3 Best Book Stands for Large Textbooks

3 Best Book Stands for Large Textbooks

The best book stand for large textbooks is the one that holds your say, law or Medical Books, at the right ergonomic position to prevent your neck pain. Plus, It should be adjustable to enable reading on your sofa or bed in a comfortable position, so that you can study longer. Read further, if you agree.

This post is for those who want to read for longer periods, but their large textbooks are a problem. Usually, Medical and Law textbooks are that big. When you hold those big books they cause stress to your hands and Neck.

But here are the solutions:

First, let’s discuss the best option, which is a bit expensive, then I will list relatively cheaper options with some limitations.

1. The best book stand for large textbooks is Levo

LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Hard Covers, Paperbacks, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines

The Best book stand for reading Large textbooks is a floor stand that you can keep anywhere you want in your home. It is called LEVO.

If you want to read in a sitting posture or in a lying down posture, you can do so with this stand. You can adjust the angle of the books according to your preference.

Read in comfort in the overhead position. When you are laying flat you can adjust the book in a horizontal position, and the page will face towards you.

In a sitting posture, you can adjust the books at the perfect height so that, longer reading sessions do not any pain in the neck. Plus, a slight tilt to the angle will be more comfortable for you.

Works on any side — whether you want to read on your left side or right, this book stand works perfectly.

You can read completely hands-free as there are also page holder knobs at the bottom which hold the pages at every angle. they exert just the right amount of pressure such that it is easier to turn the pages but the pages are held firmly without causing any harm to your textbook.

Your books stay protected. It does not damage the spine or the pages of the book.

Stands sturdy – Do not shake. It is a heavy-duty book stand that holds books without any shake. It is a good thing it is not usually available. See, if you make a stand adjustable, every joint will make it more prone to shakes. But this one is opposite to the usual belief. It is very sturdy yet very much adjustable!

It is very easy to attach books to the stand. Thanks to the Velcro mechanism. Just place the book on the stand and tighten each side with the Velcro. Now your book is not going anywhere.

If you are reading at night, then note that, page turning is completely silent, but changing the book causes some noise.

There are two models of Levo bookholder. To check that, know pros and cons, read a summary of customer reviews and to check its alternatives, see my detailed Levo book holder review

2. Adjustable book stand doubles as a Laptop stand

2. Adjustable book stand doubles as a Laptop stand.

This portable table is also a great reading stand for large text books.

You can read comfortably in your sofa or bed, by adjusting the legs accordingly.

The angle of the table can be adjusted, which helps in prevention of neck pain. If you look down for a long period then this one, or any of the stands mentioned will help you prevent that problem.

If you want an adjustable book stand but neither have the budget or the place to store it, then you can go for this one.

It doubles as a Laptop stand, and you can use your laptop on your bed as well. It has two USB-operated cooling fans that will help your laptop stay cool.

The only problem is that when fully extended it is a bit flimsy and wobbly.

3 (a). Read up-to 4 Law books – Large Book Reading Stand

3 (a). Read up-to 4 Law books - Large Book Reading Stand

Reading stands are available in different shapes and sizes. Plus there are attachments with which you can attach one book stand to the other. That way,  you can stack up four books near each other simultaneously. Choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

If you are working on a computer, and need to look back and forth from the computer screen to the book, and your neck gets tired then this one is the perfect option.

It also prevents you from back pain, because you can sit in a relaxed posture where your back is taking complete support of the chair.

It is best for bulkiest books. Whether you are a LAW student, a Medical student, or want to refer to a heavy dictionary, this book stand will work for you in all cases.

It is made with MDF which is also humidity resistant. But, in my experience, only MDF make products if you are sure that there will be no moisture near them. I mean, there should be no spills on it as it will permanently damage the stand.

3 (b). Heavy-duty Bamboo book stand — Yet Portable and Inexpensive!

3 (b). Heavy duty Bamboo book stand -- Yet Portable and Inexpensive!

If you love to read, your books are heavy and large, and you want something portable, sturdy, and inexpensive then Bamboo Book Stand is the best choice for you. 

Although, it is made to read on a flat hard surface, but you can still use it to read in bed. Place it on your stomach. But it will not be that comfortable. For reading in bed it is better to go for the LEVO or the fordable laptop stand.

It is made of Bamboo wood which means that you can easily wipe it with a wet cloth and it will be fine. Some coffee or water spills here and there – It will easily handle them without any problem. As I discussed earlier MDF deteriorates with moisture, so if you do not want to use multiple books stacked on each other then get this one. It will last longer.

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If you want to read on a desk and the limited tilt of the book is fine for you then save your money and get 3 (a), or 3 (b).

If you can invest a bit more for a product that will help you read in bed as well, and has more angle adjustments, then go for the 2nd option.

But if you love to read anywhere in your home, and portability is not required then go the 1st option.

Tell me, if any of these book stands works for you? Or what would be the ideal book stand for you. I would love to hear your thoughts.