9 Best and Unique Kids Reading Lights for Bed with Timer

kid reading at night in bed with a reading light

If you’ve got a book worm on your hands – or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a little one – we’ve got you covered with this list of the best reading lights for kids. We’ve researched hours to find the best reading lights for kids. So, save yourself time and just settle with one of these beauties.

The three main things that parents are looking for in a reading light for kids are safety, ease of use, and soft brightness. Safety is of course a priority because kids could be very curious in the dark and so it’s important to avoid the risk of any accidents. Second, ease of use means that it’s no hassle to use the light. These lights are made for kids after all! Lastly, a soft glow is a must for the reading light. Kids’ eyes are very susceptible to bright lights – and we don’t want to damage their precious peepers!

Top Picks for the best reading lights for kids

We’ve narrowed down the list to ten of the best reading lights for kids. But, these are in no particular order. They’re all fantastic baby reading lights! So without further ado, let’s get started with our top picks!

JolyWell Ambient Night light

Ambient night light with adjustable brightness and 1 Hour timer for kids


  • Rugged, drop proof, splash proof, kids safe
  • 1-hour auto-off timer; activates simply when you tap the logo twice
  • Warm ambient light with nightlight mode, and adjustable brightness
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 200 hrs on a 6-hour charge.
  • Easy touch controls, tap to dim, hold to change light color from white to warm.


  • Only has warm and cool color light, not Multiple RGB colors like this one
  • The timer is fixed at 1 hour.

This JolyWell Egg-Shaped Ambient Nightlight is an excellent option for kids. This is a very well-designed product that can be used in various ways – as a night light, reading light, or even to stimulate the senses! You can use it to relax at night, read a book, and wake up feeling refreshed. It is also a very durable product – it is designed to withstand drops and splashes with no damage.

The warm color light will not hurt kids’ eyes while they are reading. The light can either be on permanently on a stand-by mode, or you can use the touch sensor to change colors and brightness. The egg shape is perfect for kids as it’s easy to hold and use in multiple ways. It also has a built-in timer so you can set it to turn off when you’re ready for bed. This is a great reading light for kids and would make an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom!

2. Bed Reading Light for Kids with Timer and Remote

CeSunlight clip-on bed light is best if you need a light that attaches to the bed headboard. Plus, you want an auto-off timer and a remote to control the light.

This light comes with a remote that helps you turn the light off from a distance without disturbing your kids. The kids can also turn the light off themselves using the remote, as there is no going near to the wiring. This makes it safe for kids to use.

Its auto-off timer makes sure that you do not have to constantly check whether the light in the kids’ room is still on or not. You can activate from either the remote on the wire or from the wireless remote. This will shut down the light after a set time.

This light produces smooth even light without glare. You get 3 colors in one light, i.e, warm, daylight white, and blueish white. Warm color is good for reading before sleeping, while daylight white color is good for reading in the daytime.

No more too dim or too bright light with this light. You can precisely adjust the light to any of its 9 brightness levels.

Your light will start from the last used setting, thanks to its memory function. This will save you a lot of hassle of choosing the perfect setting every time.

Gooseneck allows you to direct the light where ever you like at any angle. This helps reduce glare.

You can clip this bed reading light to any headboard or bunk bed that is 2 inches thick or less.

It also has a built-in magnifier that will work handy if you need to magnify the text or work on some tasks that require minute details.

You can power it directly from any USB sauce that is 2 amps.

3. Amber Recharge able Clip reading light for bed headboard


  • Amber light, soft on eyes, does not disturb sleep.
  • Wide clamp Clips on easily to your headboard or tabletop
  • gooseneck to adjust the light direction
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 40hrs
  • 5 levels Adjustable brightness with easy touch controls


  • No timer function
  • Only amber color light

The soft amber lighting is perfect for helping kids fall asleep, and stay asleep at night. The ambiance of the Amber light is ideal for reading and relaxing. FlowLamp’s non-intrusive warm amber glow helps you to relax, fall asleep faster and maintain a good sleep pattern throughout the night. Unlike regular box-shape lamps that do not fit comfortably on bedside tables, it is no trouble to clip it onto headboards or tabletop for flexible lighting positions.
The light is very simple to use. You can easily adjust the direction of the light by moving the gooseneck.
16 LED bulbs provide bright lighting without glares and hotspots that you can use to read, work on your homework, study for exams…or just have a nice time reading in bed. The battery gives a runtime of up to 40hrs which should be enough for most situations.
The Amber Clip Lamp is a nice, simple product that works great at its intended purpose of helping kids sleep peacefully and providing soft light for reading.

4. Clip on reading light for bed headboard

Kids safe star pattern made from food-grade vinyl. Look cool, plus evenly distributes light.

The clip is 2 inches wide. It means it can clamp onto most of the beds.

Control the light with the remote in the wire. Touch to turn on, then again tap to adjust brightness, and then long press to turn the light off.

No timer function.

5. Wall Mounted Reading light for bed

This is a wall-mounted gooseneck LED light that runs on wired power. It produces focused light to help kids read without disturbing others in the room.

Get it, if you want a reading light that is focused and do not require maintainace, for example, charging teh light, changing batteries or finding a place to clip the light. But select it, if your kids read at one place in bed. This also makes it Ideal for reading nooks for kids.

Before selecting also consider the rechargeable book lights mentioned in this article. Also, consider the ambient light options if focused light is not your first priority.

6. Kids reading light that attaches to the bed

What makes this light special is that you can use an incandescent bulb for reading. Why so? you may ask. Some people do not like reading in the LED lights, they find the light to be flickering. So. this is the solution to that problem.

7. Rechargeable Clip-on Reading light for books

One light with three color modes – Daylight white light for reading when the kids want to stay awake – Warm light that feels softer and less disturbs the sleep – Amber light for reading before sleeping as it does not disturb your kids sleep cycle.

Long lasting battery that lasts for weeks if your kids reading for one to two hours per day. 80 hours on minimum brightness in a single charge.

Clips on to paperbacks, magazines, comic books, and school books without damaging the book.

Lightweight – does not weigh the books down.

Can be charged from using any modern mobile phone charger. USB-C style charging port

8. Inexpensive AAA-Battery Kids-Safe Clip-on book light

Wide head illuminates the both pages of the book, evenly. Both warm and white light for reading in daytime or before sleep.

Your kids do not have to go near the socket. Just insert the AAA batteries and use the light.

Say, you do not have batteries ready, but you want to read, then you can using any USB souce to read.

Another situation, say, you have batteries installed and USB available too. And, you want to save the batteries for later use. Then, It will automatically use the power from USB wire as the first preference, saving AAA batteries for emergency usage.

9. Lego book light with 15 minute auto off timer

Cool design clip on book light that is safe for kids to use. It runs on coin cell batteries that do not last for long. But to overcome the issue of draining all the battery in one night they have included a 15 minute timer that shuts down the light automatically.

Other than the coin cell batteries, it can also run on direct power from any usb outlet like your laptop or the powerbank.

If you like this, then you should also check out this post on cool design kids book lights, which is coming soon.

10. Animal Touch lamp with timer

Both warm and cool light, 30 and 60 minutes timer, touch the nose to adjust the brightness. USB rechargeable, up to 15 hours of brightness, touch the nose to adjust the brightness – cool idea, looks adorable.

If you like this light then also check the best animal reading night lights for toddlers

11. Bedside lamp with timer

Pet Animal Pink Bunny for Girls Kids Reading lamp wit one hour timer.

Animal Pet desk lamp with adjustable neck, is a good bedside reading light with 1hr timer, only if you are OK with the white light. Let me explain. It has both warm and cool white light options, but the timer function works in white light mode, only. If you do not mind reading in white light before sleeping, then you can get this in four different designs i.e. Blue Cat, Brown Bear, Pink Bunny, and Yellow Giraffe

This reading lamp not only looks cool but also give you the power to precisely change the brightness using stepless dimming, and direct the light by tilting its head up or down. The quality of the light is soft and even. You can charge it in just 1.5hrs and that would be enough for upto 30 hours on lowest brightness.

12. 3 color Rechargeable Clip on reading light for bed headboard

wide 2 inch clip attaches to thick heaboards

3 color modes warm, white, warm-white. Good or reading without disturbing sleep.

13. Neck light for kids

kids can put them into their neck and read. Warm and cool light in one light. Rechargeable battery lasts for a few days if your kids read for a couple of hours daily. The only problem, it shakes when your kid moves as it is attached to their neck. Not suitable for long reading sessions.

14. Kids Book light

Vekkia Kids book light is the Cool design book light that is simple to use. Just warm color light and two brightness setting. It is light weight and do not pull the books down. Kids can carry them anywhere. High quality light from a reputed company. Available in a pink blue black

15. Dim reading light for kids

If you are looking for a reading light that can go super dim so it does not damage your kids eyes, then this is a great option. The stepless dimming feature allows you dim the light to zero percent. Now, the light will never be too bright. Here is a detailed review of Laminum book light

The limitation of this light is that it does not have a warm color light in it. I only offers 5000K daylight white light. So, if you want a no blue light book light, then check the #7 amber color book light or the #3 amber color clip on bed light mentioned earlier in this post.