The Best Kids Bedside Reading Lamps With Auto-Off Sleep Timer

Do your kids love to read before sleeping? Are you looking for a bedside lamp with timer that turns off automatically? Then, here you will find the selection of the best lights with timer for reading in bed for kids.

Reading lights with timer, comes in different shapes, sizes and timer functionality. All of these have one benefit in common. These lights save your kid from the hassle of turning the light off when he is half-asleep.. And, you do not have to go to his room to turn off the light.

Egg Shaped Reading Lamps with Timer for Children

Seabiscuit Multi-Color Recharge Lamp With 30 to 90 Mins that is Strong and Easy to Use

Seabiscuit Multi-Color Recharge Lamp With 30 to 90 Mins that is Strong and Easy to Use

Seabiscuit is a strong well-built lamp that you can activate by simply touching at the top. This means, It is very easy and safe to use for kids, but they cannot destroy it easily. You can activate the timer by pressing the button at the bottom of the lamp.

You get the option to choose between 5 timer settings , i.e. 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes. Another cool thing is, it gradually fades out in the last 10 minutes of timer, rather then shutting down suddenly. This gives you an indication that the light is about to turn off.

It produces soft and even light that will not cause eye-strain. Plus, you get four levels of brightness to precisely control the amount of light you want in the room. No more too dim or too bright light. You can also change the light color from a rainbow of colors.

Take it anywhere you go, whether in your home or while travelling, as it has a rechargeable battery that charges using standard micro USB, and lasts for 60 hours on lowest brightness.

VAVA CL-006 Touch Activated, Kids-Safe, Waterproof Lamp With Stepless Dimming, but only 1hr Timer

VAVA CL-006 Touch Activated, Kids-Safe, Waterproof Lamp With Stepless Dimming, but only 1hr Timer

Vava VA-CL006 is a water-proof and rugged lamp that is safe for your kids. Warm color eye-care soft light feels pleasant, and is great for reading before sleeping. Tap the logo twice to active 1 hr timer.

Its easy to use touch controls makes it a kids friendly reading light. Double tap the to turn it on or off. When you need to decrease the brightness, just touch and hold the top to precisely dim the light with its step-less dimming. You can also change the light color from warm white to cool white light. For that, just touch and hold the logo for a couple of seconds.

It has a charging base which make its easy to charge as well. Just place the lamp on its convenient charging base to start charging. Once charged in 6 hours, it will last for up to 200 hrs on dimmest, and 6 hrs on the most bright setting.

Bonus feature: Disable touch controls and boots brightness by 30%, by pressing the power button at the bottom. It is mainly for outdoor and camping use.

It has a silicone handle at the bottom which you can use to hand the light to your headborad or the wall. It is not available in CL009 VAVA.

You can get this light in Blue, Pink or with the White base

This on is better overall, than the next one.

VAVA CL-009 Multi-color light with one hour timer and night light function

VAVA CL-009 Multi-color light with one hour timer and night light function


1 hour timer indicated by a green light. activate by pressinh the button at the botton.

RGB colors. But in this mode dimming is not available. Every time it starts form the first color, not the last color you were using. tap on the top to fix the color to stay. your favourite colro.

touch sensitive easy to use controls. Once you tunn it on by sliding the button at the bottom, you can simply turn it on or off by double tapping the top. Then, just hold for a while to dim the brightness of your choice.

hold for 1.5 sec to get into the night light mode.

Toy grade plastic that is kids safe

USB charging, with red led showing the charge is less than 20 %. Blue shows charging.

Rechargeable battery lasts for upto 100 hours on lowest brightens. It means, more than a week if you keep it on the whole night. You need to charge it once a week. This one charges in 5 hours. that is one hour less than CL006

standby mode is like sos mode. the light blinks

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Feature rich light

Read in bed without being overwhelmed by the light

Three color temperaturesoft whilte 2000K is close to amber color, then 3000K warm white and then daylight white 4000K

high quality well built lamp with no flicker LEDs

Best of both worlds, stepless dimming and precise control using a dial that rotates on the to.

RGB mode to set an ambianet. but the timer will not work in rgb mode. mostly you will need warm or soft whiet light while reading in bed.

30 min timer

High quality cri 90+


If you want a light that not only has a 30 min timer on the lamp, but you can also scedule when it will shut downa nd when you can turn it off. by simply using your mobile phone. alexa or the google app. then it is teh most adbanted reading light with timer.

your phone is it remobe control – -turn up or down the bright nesss from yoru phone. you can turn the light off form your room when your kid is sleep in his or her room

dim the rgb colors using the rotating ring

30 miutes timer, or schek

Brightness adjustment 3-100%

color temperature forom 2000 to 4000K

16 million vibrant colors

easy dimming using the

cri 90+

powered directly throhjh the wall adaptr .USB-c that is not difficult to find, as it is the next standard after microusb.

Pet Animals Kids Reading Lights with Timer

Children Bedside Lamp With Sleep Timer Pet Animals

Bedside lamp with sleep auto off timer for kids blue cat
  • Auto power off – It works when the light is in white light mode, and you do not touch it for 1 hr, it will turnoff, automatically. But there is a problem. It only works in white light mode. So if you want to use it in warm color mode, the sleep timer will not shut the lamp off.
  • Blue Cat, Brown Bear, Pink Bunny– You can get it for your kids in three Cute and adorable animals shapes. Each animal has a different color and shape. It is great for kids girls and boys who are looking for bedside reading lamp for reading in bed. Get blue one for boys and pink for girls.
Children bedside reading lamp with sleep timer brown bear

Both Warm & Cool color light – This children bedside reading lamp with sleep timer offers boths warm light and cool white light. As you know, warm light has less blue light which makes your kids feel sleepy. Cool color light makes your kid alert and active. Encourage warm light usage for reading before sleeping. Here is my article on which color light is good for reading in bed? Warm yellow or cool white?

Adjustable Angle of the light – Direct the light by moving the head up or down for better reading experience. You can change the angle of the light upto 90 degrees.

Stepless or continuous dimming – It means you can precisely control the brightness. There are no 2, 3 or 5 level of adjustment. Rather, you can decrease or increase the brightness in small increments. Now, the light will be perfect, neither too dim, nor too bright.

Bedside lamp with sleep auto off timer for kids pet animal pink cat

Soft even light – This makes it easy to read for long hours without eye stain. Thanks to its plastic cover that diffuses the light so that there are no hotspots or glares.

Runs on Rechargeable battery charges fully in 1.5 hrs and you can read for more than 30 hours on single charge. Thanks to its 1200 mAH high capacity battery.

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2BEONE Portable Bedside Lamp

It has warm amber color light that induces sleep, 15 minute timer, rechargeable battery that lasts for 8 hours on max brightness and 12 hours on lowest, charges via wireless charging pad, made with kids safe materials, feels durable, looks cool, easy to clean with a damp cloth. Get it from Amazon

Soft Silicone Puppy LED Lamp

Both warm and cool light, 30 and 60 minutes timer, touch the nose to adjust the brightness. USB rechargeable, up-to 15 hours of brightness, touch the nose to adjust the brightness – cool idea, looks adorable. Get it from amazon

30 and 60 minutes timer, soft washable silicone, not only cool and warm colors, but also has 7 colors in total, brightness adjustment by simply touching the nose. usb rechargebable, lasts upto 15 hours. Amazon

Pet Piggy Night Lamp

Both warm and cool lights, 7 colors light in total, soft food-grade silicone that is safe for kids, 30 and 60 minutes timer. attaches magnetically to any iron surface. touch the nose for brightness adjustment. Get it from Amazon

Unicorn LED Tap Night Light

unicorn design, 7 colors, including warm and cool light, 2 hour timer function, rechargeable USB, lasts upto 8 hours, washable soft silicone is kids friendly and looks cute.Get it from Amazon

LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids

9 colors, including warm light for reading before sleep, Micro USB rechargeable, lasts from 8 to 20 hours depending upon the brightness

AA batteries warm light reading light with remote and timer

10, 20, 30 minutes timer, runs on two AA batteries, brightness adjustment, key hole to hang it on the wall, or place it on the bedside table, lightweight yet sturdy, Moon and Star designs are also available on amazon .

TaoTronics Adjustable angle LED Bedside Lamps with Sleep Timer (Auto-Off)

Taotronics Modern Led Bedside Lamp With Sleep Timer black

Auto power off sleep timer  – It will turn off automatically to save the power after 1 hr, if you do not touch the controls.

5 levels of brightness with memory function – Now, you will have the perfect light, not too dim not too bright. It is not as good as continuous or stepless dimming, but it is enough to read in bed.

Warm and cool light  from 2000K to 5500K – You get 4 light color options that range from very warm 2000K to warm 3000K upto 5500K cool white light. At 2000K color temperature, you get  blue-light-free reading light that will not disturb your sleep. Actually, there are very few lights that have this kind of warm color option available. This is also great for bookworms who are looking for amber color or 2700K book reading light.

Remember last used color and brightness settings – It is easy to use reading lamp. With 4 color modes and 5 brightness levels, you get a total of 20 different settings. That could be a problem without memory function. Because otherwise, you have to toggle between these 20 settings to get to your desire level of brightness and color. But now, it’s memory function makes using this light very easy.

Taotronics Modern Led Bedside Lamp With Sleep Timer white

Adjustable neck to direct the light – To direct the light to the book, it has adjustable neck that can easily be turned up, down or sideways.

Modern looks and touch controls – It feels elegant, stylish and minimal. Plus, its touch sensitive control make is super fun to use. Just touch the buttons on the base of the light to operate.

Charge your phone with USB output – You also a have USB power output at the base, from which you can charge your phone. Just plug it while reading in bed and wake up with full battery of your phone.

Runs on direct plug-in power – No need to keep it charged, or to change the batteries. Just plug in and start reading. It comes with a long cord that can easily reach your nearby socket.

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