Is reading before bed good or bad? Here are its 7 benefits

Is Reading before bed Good or Bad? benefits

Do you want to know if reading before bed good or bad? Then here is a short answer. It is the second best thing you can do before sleeping. The best thing being, turning lights completely off and go to sleep straight.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, then you must do some book reading at night.  It is proven to be helpful for the people who could not calmly fall asleep because there are lots of thoughts coming into your mind as you put your head on the pillow.

The main benefit of reading at night is that you basically step out of your box and experience a different world. Your brain is exposed to different words, different emotions, different perspectives, which not only broadens your imagination and thinking process but help you create solutions that were never possible before. All because of enhanced creativity and focus.

Is reading before bed good or bad? Why? 7 Benefits!

1- Emotional Balance

Focus and creativity are two different things, and by reading at night you get a balance between the focus and creativity.

Focus helps you to do things for a longer period until you get awesome results, but creativity, on the other hand, helps you think out of the box to get the same results in a short amount of time.

Creativity helps you do smart work, while focus helps you do hard work

Creativity allows you to think beyond your problems where focus helps you stay on track once you find a solution.

If there is a balance between these two emotions your success and life is guaranteed because once you find a solution out of your creativity you can work on it for a longer period until there is a meaningful result shown to the world.

2- Get you out of fear or Worries

If you find it difficult to sleep because there are thoughts coming into your mind like fears of future or the worries of past.

You are continuously asking yourself: what will happen next?

What would be my future?

What if this would happen? What if that would happen?

Then reading at night is a good hobby that will help you sleep better because It helps to unwind your brain from the daily routine.

3- Increased creativity

As you know more about things you can imagine more and think solutions that out of the box. You protect yourself from the tunnel vision. I mean you can see a bigger picture and find solutions that are not there or someone has not tried them before the ability to think in different languages is increased as well.

5- Increases Focus

In our daily lives, we are subjected to notifications of phones Internet email which is distracting us all the time.  And when you practice distraction you get very good at it which makes it difficult for you to focus on a bigger purpose of your life.

The average time a person can focus less than a goldfish but the people who are very successful in their lives are those who can actually focus for longer.

Reading a book helps you practice focus for a longer period, And this practice results in you being doing things for a longer period.

6- Makes you more successful

It makes you more successful by increasing not only your intelligent quotient but also your emotional quotient.

Increases IQ

IQ is increased as you are exposed to different vocabulary and when you read different languages and words you can better express yourself and better learn from others. Your intelligence will be increased as you will learn from others experience

Increasing EQ

You get to know the perspective of other people hence you can better imagine yourself in other shoes which means that you can understand problems from different perspectives which makes you more empathetic and kind-hearted person which will eventually help you in building better relationships in your personal and professional life. This is crucial to the success of a person.

7- Better than TV

It might feel relaxing to watch TV before you sleep, actually two-thirds of adults worldwide do the same exact thing, but In an article at they discuss the three big reasons why watching TV before bed is not good.

It creates Temptation to stay up late to know what happens next?  Then if there is a violence or negative energy in the programs you’re watching then your night will be spent tossing and turning.  And the worst of all, your eyes are exposed to blue light which interferes with your sleeping cycles and can be a reason for a restless night

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If you were asking yourself If it is good or bad to read in bed?  Then you know the answer now it is very good for your sleep which eventually will help You to lead a better life.

Now how long to read before going to bed?  I would say if you are starting out, then just 10 minutes would be enough but you can scale it up to 30 minutes or even an hour.