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Discover the Benefits of Reading a Lot of Books to get Motivated Now!



Do you want to read a lot of books, but lack the motivation to take action? Then, Get motivated by discovering the benefits of reading a lot of books now!

Everybody knows that reading books is good but how beneficial is it? especially when you read a lot of books? that is the question!
Is there any difference between reading books and reading a lot of them?
What are the Advantages and disadvantages ( if any) of reading a lot of books?

This is what this article is about.

To understand the importance of reading, see the image below. it’s a bit funny and on a lighter note but conveys the point very well.

Benefits of reading a lot of books

Experience the great benefits of reading a lot of books.

The purpose of BookwormGadgets.com is grow readers and bookworms in the world to make it a better place.

To accomplish that goal, I will help you develop a reading habit on which I will write later, that how you can develop a reading habit?*

But today let me motivate you to decide on yourself that you must develop that habit.

So I will share you the stories of popular celebrities and important personalities from present as well as form the past

I have already written about the reading before bed benefits.

Stephen king

Stephen King reading at a baseball game

The books he has written are sold in millions. He says that all that became possible due to his habit of reading a lot.

You can get an idea of how much he reads by imaging him reading at Red Sox games

Mark Cuban

You might have seen him at Shark Tank, a popular TV show on entrepreneurship. He treats business as a most difficult sport that you have to play 24/7. He says that to be competitive in the sport of business you must read.

He personally read more than three hours a day.

He credits his first breakthrough in his career to reading books and gaining cutting edge knowledge to stay ahead of the game.

Recently, he was learning about machine learning, and artificial intelligence to get some first hand knowledge. All that, so he can invest after knowing about the basics of these concepts.

Although, he can hire a professional to guide him about the ins and outs of any feild, he still prefers to know things for himself. And this is what makes an ordinary guy the Mark Cuban.

Bill gates

Notice the pattern: He is one of the richest man on earth — And one of the most reading man on earth.

He reads one book every week, which compounds to make 50 books a year. That is a lot of books. He prefers real books over eBooks.

He is been reading since he was a little kid. Reading was his  primary source of his learning. And despite of all the technology and the exposure he has available today, reading is still the main source of learning new things for him.

Elon musk

Elon is consciously reading books since he was just 9 years old. He describes himself as a “bookwormy” kid.

And when he was young, he reads upto two books a day, or upto ten hours a day.

He credits his knowledge of rockets to his love of books.

Charlie Munger

He is the right hand man of the famous book lover, warren buffett. He says that he spends his most of the day just reading and thinking. He loves that lifestyle.

Oprah Winfrey

CNN, Time.com and the American Spectator classified Winfrey as the most powerful and influential women in the world.

And she is also known for his love for books, because she has been sharing her reviews and recommendations on books for years. You can use her library to get a recommendation.

Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO of Facebook took a challenge recently to finish one book every week. He shared what he is reading with his followers. This was definitely not the first time he was reading.

He used an interesting terminology: Media diet. This refers to everything that you consume on media. It includes, TV, social media, films and theater.

If you compare books vs other media, he believes , books give you the most immersive experience. So, if you really want to understand something, read books on that.

I have written a detailed post on books vs TV, read that post to understand the importance of books versus other Media diet.

See also: Unique Advantages of Reading books Over Watching TV.

Bill Gates

One of the richest men, and a caring person who cares about the health of the children in underdeveloped countries.

He is also a bookworm, and classifies books as the best resource to understand any topic.

He also share his book reviews on his website, Gatesnotes.com

Jeff Bezos

The richest man on earth! Plus, his wealth is still growing at a rapid speed. All his business was grown on the passion of reading books.

He sold books. He read books to be competitive and to future proof his business.

Warren buffett

Buffett spends his most of the day reading booking and polishing his knowledge. He says the knowledge is like money. It compounds overtime.

LeBron James

If you think, reading is not for athletes, think again! Reading books also athletes like LeBron to get their mind refreshed. Lebron is also found telling other players to try reading and see the difference themselves.

Read more

Use the references given at the end of this article to read more about these successful people and you will know that these are also avid readers.

  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • David Rubenstein
  • Phil Knight
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Albert Einstein
  • Jane Austen

Did you notice?

The one thing That the most successful people have in common is they are highly knowledgeable a and all the credit goes to books,  actually a lot of books!

Last Thoughts:

I plan to write more about reading. Future posts will include types of reading*

Now when you fully Understand the importance of reading a lot of books,  you must want to do it for yourself.

so read this article on how to read a lot more books this year.*

And use these tools and Gadgets to make your reading easier


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* Coming soon