Ledgle Review: Wrap-around-the-neck Hug Light Reading Books In Bed

LEDGLE LED Book Light Rechargeable Hug Light Reading Lamp Hands Free 2700-7000K 4 LED Beads, 3 Adjustable Brightness, USB Cable Included for Reading in Bed Or Reading in Car,Black

Do you love to read in bed and looking for a hands-free flexible and rechargeable, neck light that wraps around your neck?

In this review of Ledgle neck book light, you will get to know its pros, cons, benefits, user reviews summary and alternatives.


  • 3 level Adjustable Brightness
  • Flexible neck takes any shape you want
  • 2700K warm color light option – Blue light free  (Not available in any other brand)
  • Non-slip neck pad
  • Rechargeable battery: charging 2-3 hr, usage 5-8 hr
  • Micro USB chargeable
  • Charge indicator
  • Focused and Widespread flood light options
  • No flicker high quality LED
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose use
  • 4 color choices – blue, light-blue, pink & black


  • Shaky when your move your body

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Here are the benefits of using a wrap around the neck, Hug light for reading in bed before sleeping.

LEDGLE Updated Rechargeable LED Book Light, Hands Free, Best for Bed Reading Flexible Arm, 4 Super Bright LED Bulbs, 6-Level Light Control

Hands Free Reading Experience In Bed

If you have to read in dark, but do not want to hold the light, then this around the neck reading light is a good solution. Just put it on your neck and adjust the light on the book to start reading.

Point The Light On The Book, Precisely

You have the power to control the direction of the light wherever your like. You can precisely direct it on the pages of the book, to read comfortably.

Read In Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner.

Another benefit of this flexible neck light is, you can point the light only on the pages of the book. The light will not fill the entire room, disturbing your spouse who is trying to sleep.

Hassle Free Rechargeable Battery

Neck Book Light LED Reading Lamp USB Rechargeable, Hands Free, 4 LED Bulbs, 4 Adjustable Brightness, for Reading in Bed lamp (Pink)

This neck light saves you from the hassle of keep on buying and replacing batteries. It has a built in rechargeable battery that charges in 2-3 hours and lasts for 5-8 hours depending upon the brightness you have selected.

Easy To Find Usb Power Source

It is super easy to charge that battery, thanks to its USB charging port. Just plug the charging cable to the phone adaptor, your laptop, or any power bank. It means whether you are travelling or camping in a remote location, you will always have some source available to charge this multipurpose reading light.

Portable And Travel Friendly

You can fold this flexible neck light in a pocketable size, to keep it in your pocket or purse. Plus, it is lightweight and can easily be charged anywhere. These features makes it a perfect book reading light for reading at night while travelling.

6 Level Dimmable Brightness.

Do you like very dim light for reading in dark? Or need fairly bright light? Whatever you prefer, you are covered with this Ledgle neck light book light. It is because, you can adjust the brightness of this light upto 6 different levels.

To change the brightness of a certain side of the light, just press the button on that side. Press once for focus mode, twice for floodlight mode, and three times to turn on both lights.

If your need very dim light, then simply use only one side with one LED turned on.

Multipurpose Use

It is a multi purpose light that is not only great for reading in bed, but also perfect for a lot of other everyday situations. Thanks for its flexible neck that can take any shape, and can be directed to any angle imaginable. Plus, you can focus the light at one point, or use flood light mode to illuminate a large area in front of you. This makes it a great hands free light, suitable for a variety of uses.

Warm Light Does Not Disturb Your Sleep

A version of LEDGLE around the neck reading light comes with a 2700K warm light. This is great for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep rhythm. It is because, there will be less blue light in 2700K warm color light. To read more on effect of warm color light for reading in bed check Which light is good for reading in bed? Warm Yellow, or cool white?

Note that only LEDGLE has a warm color light model in around the neck reading lights. Other companies only have cool lights available.

No Extra Weight Added To The Books

LEDGLE Rechargeable LED Book Light, Hands Free, USB Cable Included for Bed Reading  Flexible Arm, 4 Super Bright LED Bulbs, 4-Level Light Control(Light Blue-Upgrade)

You do not have to clip this neck light to the book, It stays on your neck, that is why there is not any weight added to the light paperbacks or the heavy hardcovers. This is an important reason for choosing this style of light over clip on light.

Head lamps, headboard lights, wall mounted reading lights, Bedside lamps, and Floor lamps also provides the same benefit, but each of them have their own pros and cons.

Comfortable To Wear

It is lightweight and do not slip over your neck. Plus, you get a velcro strap that locks it to your neck. This makes it easy to wear and read for long period without any problem.

Available In Multiple Colors And Sizes

LEDGLE LED Book Light Rechargeable Hug Light Reading Lamp Hands Free 4 LED Beads, 3 Adjustable Brightness, USB Cable Included for Reading in Bed Yellow

There are many companies who sell rechargeable around the neck reading lights, but LEDGE is only company that has multiple colors and models available to match your needs in a better way.

Available colors are, Pink, Light-Blue, Blue, and Black. You can choose pink color around the neck reading light for book lover girls, and light blue for kids.

Available light colors range from 2700K warm yellow to 7000K cool white.

Available sizes are 10.3’’ arm length, and 13.3’’ arm length. The longer 13.3’’ has also bigger battery, but it does not have warm color option available.

If you want to get the neck light with warm 2700K LED then click here.


Many other companies are selling very similar or you can say the exact product. But they are selling one or two colors.  For example, Luminolite, Cesunglight, LePower and Minger.

LEDGLE is selling all the models they are selling, plus two extra models, (1) 2700K Warm light Around the neck hug light, and (2) Longer 13.3’’ with 850mAH rechargeable battery neck light.

LEDGLE has the largest variety to choose from.

Different Styles

A problem with the wrap around the neck hug light is, when you turn page or move slightly while reading in bed, the light wobbles and moves with your body. This is uncomfortable for some book lovers.

Another problem is the limited amount of brightness adjustment.

Moreover, some users do not like to wear a light on their neck.

The solution to these problems is to choose a different style book light for bedtime reading.

The options are:

  1. Tiny bookmark size rechargeable warm book light by Luminolite.
  2. Small flexible gooseneck book light with rechargeable battery and both warm and cool light by TopEleck.
  3. Dual-head both cool and warm color light, with rechargeable battery and multiple brightness settings, by Ecologic Mart.
  4. Head lamp for reading in bed.

For more options check out the post on best book lights for reading in bed.