how to hold a book open while reading with one hand

How to hold a book open with one Hand?

Do you want to read the book with one hand only, but the books keep closing? Here you will find the three ways to hold a book open with only one hand. Plus, two alternatives to reading with one hand.

This will work in multiple scenarios, whether you are holding your luggage in your other hand while traveling, you want your other hand to be warm inside the blanket while reading on winter nights, or there is some disability like Arthritis or Parkinson’s. Whatever the reason, these three ways will make it easier for you to read with one hand.

To hold a book open with one hand, use any of these three ways: Try pressing the book’s spine to create a crease, use a page holder clip, or a portable book holder. You can also opt to read on kindle or use a book holder to read completely hands-free.

Let’s start with the most simple technique.

1- Press the spine to create a crease

It is the simplest technique to hold the book open with one hand. Just press the book from the spine with some pressure, such that there is a permanent crease at the spine. This will hold the book open and prevent it from flipping. The best part of this technique is, You can try it right now, and there is no need to buy anything. Check the video below that explains this.

But there is a limitation. This will only work best on thin paperbacks. For large and heavy books, it will not be effective. So, if this simple technique does not work, you can move to the next option. 

2- Use a page holder clip

The second thing you can do to hold books open with only one hand is to use a page holder clip. All of these are portable and travel-friendly. Check them at Best page holder clips to keep book open, or continue reading for some of the best ones.

Wooden thumb page holder that holds the book open without hurting your thumb

Wooden thumb page holder that holds book open without hurting your thumb, by pagepal

PagePal thumb page holder is a simple yet clever solution. Just put this ring on your thumb and press it down to hold the pages open with just one thumb, as shown in the image. No need to carry those bulky book holders. You can keep it in your pocket or purse and read it anywhere you like. Get it in either regular or large size.

Premium PagePal page holder on Amazon | More Economical, Yonor Wooden Page holder, set of 3, on Amazon

Four-leg page holder clip to hold the book open without using hands

Four-leg page holder clip to hold book open without using hands

Back Cat page holder clip is can hold books open with one hand. Plus, you can use it as a bookmark. You can even read completely hands-free if you place your book on your lap or any book holder. It is made of stainless steel with a smooth and slippery finish, making it easy to remove and put back again. It means you can easily turn pages without damaging the paper.

Black Cat clip on Amazon | Plastic four-leg clip, set of 4 on Amazon | More Four-leg page holder clips

Clear, flexible Plastic page holder that does not hide text behind

Clear flexible Plastic page holder that does not hides text behind

This Clear plastic page holder comes in a pair. The main benefit is that it does not hide text behind it. This can easily work for all types of books. It is also easy to use, and turning pages is simple. Just pull the page from one side clip and tuck it inside the clip on the other side.

Clear plastic page holder Clip on Amazon | More types of clear plastic page holder clips

An adjustable page holder clip hugs the book from the back to keep it open

Adjustable page holder clip hugs the book from the back to keep it open

Adjustable bracket book page holder is a simple, portable, yet effective clip to hold books open. You can even read hands-free by free-standing the book on a flat surface. Turning pages is easy and does not damage the pages. It comes in a pair of blue and pink. Keep one for you and share the other one with your partner.

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Flipklip page holder clip

Flipklip page holder clip by blue zap

FlipKlip is also one of the best options if you want to read single-handed while traveling, in your office, or to lie in bed. The best thing is it is very easy to turn pages, yet it holds the books firmly. It works best when you clip it on the bottom side of the book. This makes it one of the best book page holders for elderly persons. Here is a demo:

FlipKlip in four colors on Amazon | More page holder clips

3- Use a Pocket-able book holder or stand

These are more than just simple page holder clips. You can use them to hold books completely hands-free or hold them to read with only one hand. They are easy to carry anywhere you go. You can find all the best portable book holders here or continue reading to find some of the best ones below.

Ultra-light and Pocketable book holder stand

Portable, Adjustable, Ultra-lightweight and fold-able book stand

SmartMe book stands just weigh about the weight of a cell phone (150 g or .33 Pounds). You can fold it flat to keep it in your pocket.

Its usage is simple. Just unfold the stand, place the book inside the two pins,  hold the pages open, and start reading.You can adjust the angle of the book by changing the position of the back support. There are five pre-adjusted angles to choose from. Turning page is also easy and it does damage the books. See this demo video.

smart portable book holder on Amazon | More portable book holders

High-Quality, Easy-Read book holder

Easy-Read book holder portable book stand for reading with one hand.

Easy-Read is one of the best multipurpose, portable book holders. You can hold it in your hand, place it on the table, or attach it to your computer screen. You can adjust the angle of the book to most comfortable position. It has two clips that hold the book open. See this demo:

Alternative # 1: Read completely Hands-free, using a book holder

Why hold books with one hand if you can read them completely hands-free? If you also think like that, you will need any of these five bookholders. Especially the pillow book holders, as they are portable and easy to carry while traveling.

Alternative # 2: Skip real books, and read on the Kindle

Reading real books is way more different than reading on e-readers, but still, this can be an option in certain cases. You can read with one hand using an e-reader like Kindle or Kindle Oasis. Turning pages is not a problem with digital books. Plus, you can take a library of books with you in your hands while traveling.