7 Best floor lamps with auto-off timer for reading in bed

Are you looking for a floor lamps with timer for reading before sleeping? Then, here of the best floor lamps with auto off timer for reading in bed. The timeres range from one minute to 2 hours. 1min, 10min, 30min, 60min, and 120 minutes, to be exact.

All of these best floor lamps with timer, produce light that is directional and focused. Thanks to the flexible gooseneck and how the light are designed. It is specially useful, if you want to read without disturbing your partner.  

To know more about any floor lamp with timer, click the image of that lamp. It will take you to the Amazon.com where you can check the latest price, know more about dimensions, weight, and what other users are saying about that lamp.

Let’s start…

Floor Lamp With 1 & 10 Min Timer: Imigy

Floor Lamp With 1 & 10 Min Timer: Imigy

This floor lamp is useful if you are just about to sleep. Or you want to go to bed and collect all the things you need before the light shuts off.  There are two options to select, either you can choose 1 min or 10 min timer. This is less practical and hence not recommended for reading before sleeping.

The good thing about this floor lamp with timer is that you get 4 color temperatures modes, starting from 3000 to 6500K. The warmer 3000K is great for reading in bed as it does not disturb your sleep.

Plus, you get 5 brightness levels to dim the light however your like. Now, it will not be too bright or too dim. The light is soft and even without any hotspots or glares that results in a pleasant reading experience without eye-strain.  

It is very easy to use, due to its simple touch sensitive control. You also get a remote which has all the function including timer. Use the remote to turn off the light without leaving your bed.

Floor Lamp With 30 Min Timer: Trond

Floor Lamp With 30 Min Timer: Trond

This floor lamp has 30 minute timer option, only. Simply, touch and hold the power button for two seconds to activate the timer. Now, you can sleep without any worry.

Warm color is good for reading in bed, and this light has that color option. There is a range of warm 3000K to cool white 6200K color light. Choose warm 3000K for late night reading.

To adjust the light intensity, your get 5 brightness levels which are great for precisely adjusting the light. If it feels too bright, then simply use it in the lowest brightness setting.

The LEDs used in this light have a CRI of more than 85 which means you will get better color reproduction and the text will be more visible.

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: VAVA

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: VAVA

This has a timer length of 60 minutes. The timer actives when you long press the on/off button.

It produces light from high CRI LEDs, i.e. more than 80. This simply means, text and pictures on your books will look more real.

With this light, you get the power to adjust the brightness for upto 5 levels. This result in accurate level of brightness according to your needs.

It is also good for reading in bed because of 5 color temperatures. ranging from 3000K to 6000K. Warm color option is good for bedtime reading.

Use this 2-in-1 lamp as a floor lamp, or remove some rods to make it a bedside lamp.

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: Taotronics

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: Taotronics

Timer: 60 minutes, only. Activate by long pressing the power button.

3 Colors form 2800K-5500K. This is great because it is more warm than the 3000K. Choose this floor lamp if you want lesser blue light exposure before sleep.

5 Brightness Modes to adjust the brightness to you liking.

2-in-1 Convertible Design. Floor lamp or desk lamp.

Memory function restores latest color mode and brightness settings. This makes it very easy to use on daily basis. Imaging, setting the temperature and the brightness every time you are going to use the light. It will be a hassle. Memory function saves your from that and makes reading in bed, seamless.

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: Tenergy

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer: Tenergy

This one offers even more warm color temperature than 2800K. It has a color range of 2700 ~ 6600K in 4 adjustable modes.

Dimmable: 5 Adjustable settings

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer –  AGM

Floor Lamps With 60 Min Timer -  AGM

It has a dedicated timer button. Just touch it to activate the timer for 1 hr.

4 color temperatures – Both warm and cool color light. Warm light is recommended for nighttime use.

5 brightness levels – From 100% t0 20% brightness.

Make it a table lamp, or use it as a floor lamp

Floor Lamp with 1 and 2 hrs Timer: Albrillo

Floor Lamp with 1 and 2 hrs Timer: Albrillo

This light has 1 hr and 2 hr timer option available which you can turn on either by tapping on the light control panel or using the remote in your bed.

2 in 1 Design for multipurpose use as a bedside lamp or floor lamp.

Color temperature range from 3000K to 6500K. It means you have warm color light option available for reading in bed without exposing yourself to blue-light. This will not disturb your sleep. There are 5 color modes to choose from.

To precisely adjust the brightness, you have 5 brightness modes.

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