ZOEMO Back Rest Reading Pillow for bed review

If you are looking for the detailed review of Zoemo backrest reading pillow with arms rest and neck roll, then stay tuned. Here, you will get to know the pros and cons of this pillow. What are its benefits for bookworms who love to read at night? What do other users like and dislike about this pillow? And lastly, who should buy it and who should not?

Zoemo backrest reading pillow with arms rest and neck support

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow - Bedrest Pillows with Arm Rests and Neck Roll for Reading Watching TV in Bed, Floor or Sofa - Big Bedrest Pillow with Neck Roll Pillow, Navy and grey
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Zoemo reading pillow is a great choice for reading, or sitting up in bed. It is soft, cushion, yet firm enough to support your lower back and neck, for reading in bed comfortably. With its support, you can read in an ergonomic posture, and read for long hours without hurting your neck or back.

It is filled with polyester fibre which maintains its shape over long time. The cover is removable and is made of soft, and breathable velour. It feels plush and comfortable.

Consider this before buying: It is a high quality reading pillow that lasts long while maintaining its shape and firmness. If you measure it on the scale from soft to hard, then this will be more on softer side and less on firmer side or the scale. You do not have the option to add or remove the filling to adjust the firmness like you have in husband pillow. The cover is not cotton. If you do not like the pillow, then the customer service is prompt and awesome.

Pros and Benefits

  1. Super Comfortable pillow for reading and relaxing in bed
  2. Back, neck, head, and arms support while reading in bed
  3. Detachable Neck roll of memory foam, attaches with buttons.
  4. Handle at the top for easy carrying
  5. Pocket at the side arm
  6. Premium quality
  7. High resilient , maintains its shape
  8. Filled with premium cluster ball fibre that makes it supportive and comfortable.
  9. Breathable pillow with less heat
  10. 10″ arm 33″ bottom length
  11. For adults and kids
  12. Silky soft, breathable velour cover – not cotton
  13. 3 year warranty.
  14. 24/7 customer support
  15. Removable cover with wide zipper at the bottom
  16. Filled fully – No complains about slouchyness


  1. Pockets not too deep.


Needs support from the wall or from headboard


  • Dimensions 33 x 15 x 18 inches
  • Weight 5.9 pounds

Positive reviews summary

Very comfortable, soft and squishy. Yet firm enough to provide support to your back while reading in bed.

Neck roll can be used for neck support while leaning back, and used as a lumbar support while leaning forward.

Negative reviews summary

Less than 20 percent of the users do not like the product much, but they still loved the comfort of this reading pillow. Plus the Zoemo customer service was prompt, and offered them satisfactory solutions. This gives you the peace of mind that if anything gets worse, you will be given the care that you deserve.

The problems they face are: neck roll hurting, not for back support but for the comfort, pockets not as deep as


There is a whole selection of reading pillows that are great alternative to this pillow.

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If your need more support, then check out firm back support wedge foam pillows for bedtime reading.


If you need a pillow for reading in bed, or sitting up for watching tv then this provides comfortable support to your body. But do not get it if you need medical support after surgery. Before buying, check husband pillow review as well.