LEVO book holder review - One of the best Floor Bookstands

LEVO book holder review – One of the best Floor Bookstands

Welcome to our review of the Levo book holder! If you love to read but struggle with finding a comfortable and ergonomic way to do so, then this product might be just what you’ve been looking for. The Levo book holder is designed to hold your book or tablet at a comfortable angle, allowing you to read without straining your neck or shoulders. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Levo book holder, discussing its features, benefits, and overall performance. We’ll also provide our thoughts on whether it’s worth the investment and help you decide if it’s the right book holder for you. So without further ado, let’s dive in and see what the Levo book holder has to offer!

The Levo Book holder floor stand is for every book lover who wants to read longer without hurting his neck, arms, hands, shoulders, or back.

This book holder is perfect for you if you want to read in bed, or chair, while bathing, studying, or exercising on a treadmill or your exercise bike.

If you are disabled for any reason like Arthritis, Parkinson’s, stroke, or any other kind, such that you can not properly hold books for reading, this is a great solution for you. You can easily read without holding books in your hand.

There are two Models; Buy Carefully!

There are two models: the Levo book holder and the latest model with even sturdier construction, Levo Deluxe G2. (I think it means 2nd Generation)

  • If you only want to read books, go with the Levo bookholder. This is cheaper. And if you want to read on Kindle, you can get the tablet extension later.
  • If you want to read books and use them for e-readers and tablets, buy a Levo deluxe G2 stand, and get a book holder extension. This is a bit more expensive, but this option is recommended because you might need to read ebooks in the future.
  • Note again: Even if you buy only the Levo book holder, you can get the tablet holder extension from Levo. So, do not worry.

By the way, I have written a specific post on kindle and other e-reader holders for reading in bed. So check it out if you are into reading e-books.   

Levo Bookholder review


No External Support Needed

If you live in a small space, use a book stand in multiple places, or want something easy to use, you will love this floor book stand. It will not take up any space in your room, and you can roll it where ever you need it in your home.

Move Anywhere in Your Home

Levo, you give the stability of a mounting arm with the flexibility of a portable book holder.

You can take it to your bed, over your couch, bath, or beside your treadmill or exercise bike.

You do not have to bend down to read.

It is one of the best book holders because it allows you to read in the most ergonomic posture possible. You can adjust the height and the angle to any position.

You do not have to bend your neck down. Instead, elevate the height to your eye level, and adjust the angle of the book holder for a comfortable viewing posture.

Easy lock and hand micro adjustment.

A problem with multi-joint book stands is that it gets difficult to adjust the book holder to its position. But this Levo book stand tackles that problem with an easy lock lever. Once you lock the height, you can make micro-adjustments to place it EXACTLY the way you like.

To show you the adjustability of this book stand, I have selected this video from Youtube.

Do not be confused by the tablet holder. The basic stand is the same. You can either put a book holder extension or the tablet holder extension on the pole. (I have discussed this at the beginning of this post) This video is of the Levo floor stand with the tablet holder extension)

Neck pain Relief

Reading will be a joyful experience again because the neck pain will be gone. You will stay in the correct posture, hence reading for long hours with ease.

Hands-free use relieves hands’ numbness and pain.

If you want to read in bed without holding a book, this book holder will be perfect. Your hands will be free from any stress.

Shoulder pain relief

Your hands will be free, and your neck will be in the right ergonomic posture linked to the ergonomic article; you will not feel any shoulder pain.

Book reader for disabled

This book holder also works well with some disabilities like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or stroke. If you cannot hold the book open with your hand, fix the book on the stand and read without using your hands. You need your hands to change the page. Here is the post comparing the best book holders for Parkinson’s patients

Book holder for elderly

If you are a senior citizen and holding books in your hands stresses you, this holder will support the book while you enjoy reading in bed or on your couch. It is one of the best bookholders for the elderly.

Easy to turn pages

Turning pages is very easy on this book holder. It holds the pages with just the right pressure so that it does not damage the book or pages.

Read a book in bed over your head.

You can read in bed while lying completely flat. The stand will hold your book in front of your face, completely horizontally. As a result, the book will not fall off.

It is a good posture for reading for a long period, and you will not feel any pain in your neck or arms.

Read books sideways while lying down.

If you want to change the position while reading in bed, the holder will change its position to suit your posture. For example, you can tilt the book holder to read lying on your side.

Best holder for tablets and e-readers.

This works equally well for e-readers and tablets. You can fit tablets of any brand like iPad, Kindle, Samsung tablet, kobo, nook, or Microsoft surface.

Book holder for treadmill or exercise bike.

You can read while exercising on a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike. What you need to do is adjust the height and angle.

If you want to hold books on treadmills, check out this article about treadmill book holders.

Sturdy heavy, duty book holder

This book stand is perfect for holding the heaviest books. You can use it for your law or medical books.

There will be no fear of tipping over. There will be no bounces and shakes to distract your reading experience.

It is the best book stand for law or med school students. If you read heavy and large books, check out my article on book stands for large textbooks.


It is one of the best book stands that you can buy. But still, there are a few things to note if you get one.

Needs assembling

This stand does not come assembled. You need to assemble it. Do not worry, the process is pretty straightforward, but it is worth noting for some people.

Not travel friendly

The design of this book holder is sturdy, and any heavy-duty stand is not easy to take with you while traveling. If you are looking for a portable travel-friendly book holder, look at the alternative section below.

Summary of Reviews

Summary of Positive Reviews: More people who bought it love it so much that they use it daily. They cannot imagine reading without it now. They love how adjustable and easy to use it is. They have got relief from their neck and shoulder pain.

Summary of Negative Reviews: Very few people have disliked this. And that was also not because of the stand, but the technicalities in the delivery. They did not get all the parts delivered, so they submitted a complaint and got complete assembly.


Similar Alternative

  1. Lecco floor book stands – This book holder is very similar to the one I just reviewed if you want to check its detailed review, click here.
  2. The hold-it book holder – This is also a very similar design. Again, you can check its detailed review here.

By the way, I am also thinking about writing a post that will compare Levo, Lecco, and the hold-it bookholder. So tell me in the contact section if you are interested in seeing that. Also, if you want to compare specific features, kindly mention that.

Different alternatives

It is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the Levo book stand is worth the price. But if you do not want the ability to adjust the height and only want the angle adjustment, or no adjustment, here are some inexpensive options.

More Book Holders

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