Corduroy bed rest pillow with arms: Brentwood 557 vs Home Soft Things

Corduroy bed rest pillow with arms: Brentwood 557 vs Home Soft Things

Are you looking for a Corduroy bed rest pillow with arms? Whether you need it for reading in bed, or watching tv or just relaxing, here are the two pillows that are available at Amazon.

  1. Brentwood 557 corduroy bedrest pillow with arms in 6 colors.
  2. Home Soft Things Serenta Cotton Corduroy Bedrest Lounger Backrest with DIY Filling, in 16 colors (Recommended)

Here is the review and comparison of both of them.

Brentwood 557 reading pillow review

Brentwood 557 Corduroy bed rest backrest reading pillow with arms

Brentwood 557 is a soft yet supportive, bed rest or backrest reading pillow with arms. It is filled with polyester fiber and covered with the corduroy fabric, hence it feels soft and plush. Brentwood is already a comfortable pillow, and the corduroy cover increases its comfort. The cover is not removable, but you can wash any spills by spot cleaning it. You can get it in any of the 6 available colors: Navy, Black, Red chilli pepper, Dark brown coffee bean, Shaded spruce green, and Tan. Check out its alternative that is also best seller product.

comfortable pillow

It is a soft corduroy reading pillow that also provides a bit of support to your back and arms. Get it for coziness and comfort, not for support and ergonomic posture.

It is an inexpensive pillow that is one third the price of what I find to be the best bed rest pillow with arms and neck support. You get what you pay for, and this stands true for this pillow as well.

Now, you have got the main points clear. Let’s discuss it in detail, what are the pros, cons, benefits, and user reviews summary of Brentwood 557 Corduroy bedrest pillow with arms.


  • Soft, Cozy and Comfortable
  • Full back and arms support.
  • Corduroy Cover
  • Polyester Filled
  • Large size, high back for adults – 26″W x 18″D x 18″H
  • Easy carry handle
  • Easy to spot clean with damp cloth
  • 6 colors  
  • Well made high quality pillow
  • Maintains its shape over time
  • 9’’ long arms


  • Cover not removable
  • Firmness not adjustable
  • No neck pillow


  • Read in bed comfortably without back and neck pain
  • Work in bed with proper support and cushion
  • Great backrest pillow for bedridden that provides support and comfort while reading, or working sitting up in bed.
  • Six color to match your interior or style.For even more color choices, check out best husband pillows.

User reviews summary – Positive

  • Great customer service on return
  • Supports lower and mid back
  • Great packaging. No need to fill up like the vacuum packing.
  • Good color
  • Good seller
  • Arrived on time
  • Well sewn
  • Well packaged
  • Beautiful
  • Handle on the top
  • Arms help you to center you in the pillow
  • Very comfortable
  • Very sturdy, and firm
  • Well padded
  • Easy to carry from sofa to bed
  • Great lounging pillow
  • Does not get too hot
  • Perfect if you need lower back support
  • Great price
  • Great gifts for grandkids, your son, daughter, or your elderly mom or dad.

User reviews summary – Negative

  • Lacks neck pillow
  • It is very soft squishy and do not offer any support. Collapses when you lean on it. Gets more soft after a couple of months. You sink into it. Not plump. Not very firm. (Insight: These are mostly 2015 reviews. Now, they have improved the quality and fill.
  • The red color that bleeds and ruins your bed. But that happens if your leave it there for a long time.
  • Smaller in size, even for the person weighing 132 and petite.
  • Back height is not high enough for adults, even for 5’ 2’’ . upper back is not supporter. Have to use the pillow to raise it up  
  • The arms are way too small to be useful and supportive.  
  • Rips apart in a month. (old 2015 review, recent buyers are well satisfied with the quality.)
  • The corduroy fabric is thin and 100% polyester – Neither cotton nor thick. A user prefer to call it twill fabric. This is important, as you are looking for a corduroy reading pillow with arms
  • There is no way to wash it out. (But you can still wash it in machine)
  • Arms are not for support.

Home Soft Things Serenta Cotton Corduroy Bedrest Lounger Review

Home Soft Things Serenta Cotton Corduroy Bedrest Lounger back rest  pillow with arms Review

This is a backrest pillow with arms and Corduroy cover. The cover is actually thick and cotton material, and has visible corduroy pattern that can easily be seen by zooming in the picture at amazon. You will notice the difference.

The next main problem with the Brentwood 557 was that some users complain that it is soft and squishy, while others complain that is too firm. Home Soft Things solved this problem by providing you with the DIY polyester fill. You can just simply fill the pillow with as much polyester as you like. Make it firm by filling it more, but if you need to make it a bit soft, just remove some polyester. It has a zipper that allows you to do so. You can remove all the polyester and wash it in the machine as well.

Some users complain that the polyester that the company provides you is not enough to make the pillow firm enough. It can easily be solved by getting some extra polyester packs from amazon. Or you can order the company to make sure there is enough polyester with the pillow.

Home Soft Things corduroy bed rest pillow with arms comes in 16 color choices that is way more than the Brentwood 557 reading pillow. You can choose the one that suits your style or interior.

Home soft things is also a bit less wider, and shorter than the Brentwood 557. The dimensions of this pillow are: 20 in x 18 in x 17 inches. Brentwood was 24 inches wide as compared to 20, depth is same i.e. 18 inches, the height is also an inch less than the Brentwood. Although Brentwood is a bit bigger than the Home Soft things, but still both are small reading pillows for Adults who need full back support.


If you are looking for a Corduroy backrest or bed rest reading pillow with arms, then Home soft thing pillow is the best option. But you should check the alternatives section before purchasing.


If you need corduroy pillow, but side arms are not necessary, then check out this Large headboard Reading pillow for two persons by Waomax (link to detailed review.) To check directly on amazon click the image below.

this Large headboard Reading pillow for two persons by Waomax

Or you can check these simple triangular wedge pillows with lumbar support pillow that also have corduroy cover. It is available in 9 colors.

simple triangular wedge pillows with lumbar support pillow that also have corduroy cover

But if the corduroy fabric is not that important, and you just need comfortable back rest pillow with arms, that will you sit up and read in bed easily without any pain in neck, back or shoulders, then check out these best husband reading pillows with arms.

Corduroy triangular wedge pillow with lumbar support pillow

If you need extra firm support at your back, then check out these best triangular wedge pillows. Some of these have natural cotton cover that also very comfortable.

Not corduroy but cotton triangular wedge pillows.