Gimble traveler Book holder review with Pros, Cons and Alternatives



Update 30 July 2019: Gimble book holder is not available for sale, so if you need one, you can get Ounona adjustable page holder which is the same thing except the brand name.

It is the alternative of the gimble traveler book holder. this one is called ounona adjustable page holder.

If you want to read hands-free while travelling, and need paperback book holder, then Gimble book holder is one of the best option for you. It is a cheap and simple solution that simply works. Just place the book in the clips and it will prevent it from closing. You can read book with only one hand.


  • Lightweight
  • Fold-able
  • Adjustable
  • Holds paperback books open
  • Inexpensive


  • Size might be an issue, so check it before buying. S
  • Sometimes, flimsy to use
  • Might not work with heavy books
  • Can tear the pages while turning them so be careful.


A Great Paperback Book holder – This book holder works perfectly for lighter books. Although, you can use it for heavy books too, but it is not strong enough for that. You can other alternatives at the bottom if you would like to hold large books. 

Simple elegant design – The design is very simple. There is no assembly needed. Just Just open the holder and clamp the book in it. It will hold the pages nicely so that you can focus on reading without worrying about your hands.

Easy to turn pages – Turnings pages is also simple and hassle free. Although some people find it difficult. More on this in the negative reviews and cons section.

Hold books open without using hands – The primary benefits of this book holder is the hands free reading experience. As you can see in the video.

Lightweight, Easy to carry while travelling that  Folds Flat to pocket size -This book holder is extremely portable. You can simple fold it flat and keep it in your pocket while going to beach, or taking anywhere else.

Easy to turn pages – Turnings pages is also simple and hassle free. Although some people find it difficult. More on this in the negative reviews and cons section. The Gimble  holder applies the right amount Pressure to hold the  pages open, but if you want to turn the page you can easily slide the pages and move forward.

Book holder for shelf – This folder is ideal for reading on a flat surface,  such as a shelf or a desk. What is means is if you want to read the book at a certain angle or a certain height you cannot do so.  For that, there are other stands that I have featured in the alternative section.

Allows Book to free stand – A nice feature is that it can free stand on their own. This will be specially helpful if you are reading a recipe book in your kitchen or you want to reference a book and place it on your desk  beside the main work your reading.

Use as bookmark – You can also use it as a bookmark, because it folds flat.

Summary of Reviews

The positives – This book holder is perfect, if your book fits in perfectly. It means, it will work for most of the books, but for oversize books, you should check your book size before buying this. You can use it for paperbacks. It saves you from the cramps in you hands. 

The Neagtives – Some users find it flimsy. There are also complains of page being ripped, if  you do not remove the whole clip when turning pages. It is good for lap, but for flat surfaces like desktop, or the treadmill top, the book does not stay flat and you have to keep adjusting. You still have to use your hands to hold the book


1- Page holder clips are the closest alternative to the Gimble book holder. These are as portable and handy, but cover the things that are lacking in Gimble.

2- Book holders for bed are for you, If you are looking for a book stand that not only hold the book open but help you elevate the book at a certain angle for better economic reading position, then I strongly recommend your to consider these book holders. They include, heavy duty book holders for large text books, Adjustable floor book stands, Fold-able Over bed tables, and more. You can choose any one of them if you want something that is more serious than the Gimble

3- Pillow book holders are also portable and can double as a travel pillow. They can hold book, tablets, and e-Readers. You can use them to read small paperback or large hardcovers.


After analyzing the pros and cons of this book holder, I can certainly say that you should only buy it if you are strictly looking for a portable book holder to travel with. But if, you want proper support to hold your book, then check alternatives section, or check book holders for reading in bed.