your reading experience a lot better. Plus, you can give them as a gift to your mom, dad, daughter, son or a friend.

  • Reading pillows with arms, Wedge pillows, and Bed lounger systems
  • Reading lights – Book lights, headboard light, bedside lamps, floor lamps, Kids reading lamps, etc.
  • Book holders
  • Page holders
  • iPad and Kindle holders
  • Blue light blocking glasses

Best position for reading in bed

If you are wondering what is the best reading position for reading in bed? Is it bad reading lying down? Or how to read lying down?

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