37 Animal Night Lights for Kids

This post is the next part of the kids reading light with a focus on the lights that are built in the shape of animals.

All the squishy animal night lights that you can get from Amazon.com are listed here. These are either made of soft plastic or silicone.

To save your time, I have listed the key features that will help you compare the light at basic level.

You can use this article in this way: First select the animal, then the preferred design in that animal, and then compare the basic features to check if it matches your need. Finally, click the image to check more details on amazon.com. Hope, it helps!

37 Squishy Animal Night lights for Toddlers and kids

37 unique animals with some of the animals has more than one design which make the total designs of more than 50, so that you can choose the one that you like the most.

1. Giraffe

giraffe lamps with timer for kids

This Soft Giraffe lamp produces amber color light that induces sleep. It comes with a 15-minute timer, a rechargeable battery that charges via wireless charging pad and lasts for 8 hours on max brightness and 12 hours on lowest. Kids will not be able to destroy it as it is made of a kid’s safe material that is not only durable and looks cool, but also easy to clean with a damp cloth.

2. Panda

Here are 4 Panda kids night. Three are soft and squishy, and one is hard plastic table lamp.

ZKLiLi Panda light has charge protection, tap control, rechargeable, lasts for 10 hours, only one warm color. To turn it on, just touch the nose of this cute little panda. Also available in one other panda design.

This cute little squishy panda lights up when you tap on it. You can enjoy 7 colors of light including warm light. The rechargeable battery that charges from a micro USB, lasts for up to 10 hours. It means, one charge is enough for one whole night. Tap the panda to turn the light on.

This panda light is made of hard ABS plastic. This one has the option to change the bulb. You can choose a 15W bulb for low brightness and more bright light use a 40W light bulb. You can insert an incandescent or LED bulb however you like. Changing the bulb means you can change the color temperature as well. This runs on direct power from a wall plug. Also available in, Dog, Rabbit and, Bear shape.

This soft and squishy panda light produces cozy warm light and has a 15-minute auto-off timer as well. It is rechargeable last 9 hours and takes 1.5 hr to charge. Also available in cat and polar bear design.

3. Deer

This cute little deer is a soft and squishy night light for kids. It charges in 3 hours and lasts for 15 hours. Turn the light by using the button at the bottom and then tap the light to set any of the 7 colors. It is made of kids safe materials that are also easy to clean.

4. Dog Puppy

Here are 6 designs in dog or puppy night light for kids and toddlers.

soft and cuddly little puppy night light for kids produces 9 colors that you can control from the remote. Rechargeable batteries last 12 hours on continuous use. Set an auto-off timer of 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Soft squishy dog, 7 color light, 3 level Adjustable brightness, Both tap and remote control operated, rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours. , kids safe, BPA free

do puppy led night reading light for kids

This adorable dog night light not only looks cute but also operates in a cool way. You tap the nose to turn it on or off. It produces both warm and cool light. The light is soft and even without any harsh spots. If you need an auto-off timer, then you can use its 30 or 60-minute timer. It is rechargeable and once charged, it will work for up to 15 hours.

Cute adorable night kids lights for reading in bunk bed.

This cute and squishy night light is also like the first one plus 6 more colors of light. And, if you want you can get the version with remote or Bluetooth for controlling the light from other rooms without disturbing your kids. Charge it using a micro USB and it will last for 10 hours. Tap on the nose to adjust brightness.

Cute squishy dog, kids safe silicone, charge lasts 15 hours on one charge, clap and remote control operated, 9 colors.

Cute soft silicone puppy, 1200mah Rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours on other lights except warm color light, 15 hours on warm light. remote and clap operated control, brightness adjustment.

5. Cat Kitty


Sleeping cat, Tap, clap and remote control operated, 2 levels, brightness control, rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours in warm light, 7 hours in colorful breathing mode.

Tap cotrol, 9 colors, last 10 hours on one charge,

6. Piggy Pig

Both warm and cool lights, 7 colors light in total, soft food-grade silicone that is safe for kids, 30 and 60 minutes timer. attaches magnetically to any iron surface. touch the nose for brightness adjustment.

7. Cow calf

8. Unicorn

Unicorn design, 7 colors, including warm and cool light, 2 hour timer function, rechargeable USB, lasts upto 8 hours, washable soft silicone is kids friendly and looks cute.

9. Owl

10. Bear

Also, come with bluetooth speaker option

11. Polar Bear

12. Bunny

bunny with remote and timer

13. Dragon

9 colors, including warm light for reading before sleep, Micro USB rechargeable, lasts from 8 to 20 hours depending upon the brightness


15. T Rex

16. Dinosaur

17. Whale

18. Koala

19. Hippo

20. Elephant

21. Penguin

22. seagull duck

23. Swan

24. Flamingo

25. Seal

26. Cute Kawaii

27. Fox

28. sheep

29. Liama

also available in two size mediyym and lagrge

30. Monkey

31. Chick chicken hen

32. Train

33. Car

34. firetruck

35. bus

36. stars

37. Cloud

AA batteries warm light with remote. 10, 20, 30 minutes timer, runs on two AA batteries, brightness adjustment, key hole to hang it on the wall, or place it on the bedside table, lightweight yet sturdy, Moon and Star designs are also available on amazon .

38. Sea lion

Cute and squishy Sea lion has rechargeable battery, 3 hour auto-off timer,

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