12 Lap desk pillows for reading books, iPad or kindle in bed



Are you looking for the best lap desk pillows for reading books, iPad or the kindle in bed?

Lap desk pillows are a flat surface with a pillow attached at the bottom. This makes it easy to place it on your lap or belly, while reading in bed. Other than that, you can use them for working on a laptop, having breakfast or while reading on a chair. These are also useful for reading in chair, lounger or sofa.

They are available with fixed and adjustable angle. The one with adjustable angle are better for reading books, as they make it easy to read in bed without stressing your neck, too much.

Here are the 12 option to select from. I like the 8th one, the most!

1. Lap desk Pillow for iPad/ Kindle with adjustable angle – Prop n Go

Prop 'n Go Slim - iPad Pillow with Adjustable Angle Control for iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhone, Tablets, eReaders, and more (Black)

This lap desk is only for e-readers. You can hold iPad, Kindle and other e-Readers. You can position your iPad at 14 different angles starting from 9 degree up to 75 degrees.

It holds your e-reader firmly without slipping. The grooves that hold the iPad are recessed into desk which do not slip. Plus, the surface is non-sip and there is also a lip at the from which hold the iPad from slipping. 

There is a memory foam padding at the back which takes the shape of your lap, belly or you chest while reading in bed. This provides a comfortable base that is also secure. 

It is a durable product that will last a long time. The memory foam is also of good quality which means it will remain fluffed up and soft, even after using it for years.  

Some users find that iPads do not stay there and tip over. They have modified and added Velcro to hold it safely. And now they love this stand. You can read more about this in the user reviews section at amazon. For that, click the image shown above. 

Check out this video review to see how it works. 


2. Memory Foam padded Lap Desk pillow with USB Light

Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk with USB Light (5035)

If you love to read books in bed or couch then this is a great lap desk for you. It provides you with a flat, slightly angled surface to place you books, iPad or Kindle. 

The memory foam at the back provides a comfortable support even if you are reading long hours. It takes the shape of your lap, chest, or belly, while lying down or sitting on your bed. 

It comes in four different models

  1. Basic Lap desk pillow
  2. Lap desk pillow with tablet slot
  3. Lap desk pillow with tablet slot and a USB light 
  4. Lap desk pillow with tablet slot, USB reading light, and a sliding mouse pad with a cell phone slot. 

The Simple One: This is most basic design with a simple board top and the memory foam back.

Simple lap desk no led light or the wrist support

Then comes the wrist support: This one has a wrist support that will enable better blood circulation in your wrist.

Cushioned lap desk with tablet holder and wrist support
another color of the simple book holder lap desk pillow

And if you need to read without disturbing your partner. The one with USB light for reading at night

Lap desk cushioned pillow with led light for reading book in bed

The next one is with USB reading light and a sliding drawer pad for placing mouse. This one also have grooves in the desk and the pad surface for placing e-readers or mobile phone.

Lap desk pillow for book, tablets, e readers, kindle, iPad, and laptop

3. 8 Adjustable Positions Lap Desk pillow by Mind reader (Recommended)

8 Adjustable Positions Lap Desk by Mind reader

This is similar to the prop and go, only better. 

You can not only use this lap desk pillow for iPad, but for holding real books. 

The bottom of this lap has two separate bars of memory foam. This design makes it easier to deform so that it can take shape of your lap, faster. Plus, it helps in better air circulation to keep you legs cool and not sweaty.  

Other than lap, you can use it over you belly and chest as well. It will provide the same sturdy support to your books or e-readers. 

There are 8 different angles to adjust the inclination of this book holder lap desk.  

It has a handle cut out at the top of the board which makes it easy to carry around in your home. 

It measures 14 inches wide and 11 inches high approximately. 

4. Triple-Layer Bamboo Lap Desk pillow with Detachable Cushion 

Real wood Triple-Layer Bamboo Lap Desk for Laptop | Unbreakable Construction | Jumbo Size with Detachable Cushion | Eco Friendly

This is made from real bamboo wood which makes it way more durable for long term use. 

Another cool feature is that the pillow is optional. You can use it as a plain desk or with pillow. 

It is large enough to fit any size book or tablet. Moreover you can use it for laptop, or for having breakfast.

5. Double bar Memory foam pillow desk by Lap Gear

This does not have angle adjustment but it offers two thing

It forms according to your lap, chest or belly, and still let the air pass through keeping you cool. 

There is a pen holder. 

Lap gear also offer other similar products like this extra wide pillow desk that can handle 17 inch laptop with mouse. In book lovers terms, two books at a time, or a book and an e-reader on the same desk. 

It is from the home office series of the lap gear

Then there are Lap Gear Designer series, Heritage series, My style series, and My desk series.

And if you are looking to buy a gift for kids, then there are lap desk pillow  series for kids, called lap pets. Choose the design you like the most.

6. Cushioned Lap Desk pillow For Kids – Colorful Soft Pillow 

Cushioned lap desk pillow for kids.

This lap desk pillow has focused on the pillow side. The benefit is, you can perfectly use it as a travel pillow. 

The cushion is filled with soft bean making it easier to take shape of your lap. 

And when you want to read just flip it over to use it as a lap desk for reading books, placing iPad, laptop or having breakfast. 

This cushioned lap desk is a good choice for kids. It is because it is colorful and has rounded edges all over to make it extra safe for kids and girls

It is also a great gift for book lover who love to travel as well. 

Why Lap Desk Pillows?

Lap desk Pillows are a cross between pillow book holders and adjustable lap desk for bed.

What pillow holders lack is a solid multipurpose surface which you can use to write, and even have a breakfast. 

What Adjustable height and angle lap desks lack is the simplicity and ease of use. You have to adjust the height and angle of the book stand to start reading. I know, doing so is not that difficult, especially when it provides you with the power to adjust the height and angle, but still it is not a one step process. 

These Lap desk pillows solves both of the problems by providing you with a simple flat surface that does not require any setup.

As a result you get a solid desk where you can read, write and can have breakfast as well. 


There are other types of book holders which you can check. 

  1. Pillow book holders
  2. Floor book stands
  3. Portable and foldable book stands of various types

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