How to read at night without blue light?

How to read in bed without blue light? What accessories or gadgets you would need to read at night before sleeping without blue light?

Do you love to read in bed, but worried that blue light will disturb your sleep?

Then, I have selected three ways, which can help your read at night without blue light

You can choose any of these three options, or use a combination of them to make your reading experience in bed, blue light free. The options are:

  1. Use a book light that does not emit blue light, and turn off all other others lights.
  2. If your book reading light emits blue light, then cover it up with blue-light-blocking film.
  3. Or you can wear blue light blocking glasses to block blue light from all the lights in your room, or outdoors.

Now let me explain these in detail…

Use a blue-light-free book light

Amber color book light with no blue light

One option is to use a blue-light-free book light to read in bed. If you are wondering how do I know if a light is blue light free or not? Then, check the color temperature of that light, as it indicates the amount of blue light in any light. Less color temperature indicates less blue light.

I would recommend getting book reading lights with color temperature lesser than 3000K. 2700K is even better. These are commonly called eye care warm book reading light.

The best option, having minimum amount of blue light with color temperature of below 2000K, is amber color book light. Its color is same as the color of the flame of the candle light.

Here are the best options:

  1. Warm Color – You can get double head both warm and cool color, Ecologic Mart eye care book light, or you can get single head Luminolite book light are great options.
  2. Amber Color – Somnilight amber color rechargeable clip-on amber book light is the best option.

Cover the lights with the blue-light-blocking film

Blue light blocking amber tint film

If you have a book reading light that you love and do not want to change, then you can simply cover the light with an amber color film which will block most of the blue light.

You can get those cover from amazon. They stick to the light like a sticker.

Cover your eyes with Blue-light-blocking glasses

Inexpensive blue light blocking glasses for reading in bed

Another option is to get a blue light blocking glasses. Get these if you not want to protect yourself from all the blue light sources, including indoor and outdoor sources.

When you wear blue blockers, you not only save yourself from the blue light coming out of lights in your bedroom, but flood lights in your street as well.

You can get an inexpensive pair of blue light blocking glasses to check if it works for you and then move towards more expensive options. But, if you are style conscious then there are some stylish blue blockers also available. For those who wear reading glasses, there are also fit-over blue blockers available.

Check out this Best blue light blocking glasses buyer guide and reviews, for all the best options.

How blue light affects sleep?

Modern science proves that the blue light disturbs our sleep rhythm. It is present in book lights, LED Tvs and other any light that has a color temperature of more than 3000K.

You will be amazed to know that the nature has a subtle way of controlling and synchronization our sleep with the environment. When sun shines, it emits blue wavelength in it. When it is absorbed by our eyes, it sends a signal through our brain that it is day time. When your brain gets that signal, it suppresses the hormone called Melatonin, due to which we feel alert and active. The lack of sunshine, results in lack of blue light that in turn  increases melatonin.

But if we get the same blue light through artificial light sources like LED TVs, reading lights, Book lights, our mobile phones, then our sleep gets delayed.

More on this is discussed here at which light is better for reading in bed, Warm yellow or white?


It is important to protect yourself in the evenings and nighttime to get a good quality sleep. But if you love to read at night, then make sure that your block the blue light either by using a amber or  warm color light, or wear blue light blocking glasses. Or you can get both of these and be on the safer side.

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