A Quick Summary of User Reviews for Bedlounge reading pillow



In a nutshell, Bedlounge Reading pillow is great if, you are getting it to support your back, neck and arms, while sitting up and reading in bed. But if, you are getting it for post surgery recovery, or to sleep in bed in a sitting up posture, then it is not recommended, because it may be a nice unique concept that aims to provide sturdy yet comfortable support while reading in bed, but the execution of this concept is not that great, and it lacks quality. In any case, consider the best back support reading pillows before buying this one.

BedLounge Reading pillow for back support Classic review

Do you love to read in bed, and want something solid and comfortable to support your back while reading? Then stay tuned, because in this detailed review of BedLounge Reading pillow, you will find why some people are not liking it while others are loving Bedlounge? You will get to know its benefits, pros and cons, summary of user reviews – both positive and negative, and then alternatives.


  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Supports Neck, back and Arms.
  • Adjustable neck support.
  • Designed by expert doctor.
  • In Regular and Small size.
  • Removable cover
  • Multiple color choices.
  • Made in USA
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • Too bulky, big and huge.
  • Feels Hard.
  • Pricey.
  • Quality is not impressive .


Sturdy, yet lightweight

The basic skeleton of Bedlounge is of cardboard, on which there is a layer of crushing. This makes it lightweight, yet sturdy.

If you see other foam pillows with the same level of sturdiness, you will find that they are way more heavy. It is because, they need to stuff a lot more foam to make it sturdy, where bedlounge do this by smartly using the cardboard for structure and cushioning for comfort.

It weighs 6.5 pounds, while other sturdy reading pillows with arms weighs around 10 pounds. You can easily pick it up using one hand only.

Comfortable reading in bed

It provides a comfortable support while reading in bed. You get support for your back, head and arms.

It is very comfortable if you compare it with propping up pillows, because it is hassle free and support your body.

But if you compare it with other best husband pillows, then it is not that much comfortable.

Actually, they tried to build something unique… something that has a balance between the coziness and the support, but they could not execute it that good.  

Needs headboard at back

It is a sturdy and solid free standing pillow that supports your whole body while reading in bed.

Unlike other husband pillows which are only filled with foam, it has structural cardboard which gives it shape, and helps it free stand as well.

But you need to support bedlounge on a headboard, or a wall, when reading. Otherwise it would not hold you up.

Eliminates Neck Pain.

It also help eliminate neck pain, due to its dedicated head support that is extendable. I can be adjusted to the height where your head naturally rests.

The headrest is attached to the body of the bedlounge through a piece of cardboard. It is a functional design, and also helps keep the weight down, but some users do not like its feel.

Arm support

Both arms at the sides provides cozy feeling. They are also adjustable and can move inwards or outwards for an easy fit.

Arms rests are soft and comfortable, and have a hard structural support inside for stability.

Wide enough to fit all

It is wide enough to fit the tall and heavy persons as well. Users weighing 220 pounds, and of 6 feet height say that they can fit inside easily.

For short and slim persons, there is also small size available that will fit them well.

Made in USA

If you support made in US products, then it is also one of that. But the quality is not what you expect from a US product.

Simple… and simply works

There are no electric or complex mechanisms inside. Simply, slide the headrest to your desired height and support yourself on the pillow and start reading.

It is not the most comfortable or the height quality bed lounger pillow, but it does its job, that is, to provide support to your back, neck and arms, and help you read in the correct ergonomic posture.

Easy to clean

The cover is completely removable, so that you can machine wash it easily. This makes keeping your bedlounge neat and clean all the time.

The cover is available in four materials: Cotton, Fleece, and Micro-suede. You can choose the one which you find the most comfortable.

Multiple Color Choices

Bedlounge is available in 22 different color choices and three different cover materials. You can get the one which perfectly matches your decor or personal style.

You can get it in Black, White, Denim, Green, Burgundy, Denim cotton, Navy Blue, Natural cotton, Natural Fleece, Red, Vibrant Red, Blue, Brown, Celedon, Black cotton, Blue and White stripes, Natural Microsuede, Teal Microsuede, and Warm Taupe.

Soft bed lounger

If you compare it with other husband style reading pillows with arms, you will find that it is hard. But, that is not the right comparison. It is not a pillow. It is a soft bed lounger that is made for support, and not for coziness.

Positive Reviews Summary

It is great for reading in bed. Your back is well supported, plus there is a separate neck support that you can adjust according to your need. It is lightweight, yet sturdy reading pillow that is great for the price.

Reviews Summary

It is a huge pillow that is made of cheap materials. It is hard and not comfortable for post surgery. The price is too much.

But some users do not love it because, the users were expecting a soft yet supportive pillow, but they got a hard and bulky pillow. On top of that, the quality was not impressive, but the price is of a premium product.


What is it? And who is it for?

It has a unique design, a nice concept but not that great execution. It lacks in quality and does not justifies the price.

For reading in bed, it is a great option to consider.


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