Best Kids Reading Lights Timer

Are you looking for a reading light for your kid? Do your kid forget to turn the light off before sleeping, and you need one with a timer, so it turns off automatically?

In this post, you will find the best reading lamps, best book lights with & without Timer.

Bonus in the End: How to add a Plug-in Timer to make any lamp, the timer-lamp.

Let’s start!


Ambient Bedside Lamps with Timer for Kids

These bedside reading lamps with timer, for kids, toddlers or children, spread a soft ambient light in the room.

VAVA 006

VAVA CL-006 Touch Activated, Kids-Safe, Waterproof Lamp With Stepless Dimming, but only 1hr Timer

Vava-006 is a kids-safe lamp with soft warm light, built-in rechargeable battery, and easy to use controls.

It turns off automatically after one hour. Just tap the logo to activate 1hr time.

Kids can drop it or splash it without damaging. Its toy grade plastic makes it rugged, and it is waterproof as well.

Easily charge it on its charging base in 6 hours, then use it for up-to 200 hrs on the dimmest, and 6 hrs on the most bright setting.

Get it in either Pink base for girls, or blue base for boys.

VAVA 009

VAVA CL-009 Multi-color light with one hour timer and night light function

Vava-009 is similar to the VAVA-006, except it has RGB colors, and lacks cool white color mode. It means you are not limited to only warm and cool white light, rather you can select from a variety of colors.

Note that, the dimming feature does not work in this mode, and you have to select the color every time you turn it on.

VAVA-008 is cheaper and simpler than the VAVA-006 and the VAVA-009. It is because, this one lacks night light features, and timer. And, lasts less time on one charge.

You get the same toy grade plastic, ruggedness, and waterproofing, making it safer for kids for use this lamp

Comparison VAVA 009 vs 008 vs 006

BenefitVAVA-009VAVA-006VAVA- 008
ColorsRGB – Choose any color
*But no dimming in RGB mode
Warm and WhiteWarm and
RechargeableYes, via direct micro USB cableYes, charges with a easier to use baseyes, micro USB
Battery lasts (Max)100 hrs on lowest200 hrs on lowest80 hrs on lowest
Timer1hr1hrNo timer.
Night light ModeYesYesNo


Seabiscuit Multi-Color Recharge Lamp With 30 to 90 Mins that is Strong and Easy to Use

Seabiscuit is similar to the VAVA lamps shown above with two unique features: 5 Timer options (30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 mins) and the soft 10 min shutdown.

It lacks continuous brightness adjustment. Rather it gives you four preset brightness levels. This is easier to use, but if you do not like any, you are stuck with the nearest option.

Battery time is also less than VAVAs . It last 60 minutes on lowest brightness.

Soft shutdown means, It gradually fades out in the last 10 minutes of timer. This feels soft and calming.

Other than that, it is a well-built, rugged lamp with no-flicker soft light for kids. Same as VAVA Lamps mentioned earlier.


HUGOAI reading lamp with RGB colors, precise brightness control and amber color light

The unique thing about HugoAI is, it has amber color and precise brightness control. You get only a 30 min timer.

What it lacks is, the ruggedness that you see in the egg-shaped lamps like VAVAs and Seabiscuit.

Three color temperature for reading i.e. 2000K orange amber, 3000K warm, and 4000K warm white. Plus, you have RGB mode to choose whatever color you like. The timer do not work in RGB mode.

They improved its brightness adjustment mechanism as compared to the touch and hold adjustment you see in VAVAs.

To adjust, you simply rotate the wheel at the top of the light. It gives you the best of both worlds, that is, stepless dimming and precise control.

HugoAI Smart

HugoAI smart bedside reading lamp with timer, schedule turn on/off, and your phone as remote

With HugoAI Smart, you can set any timer you want using your smartphone, Alexa, or Google app.

You phone acts as a remote control to precisely dim the brightness from 100% to 3%, even in the RGB mode. No more too dim or too bright.

No color limitation as well. choose from 16 million colors. Read in Warm, Amber, Red or bright White. With this, You have the full control.

Smart enables you to turn the light off form your room when your kid is sleep in his or her room.

But, It is not rechargeable and runs on direct power from any USB source.

Pet Animal Ambient Timer Lights for kids

Soft Cute Giraffe with 15 min Timer night light

It produces warm amber color light that induces sleep, 15 minute timer, rechargeable battery that lasts for 8 hours on max brightness and 12 hours on lowest, charges via wireless charging pad, made with kids safe materials, feels durable, looks cool, easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Soft Silicone Puppy LED Night Lamp

Both warm and cool light, 30 and 60 minutes timer, touch the nose to adjust the brightness. USB rechargeable, up-to 15 hours of brightness, touch the nose to adjust the brightness – cool idea, looks adorable.

30 and 60 minutes timer, soft washable silicone, not only cool and warm colors, but also has 7 colors in total, brightness adjustment by simply touching the nose. USB rechargeable, lasts upto 15 hours.

Pet Piggy Night Lamp

Both warm and cool lights, 7 colors light in total, soft food-grade silicone that is safe for kids, 30 and 60 minutes timer. attaches magnetically to any iron surface. touch the nose for brightness adjustment.

Unicorn LED Tap Night Light

Unicorn design, 7 colors, including warm and cool light, 2 hour timer function, rechargeable USB, lasts upto 8 hours, washable soft silicone is kids friendly and looks cute.

Pet Reading Lights with remote

9 colors, including warm light for reading before sleep, Micro USB rechargeable, lasts from 8 to 20 hours depending upon the brightness

AA batteries warm light with remote

10, 20, 30 minutes timer, runs on two AA batteries, brightness adjustment, key hole to hang it on the wall, or place it on the bedside table, lightweight yet sturdy, Moon and Star designs are also available on amazon .

Clip on Book lights with timer

These are tiny, lightweight, and portable that your kids can clip on to their books. No risk of electric shock and simple to use controls, make these the best book lights for children.

If you like this type of reading lamps, then it is strongly recommended to check the best book lights before buying. It is because, that post has some good quality lights that do not have timer function, but those have bigger battery that lasts for weeks on a single charge.

Tiny Rechargeable book light 1 Hr Timer

Tiny Rechargeable book light 1 Hr Timer

Although it is a tiny light, but it is still full of features. It is the only USB rechargeable book light that has a timer function.

You get three colors of light in one book light, i.e. Warm 3000K, 4500K and 5500K. Great for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep. Also good as a task light for any daytime use.

Built-in 230mAH Rechargeable battery – Charges in 40 minutes and you can read for about 3 hours. With its easy to charge with built in USB cable, you will never forget the cable any more.

Eye care light & Precise brightness control –  Touch sensitive stepless dimming. Just touch and hold to decrease the brightness up to 15%. The light is no-ficker, smooth and even for no-eye strain.

Clips – Thick, Thin and Magnetic – comes with two clips to hold thick hardcover books and e-readers, also for thin and small paperbacks. Plus, the magnetic base can be attached to any iron surface.

This book light logs your reading time too

3-in-1 Digital bookmark, timer & booklight for kids

Cumulative digital timer – Gear for kids and others who like to log their reading time. Records and stores up to 100 hours, a 60-second fluency timer, and a countdown session timer. In countdown mode, the lights shuts off automatically when the timer is complete.

Lightweight and portable – Thin and lightweight, you can take it anywhere and keep it as a bookmark in the book.

Runs on 2 coin cell batteries – It is not rechargeable, and need two CR2 batteries which are included in the package.

White light not Warm yellow – It is not great for reading before sleeping as it will have blue light it which will delay your kids sleep rhythm.

Lot of designs to choose from – You can choose among a lot of colorful and beautiful design and get what your kid would love the most.

AAA battery Mighty Bright Timer Book Light

Mighty Bright clip on Timer Light

Auto power off timer – Adjust timer for upto 60 minutes in 15 minutes increments. Light turn off after the specified timer. Four Red color LED light indicators show the remaining time.

Runs on 3 AAA batteries lasts for upto 72 hours. You can use rechargeable cells if your do not want to keep buying cells.

Simply, just 2 brightness levels – It is simple and easy, just turn it on, and select high or low brightness and start reading. But this also means, that it lacks more precise control.

Light color is white not warm – This not blue-free and hence will disturb your sleep. But you can make it warm by covering it with amber color film.

Good for kids and elderly – There is no electrical connection, It means that it is safe for kids. Plus, less options means it is easy to use for even an elderly person.

Runs on Portable AAA cells that can be found anywhere. No need to charge just replace these AAA batteries and keep reading. They are easy to find anywhere you go.

Incandescent AA batteries Book light

Timely reader incandescent AA battery book light with timer

Incandescent bulb book light with timer – It uses incandescent bulb that produces warm light that is softer on eyes, but consumes a lot of power as compared to LED.  Users say that it is battery hog. If you are looking for an incandescent bulb book light then it is a great option. Otherwise check other options.

Adjustable timer powers off the light when the timer completes.

Power it by directly plug in via adapter, or use 4 AA battery cell

Produces warm light that is good for sleep.

Watch this YouTube video review, or check out another incandescent bulb book light review

Clip on kids reading lights without timer

The Best All rounder book light for kids

This is best If you like a book light with flexible neck, bigger battery, both warm and cool light, and the ability to adjust the brightness from too dim. It can stand on its own to act like a mini desk lamp. For more details, check Ecologic Mart Book light review, or the best book lights.

Best All rounder book light that has two heads

The same light as mentioned above with a slight price difference but more options. More value for money. Bigger battery, two head means double the brightness levels, double the max brightness. Good, if you need a light that can go very bright. Two heads also mean evenly distributed light on both pages, no need to unclip and shift the light to next page as you finish a page. Can be a problem if one head is enough for you.Why get the single head light if you can get the dual-head version with almost same price?

The Best All rounder Amber clip on book light

This one stands out because of the amber color light with a combination of bigger battery and a 360 degree flexible gooseneck. You also get brightness control, large capacity rechargeable battery, long charging cable with the UL listed adapter, and a carry bag. These accessories make it more valuable then the competing similar amber clip on book lights.

Recharge Clip on book light with both warm and white light in one light

AAA Battery Compact Warm Kids book light

This is the only AAA powered LED book light that produces warm light. Two brightness levels, kids safe because no need to be in contact with socket so no chance of electric shock. Flexible neck that folds flat into a compact size for easy storage.

Dwenwils Super Compact folds flat book light

Dwenwils compact rechargeable book light
Pink book light for girls, and blue book light for boys kids

Dwenwils is a super compact book light that folds flat for easy storage. When folded, It is just 3.7 inches, i.e. half the length of the first Brightlife Book light. Its clear plastic clip does not hides text behind. You can rotate the neck to precisely direct the light.

Tiny Amber Bookmark book light

This is unique because no other light has this design with amber color light and brightness control. There is one by Vekkia with warm color light. It has a rechargeable battery and built in usb cable. Get this if you want to use it for half and hour to an hour daily. For heavy use get the over all best book light shown below.

Vekkia Flexible Gooseneck Book Light

Vekkia Flexible Gooseneck Book Light

This one has slightly bigger battery than the first two book light. Plus, it has a long flexible neck that helps you to orient the light in any direction you like. Get this if you need a book light that is pink or green, has a decent size battery, produces warm light and directs light using a flexible neck.

Runs on two coin cell batteries, a lot of designs.

Clip on book light with coin cell batteries for kids girls boys

If you do not mind changing coin cell batteries quite often, and you are OK with cool white light, then there are tens of colors and designs available from the company Withit and French Bull.

It is a small and lightweight clip on book light with flexible neck. The basic functions are the same but there is a lot of variety in designs. You can get this as a gift for a kid who loves to read books before bed. It is also safe as there is no electrical connection needed.

Here are some more designs

Pink Cat Cool Design Kids Reading light

Pink Cat Cool Design Kids Reading light

Do not choose this light for practicality and extensive use. It is more of a novelty item that is meant to look interesting.

It runs on coin cell batteries that do not last that long. Can be easily stored in a book as a bookmark. The quality the illumination is not that great either.

Batman Superhero inspired Book light for Kids

Batman Superhero inspired Book light for Kids

LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper 175% Scale Minifigure USB Book Light

LEGO Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper 175% Scale Minifigure USB Book Light

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Book Light for kids

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Book Light

Clip-on Headboard Reading lights with Timer

These are large clip-on reading light that you attaches to your headboard, bunk bed, side table, or the desk. Most of these, run on direct power from the wall or any USB source as these do not have a rechargeable battery. These are larger in size, runs on direct power, and provide more illumination than the clip on book lights.

Note: if you need a rechargeable one, then scroll to the next section.

Reading Lamp With built-in Timer And Memory Function

11w Clamp Desk light for kids with USB charging port and wide lamp head

clip on reading light with timer and memory function warm and cool color options.

This one is expensive than the three reading lights of this category. That is because it has 5 color modes, starting from the 3000K warm to the 6200K cool white light. And has 5 brightness levels in each color mode. But the clamp thickness is 1.4inches where the LEpower and Eyocean have 2.4inch maximum. It means it will clamp only if your headboard or desk is thinner than the 1.4 inches. Optimal or recommended clamp width is even smaller, i.e 1.1inches.

  • Fixed 30 minutes off-timer activates when you press and hold the on/off switch for 2 seconds. Just press it when you feel sleepy and it will turn off after 30 minutes. One timer option works, yet keep it simple to use.
  • Cool white, Daylight, Warm white – There are three color options. Warm option is great for reading while in bed.
  • 5 level dimmer with memory function, remembers the last used brightness level. It means, you do not have to press the button multiple times to adjust the brightness every time you want to read. Just turn it on, it will be at the brightness at which you were reading last time.
  • Runs on direct power, by using the included power adapter, only. It has USB socket at the base of the light, use that to plug any USB cable to charge your phone or tablet.
  • High quality diffuser that provides you with soft and even light without any ghosting or flicker. You will not feel eye-strain even after reading for long period.

Ring Headboard reading light (Warm/Cool)

headboard reading light with timer with both warm yellow and cool white lights.
  • Headboard reading light with timer – Use its wide clip to clamp it to your bed headboard. Its long neck helps you to direct the light however you like.
  • Auto power off timer lets you read in bed without any worry. You can set it for 3 hrs, 6hrs, or 12 hrs time.
  • Warm light for reading  – It has 3 light colors, warm yellow 3000K, warm white 4500K, and cool white 6000K. Warm yellow color is great for reading before sleeping, as it does not delay your sleep.
  • 5 levels of brightness, from 20% to 100%, allows you to precisely adjust the intensity of the light . No more too-dim or too-bright light. The brightness will be perfect every time you read.
  • Runs on direct power from the wall means that neither you have to charge this, nor you need to replace the batteries. Just plug into any USB power source, like powerbank, phone charger, or your laptop to  start reading.

Dual head Clip on headboard reading light with 3, 6 & 12 hrs timer

Dual Head LED Reading Light, DZLight 20W Dimmable Clip on Light with Auto-Off Timer, 3 Lighting Modes 5-Level Dimmer, Flexible Clip on Lamp for Desk, Bedroom, Office, Adapter Included

This is the most bright headboard reading light that runs on 20 watts power. If the brightest is a bit too much for your eyes, then you can use its 5 level dimmer to precisely control the brightness. Also, you can use its auto off timer to shut it down if your kids falls asleep while reading.

DZLight is a great dual head reading light that you can clip it to your kids headboard or bunk bed. It comes with three timer options, i.e., 3, 6 and 12 hours. Plus, you also have the option to choose the warm or cool white light. Warm light is recommended for reading in bed.

Eyocean 5W light with 3 brightness levels has more options

This one is slightly more powerful at 5 watts. Plus,you get 3 brightness levels for each color mode. In the previous light, you only have two brightness levels.

If you compare the last two reading light, then the latter is better as you get all the benefits of the first one, and some extra. But if you are looking for a dim light for your kids, then extra options will make it more difficult to use. So decide whether you want options or a simple dim light?

LePower 3W Dim headboard light for kids with 2 brightness levels

This light is specially useful for personal reading spaces, that is, if you need to read without disturbing others in the room. It is bright enough to read for a single person. It consumes 3 watts of power and you can plug it in any usb wall charger.

Best rechargeable headboard lights WITHOUT Timer

22- 3 color modes 3 brightness levels – rechargeable – headboard

23 – rechargeable – warm only, no confusion – touch switch – 4.5 cm wide 1.8inch

24 touch sensitive adjustable brightness – white light- 80+ cri – 1.25 inch clip

21 headboard lamp bunk bed – can insert white warm or amber bulb – can attach timer function- short but directional neck – fixed at one place – east to to attach a place

If you want a customizable reading light for your kid, then this can work for you. You can place an incandescent bulb, or LED bulb. Whether you want warm, amber or cool white light, you can easily place the right bulb inside. You can also control how bright you like. It can handle upto 30 watts LED bulb. To add timer function you can check these Plug-in timers. This light is great if you need a dispersed light. Do not get this if you are looking for a light that does not disturb other in the room.

You can use a warm, white or amber color bulb depending upon the need.

Modern Design Bedside lamp with built-in Timer

Taotronics Adjustable LED Lamp (Recommended)

Taotronics Modern Led Bedside Lamp With Sleep Timer black

Taotronics DL01 is an elegant-looking reading lamp with 1 hr timer. It has both warm and cool light ranging from 2000K to 5500K color temperature. 2000K is warm-orange light that also helps in sleep. You can adjust its brightness up-to 5 pre-adjusted levels. And, when you turn it on, it starts at the last used brightness setting. You can also direct the light with its foldable neck to read in bed without illuminating the whole room. It runs on direct power from the wall. Moreover, you can charge your phone using its USB out socket. To know more benefits, check out Taotronics Led Lamp Review

Blue Cat, Bear, Pink Bunny, Giraffe

Pet Animal Pink Bunny for Girls Kids Reading lamp wit one hour timer.

Animal Pet desk lamp with adjustable neck, is a good bedside reading light with 1hr timer, only if you are OK with the white light. Let me explain. It has both warm and cool white light options, but the timer function works in white light mode, only. If you do not mind reading in white light before sleeping, then you can get this in four different designs i.e. Blue Cat, Brown Bear, Pink Bunny, and Yellow Giraffe

This reading lamp not only looks cool but also give you the power to precisely change the brightness using stepless dimming, and direct the light by tilting its head up or down. The quality of the light is soft and even. You can charge it in just 1.5hrs and that would be enough for upto 30 hours on lowest brightness.

Neck light

13- warm- white- rechargeable- focused light -1000mah battery

if you need one in pink color or blue color with 700mah battery

then the next one


if you need one with amber color light then


Floor Lamps with timer

These are 2-in-1, use them as bedside lamps or as Floor lamps. All of these best floor lamps with timer, produce light that is directional and focused. Thanks to the flexible gooseneck and how the light are designed. It is specially useful, if you want to read without disturbing your partner. The timers range from one minute to 2 hours, that is, 1min, 10min, 30min, 60min, and 120 minutes, if you want to be exact.

Expensive floor lamp with remote

Floor Lamp With 1 & 10 Min Timer: Imigy

This floor lamp is useful if you are just about to sleep. Or you want to go to bed and collect all the things you need before the light shuts off.  There are two options to select, either you can choose 1 min or 10 min timer. This is less practical and hence not recommended for reading before sleeping.

The good thing about this floor lamp with timer is that you get 4 color temperatures modes, starting from 3000 to 6500K. The warmer 3000K is great for reading in bed as it does not disturb your sleep.

Plus, you get 5 brightness levels to dim the light however your like. Now, it will not be too bright or too dim. The light is soft and even without any hotspots or glares that results in a pleasant reading experience without eye-strain.  

It is very easy to use, due to its simple touch sensitive control. You also get a remote which has all the function including timer. Use the remote to turn off the light without leaving your bed.

Cheaper Floor-desk lamp with memory function

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: Taotronics

Timer: 60 minutes, only. Activate by long pressing the power button.

3 Colors form 2800K-5500K. This is great because it is more warm than the 3000K. Choose this floor lamp if you want lesser blue light exposure before sleep.

5 Brightness Modes to adjust the brightness to you liking.

2-in-1 Convertible Design. Floor lamp or desk lamp.

Memory function restores latest color mode and brightness settings. This makes it very easy to use on daily basis. Imaging, setting the temperature and the brightness every time you are going to use the light. It will be a hassle. Memory function saves your from that and makes reading in bed, seamless.

Head lamps for kids for reading in bed

Head lamps for kids for reading in bed

More: Click the image to know more at amazon.

Make any direct plug-in light auto-off with timer.

If you have a reading light that runs on direct power, then you can add timer function to it by using a simple device. It can be any type of lamp or bulb, you just need to a plugin timer or a smart socket. Here is one of the best options:

Gosund Smart plug allows you to control your direct power light with your phone. It works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT. You can create timer or schedule to turn the light on/off when needed.

BN-LINK Plugin Timer makes it easy to shut off your reading light after the specified time. You can also schedule to turn it on, and then turn off after a certain period

More reading accessories for kids: If you like the cool pet designs reading lights or then check out other useful and cool accessories for reading in bed for kids. These will help make your kids reading experience in bed, more comfortable.