Keen Edge Home, Backrest Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket Review

Keen Edge Home, Backrest Foam Reading Pillow with Arm Pocket Review

In this review of keep edge home backrest reading pillow with arms you will get to know its features and benefits. Is there anything unique about this pillow, and whether you should get it or not?

Best suited if you are looking for a reasonably priced, inexpensive, large size  pillow that is soft yet supportive, and has a removable cover.

PROS and benefits

  • Side arms for cozines and arms support.
  • Bed lounge pillow with arms, back and neck support.
  • Carry handle at the top
  • Shredded foam filling that conforms to your body shape and allows for better airflow.
  • Soft and cozy bed lounge pillow for reading in bed
  • Supportive – helps you to sit up in bed with proper support to your lower, upper back, and neck. Helps you achieve ergonomic posture which will
  • Soft plush velour cover
  • Removable cover
  • Reasonably priced, inexpensive and high quality pillow. The pillows of this price range lack quality and users complain. A common complaint is that they do not maintain their shape over time.
  • Pocket on right side arm.
  • Zipper at the back, not at the bottom. This is a bit difficult to remove the pillow but having the option to change the cover
  • Large reading pillow with tall height of the back to support adults easily.


  • Only white. It is available in only one color. Compared to other backrest reading pillow with arms, this is its negative point, but if the color is not your preference, and you love the vanilla or off white color then you will love its looks.
  • Only available in one size,
  • Fixed firmness – you cannot add or remove shredded foam to increase or decrease the firmness.


Just like all the other reading pillows that come in vacuum packaging, this also need two to three days to completely fill up.

Plus, it might need some kneading and beating to smooth out the pillow.

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