Reading Pillow For Two – WOWMAX Triangular Backrest Wedge Review



If you love to read in bed with your partner, or your friend, and looking for a extra wide reading pillow for back support and neck support, then I have selected a pillow that will prove to the best reading pillow for two.

Reading Pillow For Two navy blue

It is called WOWMAX Large Bolster Triangular Reading Backrest Positioning Support Wedge Pillow.It is available in multiple colors and sizes to fit your bed and style.

There are also three kinds of cover fabric available for it: Polyester, Velveteen, and cotton-linen blend.

velveteen reading pillow for two grey

Wowmax Reading Pillow For Two Benefits.

Let’s discuss the benefits and features of Wowmax extra large wedge reading pillow.

Large Enough For Two Persons

This pillow is the only wedge pillow that can accomodate two persons. It is available in 8 different sizes that will fit both of you easily.

Looks Beautiful

It looks and feels beautiful on your bed. You can choose the cover that matches with the decor of your room to enhance the appearance. It makes your bed just like a sofa, which welcomes you to read more.  

Sit Up In Bed In Ergonomic Posture.  

If you and your friend love reading in bed, but get stressed out due to improper posture, then get this pillow to read in an ergonomic posture.

This pillow helps two persons read in bed in a sitting up posture, comfortably.

Back Support while Reading In Bed

If you’re looking for a reading pillow to read without hurting your back then it is good choice for two persons. It is a great reading pillow that provide support your back, and prevents pain in lower back.

Neck Support while Reading In Bed

If you are looking for a reading pillow that helps you and your partner read in bed without hurting their neck, then it is a good choice. It is high enough that your neck can rest on it.

High Quality Product

It is a high quality product, backed by a great customer care team.

The inner core is filled with premium polyester fiber, which provides firm support with some cushioning and give to it.

Stitching is also durable and most of the users love it. There are a few complaints about the stitching being worn out, to which the company responded and solved the issue.

Outer cover is also well built and fits well on the pillow.

Soft And Comfortable

It is a soft and comfortable pillow that provides cushioning and support at the same time. It is soft, but not too squishy.

Supportive And Firm

It is firm enough to provide support, but by no means right and hard that it starts getting uncomfortable.

Fits Perfectly On Your Bed

You have the power to choose the size that fits perfectly with your bed or mattress size. There are 8 different sizes available to fit twin, full, queen and california king size mattress. Plus, it is available in widths of 39’’, 47’’, 59’’, 71’’.

Matches Your Style And Color

Whether your like pink, or blue is your style, or your room decor demands a coffee color, your can get the color that perfectly matches your style and color preference.

It is available in these colors. Some colors are flashy and bright, while others are more subtle and blends into the environment.

Some of which are: Coffee, Deep Blue, Green, Jean blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow, Grey, Ivory,

Polyester, Cotton-linen, or Velveteen Cover

There are three types of cover materials available:  

  1. Velveteen 100% polyester.
  2. Corduroy 100% polyester.
  3. Cotton linen

(Click the links to find the available pillows on Amazon with that cover, you can then choose the color)

All the covers are soft and plush. Polyester covers has more flashy and bright colors, while cotton-linen blend has more subtle colors available.

Reading pillow for Kids

It is available in multiple sizes and colors. Therefore, there must be a combination of colors and size that your kids will love. It is a great gift for book lover kids, and will make their room look even cooler.

Reading pillow for Adults, Girls & Boys.

It is available in both bright and subtle colors, and different sizes to fit every bed size. So, you can surely find a color that will fit your personality. It is a great reading pillow for adults, whether girls, or boys.

Easy Washing

The cover is attached to the pillow with buttons, and is easy to remove with a simple zipper. This makes its cleaning hassle free. Just remove the cover and do a quick machine wash to make your pillow look like new.


It is a great reading pillow for two persons, but if want a more cozy and cuddly pillow then check out Best husband reading pillows with arms for back, neck, and arms support.

Or your can also get two wedges and join them together, when two persons are reading. For that, you can check out Best wedge pillows for back support and comfortable reading in bed.