Acegoo Review: Best Warm Flexible Dimmable Wall Light, Reading in Bed


Acegoo bedside reading light review one of the best wall or headboard mounted reading light for bed.

If you love to read in bed and looking for a wall mounted reading light for bed, then Acegoo is of the best bedside wall lamps, because of its Flexible Gooseneck design Dimmable Warm LED and easy to use Touch controls!

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This fixed headboard reading light is ideal for those book lovers who love to read in bed at the same position on the same bed. The reason, it is fixed on the wall or the headboard. That is why it is more sturdy as compare to clip on book lights (on Amazon)

Another benefit of it being fixed is that you do not need to check if I charged the light or not? It will be always there waiting for your to turn it on to start reading.

If your love reading in bed, but you change the bed, or you change the side on the bed, then check out clip on book light for reading. That will provide you with more flexibility.

Acegoo bedside reading light is good for adults or kids, and even elderly. It has a modern design and is very easy to use which makes it perfect for every book lovers in the family. Plus, it is a great gift for book lover who love to read in bed.

This wall mounted reading light is helpful if you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner, or without disturbing your sleep.

Let’s review its features and their benefits.


  • Bright warm light perfect for reading in bed
  • Flexible Goose-neck to precisely direct light on your book
  • Easy to mount on your wall or bed headboard
  • No charging, or cells needed – Just plug-in and read
  • Touch sensitive controls. On, Off and Dimmer
  • Well built and durable Reading light
  • Looks stylish, elegant and modern.


  • Sometimes it does not stay there where your put it.
  • You need to fix it on the wall or the headboard.
  • It is fixed and you cannot take it with you when your change location.
Matte Black Warm acegoo 3000K bedside reading light review


Here are the benefits of this amazing plug-in bed reading light, in detail.

Bright light that is also energy efficient

The light is bright enough which makes reading in bed stress free for your eyes. It makes your book visible enough so that your can easily read the words.

It produces 160 lumens of light and consumes just 2.5 watts of electricity which proves that it has a very efficient LED bulb.

Warm 3000K LED does not disrupt sleep cycles.

The color is the second most important factor after brightness, while considering a reading light for bedtime reading.

It has a 3000K warm or yellow color light that is good for reading at night. This color light has very less impact on your sleep cycles as it does not disturb your Melatonin hormone production.

But, if you want to get a light that are even warmer in color, then consider the amber color 1800K reading light for bed, or 2700k reading light for bed shown below

Here is a link, If you want to know how the color temperature of the lights effects sleep?

Touch dimmer reduces brightness for late night reading

If you find that the brightness is too much for your usage, then you can simply reduce the brightness by touching the base of the Acegoo reading light.

It has a touch sensitive dimmer at the base mount of the light. Just touch it turn on or off, and touch and hold to increase or decrease the brightness.

The touch controls take some time getting used to, but once you get the habit, it feels super easy.

Easily direct light on the page with sturdy gooseneck

Not only the light is bright enough and dimmable, but you also have the control to direct the light precisely on to the book. Thanks to its gooseneck design.

If you are thinking about the quality of the gooseneck then do not worry, as it is a high quality goose neck that stays there where you adjust it.

It is not too stiff that makes adjusting difficult, and nor too soft that it keeps falling every time you try to fix it at a certain point.

Focused light does not disturb anyone else

The gooseneck design allows you to direct the light exactly the way you like. You can easily move it away from your partner, so that it does not disturb him or her, while you can easily read in good light.

No glare – Safe for your eyes.

The ability to direct light at any angle helps eliminate glare, preventing you from eye strain and headaches.

Plus, the light is recessed inside the head which also stops the light leaking out in all directions, which also decreases galres.

Safe for Curious kids, and good for elderly

The design of this Acegoo bed reading light Simple! One button to control the brightness and to turn the light on or off. No charging needed, just turn it on and start reading.

That is why, it is loved by elders, and safe for kids.

Everyone in the family will love this light. This makes it a good option to give it as a gift to any book lover who loves to read in bed.

Easy to mount on your headboard or the wall

You can mount it on any surface whether it is a wall or your wooden headboard. It comes with all the hardware needed to fix the light wherever your like.

Minimalist design looks Modern and feels awesome

It has a minimalist and simple design. There are no frills or bright colors. All this combined, give it a modern look which looks and feels awesome.

Long hideable plug-in cord for easy wall placement

It comes with a long wire that makes it easy for you to plug it into the nearby socket.

To make it look more neat, exit the wire from back of the base. For that, you can cut the wire or the base metal housing while fixing it on the wall or the headboard. This will give it a more finished look.

Bonus: Built in mood light in Blue color

As a bonus, you get a blue color mood light at the touch sensor. This is so dim that it does not disturbs your sleep, but it provides you with a nice looking night light.

You can completely turn it off, if you want.

If blue light is dim, then it does not affect the sleep cycles, check out the details here.   

All Metal reading light is Well made and durable

From top to toe, this reading light is made of metal which not only make it stylish, but durable as well. You will feel the quality of the Acegoo light, as soon as you hold it in your hands.  

Users love its build quality.

Durable Long lasting LED

The LED is also reliable, and can last for 5000 hours of use. Practically, it is a very long time, if you consider a average of two hours of use everyday.

UL listed power adapter makes it safer

The power adapter is also UL listed which indicates the attention to detail, on making the product safe to use.

Prompt Customer Service

Most of the users love Acegoo reading light for reading at night, but some users who were not satisfied were offered replacement. So, you can buy it without worrying about the quality of the product.

Available in Nickel and Black colors to match your decor

You can get it in two colors, Brushed Nickel and Matte Black. Choose the one that matches your decor, or your style. Both look amazing in their own way.

Review summary

Most of the users who bought this light and using it for reading in bed are loving it. But, a few users have a couple of problems. Here is the summary of positive and negative reviews


More than 80% of the users have positive reviews, they love the warm light that can also be dimmed to whatever brightness level they need.

They also the quality of the light overall. It feels durable, and looks great.

Most users find it easy to mount it on the wall or their headboard, and the mount is sturdy enough to hold the light.


Less than 10% of the uses have negative reviews. They say that the lowest brightness is not very low. One of them said that it disturbs her partner. But most of the users find the lowest brightness setting to be optimal.

A user also stated that the neck move down, and I have to bend the neck from the other place to keep it where I wanted.


The best alternative to this warm bedside reading light is the warm clip on rechargeable book light that gives your the power to move anywhere without worrying about the light.