Husband Pillow Review – Large backrest Reading Pillow with arms


Husband Pillow Review - Large backrest Reading Pillow with arms grey color

If you are read a lot in bed, but it is not the most comfortable experience. Especially, when your read for long hours, you start feeling pain in you back, or neck.

Then, you need a reading pillow to properly support your back and neck, so that you can sit up in bed in a ergonomic posture.

This will reduce, or completely eliminate your back pain.

There are many types of reading pillows, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

The type I am going to discuss is called husband pillow.

black husband pillow for reading in bed

What is a husband pillow?

Husband pillow is a back rest pillow which is used to read in bed, or to sit up in bed. This provides support to your back, neck and arms so that you can read in bed for long hours without  back pain.

It has a specific shape. There is a large back with a slight angle, and two arms at the sides. Its back side supports your back and neck, while arms are designed so that you can rest your elbows comfortably.

What a pillow is called husband?

It is called a husband pillow because when you sit inside the pillow, you feel the pillow is hugging you from the back, just like a husband would do to his wife.

Husband Pillow – Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Arms

There are a lot of husband pillows in the market, but today I will review the Husband Pillow – Black, Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Arms.

Best Suited for

If you are looking for big reading pillow to support your back and neck, so that you can read in bed without back or neck pain, then this husband pillow is a a great choice.


  • Large size perfect for kids, and adults.
  • Dedicated, and detachable neck support
  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Removable covers for easy washing
  • Large supportive side arms
  • 100 days money back guarantee & 3 year warranty.


  • Too big for some people


Here are the reasons why It is one of the best husband reading pillows for reading in bed.

Extreme Comfort

This husband reading pillow is extremely comfortable, because it provides just the right amount of support to your back, neck and arms.

It feels firm enough to be supportive and soft enough to be cozy.

The side arms increase the coziness as they are towards your body, and not wide open.

Extra large size

Many users face a problem after they get other similar husband pillows: They find that size is not large enough for them. This is way better than the other husband reading pillows out there, that are small and flimsy.

It is extra large and enough for most of the users. It is 24’’ tall without the neck support pillow which increases its height by 7’’. Total height would become 31’’ tall. For detailed dimensions click the image.

Dedicated neck support

It has a dedicated support for your neck while reading in bed, in a sitting up posture. Other husband pillows like this do not have this feature.

Adjustable firmness

The ability to adjust firmness by adding or removing shredded memory foam, is one of the best features of this pillow.

This gives you the power to make it softer or a bit more firm.

See, everyone has different support needs, and having an option to change the firmness to your liking, really gives you a piece of mind

Removable cover

Another benefit of having this husband pillow is that, whenever your pet or kids makes your pillow messy, you can easily remove the cover and wash it in the machine.

It will require less care, and provide more comfort to you.

16 stylish Colors

It is available in 16 different colors. So, you get it in whatever color your like. It will match your decor as well.

Side and back pockets

It has large pocket on the back side where you can place books when you are finished reading.

And there is a small pocket at the outer side of the arms. Use that to place your phone, bookmarks, pen, notepad, or TV remote. It provides a handy place to store small things.

Gift for a bookworm

It is a great gift item for book lovers, whether they are kids, teens, young adults, or elderly. It is available in everyone’s favourite color. Plus, It can fit everyone easily due to its extra large size.

They will love the comfort it provides to them while reading in bed.

Multipurpose use

Other than reading in bed, this multipurpose, pillow can be used to read to watch tv sitting up in bed, or sitting on floor, or just for relaxing and taking a nap.

Easy to move

You can easily move it around the house. It only weighs about 9 ponds.

Great Quality

It is a well build product provide to you by a reputable company. They are so sure about their product that they are giving 100 days money back guarantee, and a 3 year warranty, if something bad happens, or you are not satisfied.

Positive Reviews Summary

Users are loving the comfort and support that this pillow provides them while reading in bed, or sitting up while watching tv or after a dental surgery.

Most of them are satisfied with the firmness. They find that it is  firm enough to support your back, but has some give to it, making it cozy and plush. Plus, you can always adjust the firmness by changing the amount of memory foam in the pillow.

The removable cover make cleaning a very easy task.

It is available in a lot of color, and you can buy one pillow and get three different color covers for it, that is also loved by users.

Negative Reviews Summary

A few percentage of users has some complains about this pillow, but even those are easily fixable.

Few users complain that it lacks lower back support. But, it is fixable.

You can easily add more shredded memory foam to make it more firm and supportive. Shaking the pillow, after holding it from top, will also make lower side heavy and supportive. It is a common thing with shredded memory foam pillows and you need to do some beating and kneading to make it smooth. Plus, memory foam takes the shape of your body which also increases the support.

Another user complained about the flimsy neck support. That is by design, not by a fault in quality.

Some users did not like the bad chemical like smell and the time it takes to completely fuff up, after your open the package.

More details in the next caution section.


There are some thing to note about this pillow that are not exactly faults, but if your know about them before you will be better prepared.

Flimsy neck

The neck support is attached with pillow with two buttons, and a bungee cord, It is not permanently fixed. The reason is to provide you with the option to remove it altogether.

If you place the pillow against a headboard, or a wall then it will provide better support to your neck.

Bad smell

When your open the package, there is a bad chemical like smell coming out of this husband pillow. It is not harmful, and will disappear on its own with some usage. This is normal with new memory foam products.

Takes two days to fluff up

It ships vacuum packed, for efficient shipping process. When you open the vacuum pack, it will take upto 48 hours to completely come to life and completely fluff up. Be patient.

Too soft or too rigid

If for any reason you find that it is too soft and flimsy that it lacks support, then simply add more shredded memory foam to make it a bit more firm.

And if you find that it too rigid and lacks comfort, then remove some memory foam to make it loose.

Before adding or removing, first try shaking, kneading, and beating the pillow, as this makes it smooth and even.


I have reviewed multiple husband reading pillows.

In comparison with others best reading pillows that i have already reviewed, It is very similar and better, than the Milliard husband reading pillow. And, way better than the Linenspa husband pillow and Brentwood Originals shagalicious husband pillows.

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Plus, you can also take a look a the book holder for reading in bed that also help you maintain an ergonomic pain-free posture while reading, sitting up in bed.


If you are looking for a bedrest pillow with arm, that is also called husband or boyfriend pillow, then it is one of the best option.

It is large, plush, firm, and is available in your favourite color.

Use it to sit up and read in bed for long hours.

It will help reduce pain in your neck or back.

Happy reading to you!