Ziraki inexpensive Shredded Foam Adult Size Bed Reading Pillow Review

Ziraki inexpensive Shredded Foam Adult Size Bed Reading Pillow Review

Ziraki is a comfortable back support reading pillow with arms for reading in bed. Filled with shredded memory foam that has two benefits, 1) Conforms to your body shape to enhance support 2) Better air circulation prevents sweating. The cover is soft velour that feels plush and cozy, but it is not removable – just spot-clean in case of spills. Perfect for adults as its height is 18’’ large size. Carry it easily with the handle on top. It is inexpensive and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In this Ziraki backrest reading pillow review, you will get to know if you should get this for reading in bed. What are the pros, cons and benefits of this pillow? Plus, a summary of all the user reviews to save your time. At the end, you will also know about the other alternatives to consider before getting this pillow.

Best suited If you are looking for a reading pillow on a tight budget then this is great choice. This inexpensive pillow is neither has adjustable firmness, not a removable cover, but it provides you with the much needed support and comfort while reading in bed. The only downside according to users is, it does not maintains its shape over time. You get what you pay for.


  • Inexpensive – A third of the cost of other premium quality pillows
  • Plush velour cover feels soft and luxurious
  • Shredded foam allows better air flow
  • Shredded foam molds to your body shape to provide personalized support and comfort.
  • Head, neck, back and arms support
  • Polyester cover is easy to Spot clean
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Size: 18″ Height x 15″ Width on top x 26″ Width arm to arm, 10’’ long arms
  • Large size for adults upto 5’9″ 265lbs.


  • The cover is not removable
  • Does not maintains its shape over time


  1. It comes in a vacuum pack that takes time, up-to three days, to get filled completely. You might also have to knead the pillow to make it even and smooth.
  2. It does not stand on its own, you need to support it by a wall or the headboard.
  3. There might be a slight odor that will disappear in a week of use. This happens in most of the shredded foam reading pillows that come in vacuum packing.

Ziraki Inexpensive Shredded Foam Reading Pillow for Bed Benefits

Large size for adults

Size: 18″ Height x 15″ Width on top x 26″ Width arm to arm, 10’’ long arms . This is perfect for adults of size upto 5’9″ 265lbs, according to a user.

Soft, yet firm

This pillow on the softer side of the spectrum. It provides supports as well but the overall feel is soft and cozy.

Comfortable for reading in bed

It is super comfortable to relax and read in bed.

Great arms support

It has long arms that are high enough that you can rest your elbows or forearms on them. This will relive stress while you are reading while holding books in you hands.

Perfect size – large but not too bulky

It is perfect for adults, teens, kids or elders. But it is not too bulky or heavy to the point that it becomes difficult to move around.

Takes the shape of your back to provide max support

It has a shredded memory foam filling that easily takes the shape of your back to provide better support. Both the upper back and the lower back get supported well. This also ensure that it keeps its bounce for longer time which is not possible with wedge reading pillows that are in single piece foam

Cover is easy to clean

If you have dogs, their hair will not cling to it and spill roll off easily. The leftover spill can be easily spot clean. It is because, the material is does not absorb the stains.

Good for the price

The price is one third of any other high quality pillow. Considering a lot of users who are satisfied with the purchase, this is not a bad option.

User reviews summary

More than 60 percent of the uses love this pillow. This is low as compared to the other back rest reading pillows. The users love the comfort and support it provides them while reading in bed, watching TV or just relaxing.

The users who did not like the product complain about its firmness and durability. They say that It is not as firm, and lose its shape over time, like a year. (Almost all the reading pillows have the same kind of negative reviews. It is because, one pillow cannot satisfy everyone. Buy the solution to this is to get  a reading pillow with adjustable firmness, i.e. husband pillow. It allows you to add or remove shredded foam to increase or decrease the firmness. I mean, if you need more support, then remove some of the foam. And if you need it to be soft and cushiony, then get some foam removed.)

This is what you can expect from an inexpensive reading pillow for more durable pillow check out the best reading pillows (links in alternative section below)

It seems like the users who love it, the love it the most. And the users who hate it, they got a defective piece. But the company did not responded to those users, which is contrary to that fact that they were offering 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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