Best Floor Book Stands for Reading Even the Large Books

Do you love to read in bed or in a chair, but get pain in neck, shoulder or back?

Do you need an adjustable book stands which gives you the power to adjust the height and the angle of the books, so that you can read in an ergonomic posture?

Do your read book that are large and heavy, and need a stand that can hold those as well?

Do you also read ebooks on your iPad, Kindle or kobo, and want a stand that can hold them too?

If the answer to any of the above mentioned questions is yes, then, I have chosen these adjustable floor stands for you.

5 Best Book Holder Floor Stands for Reading in Bed or the Chair

1- Levo Adjustable overhead book holder for books and eReaders.

Best heavy duty adjustable floor book stands Levo Adjustable overhead book holder for books and eReaders

I have already done a detailed review of levo book holder, so here is a short summary.

The feature that I like the most is, you can read books over your head while lying completely flat. The book will be parallel to the ground facing downwards. See, how much adjustable it is!

You can adjust the height and angle of this book stand to match your eyes level in any reading situation. You can read in bed sideways, on a chair, at a treadmill or while bathing.

It is easy to move around in your home, as it is supported on four wheels. Moving on a hard and flat surface is easy, but on a carpeted floor, it is difficult.

You can easily read paperbacks, or even the heavy hardcover books.

There are two knobs at the bottom which hold the books open while you read comfortably. These knobs also make turning pages easy.

Fixing and removing books from the holder is also easy, as it uses a simple velcro to hold books from the spine.

Levo is made of aluminum and has great build quality that makes it durable, and also justifies the price.  

LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit
LEVO G2 Book Platform Kit
Levo tablet stand g2
Levo tablet stand g2

There are two versions. Levo book holder, and Levo tablet holder. If you want to read on an  e-reader, then your need to separately buy a tablet holder which will fit at the end of the arm.

If you only need to read books then get Levo Hands free book stand. It would be cheaper.

But if you also plan to read on ereader like iPad or kindle (which most of us do),  then get the Levo deluxe tablet floor stand powered stand with book platform kit.

  • Maximum weight: 4 lbs (Least sturdy of all, but enough for holding even the heaviest Books).
  • Length (Min-Max): 29 – 56 inches.
  • Top surface: 12″X 16.5″ wide.
  • Angle adjustable: 360 degree ( Most Angle Adjustable)
This video demos the adjust-ability of Levo G2 tablet stand. To use with books just replace the Tablet holder with the book holder accessory on the same floor stand. 

2- Lecco Book Holder Floor Stand for Hands Free Comfortable Reading

Lecco Book Holder Floor Stand for Hands Free Comfortable Reading

I have also reviewed the Lecco book holder in detail, so here is the summary.

It is a competitor to the Levo book holder with two major differences: The universal holding mechanism and the low profile base.

It has the same holder which can be use to hold books and e-readers. To attach the book to the holder, just insert one edge of the book, pull the clamp open, and fit the book inside.

Attaching iPad and kindle is exactly the same.

One thing to note is that your book height must be more than 6.7 inches and lesser than 11 inches. If the book is more than 11 inches height it will not fit in.

Turning pages is not the most comfortable experience either.

It can also be used as an over head book holder as described earlier in levo book holder.

Its wheel design requires the least clearance space under the furniture. That allows it to orient in locations which are not possible with other floor stands. The credit goes to its unique design of wheels.

There are two wheels on one side and the other side has fixed knobs. Half of the wheels are recessed into base which makes it move under couches and beds that do not have a lot of clearance under them.

Maximum weight Capacity: 4 lbs (Least sturdy of all, but enough for holding even the heaviest Books). Length (Min-Max): 29- 44 inches. Can hold books if: Book/eReader height is between 6.7’’ – 11.02’’ inches. Angle adjustable: 360 degree (Most angle adjustable)

If you  compare Levo VS Lecco, then Levo is better. It is because,  you can attach any size book with it, and it has a superior build quality. Page turning is also easier with Levo book holder. But if you get this, you will have to buy separe holder for tablets. Or if you buy the levo tablet stand, your will need to get the book holder separately.

3- Langria Rolling Cart Table Height Adjustable reading Stand Desk

LANGRIA Laptop Rolling Cart Table Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop floor reading Stand Desk

Although the image is showing a laptop on the stand, but it is also perfect for reading in bed, or in a sitting posture.

There are other similar stands that are only height adjustable, but this one has the feature to adjust the angle of top surface. This is necessary to orient the book at a perfect position.

It is not expensive, especially if your consider the adjustability and the loading capacity, and compare it to Levo or Lecco book holders. Those are almost three times the price of this one.

To use this stand while reading in bed, just slide it towards you, adjust the angle and height and start reading.

This do not have a page holder so your would also need that to read completely hands free.

There is certain limit on angle adjustment, which means,  cannot read books over head like you could do in above mentioned stands.

You easily take it anywhere in your house. Thanks to its fours wheels at the base. And if you want it to remain stationary, then it is simple too. Just lock the wheels.

  • Maximum weight Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Height of stand (Min-Max): 23.6 to 35.4 inches
  • Table top Area: 23.6 x 13.6 inches
  • Angle adjustable: 180 degree

4- Sharper Image Best over Bed Table, Sturdy Adjustable Tilt Table

Sharper Image Best over Bed Table, Sturdy Adjustable Tilt Table is a best floor stand for reading heavy books in bed.

It is a heavy duty and heavy weight floor stand that weighs about 40 pounds. It is made of real wood and the build quality is also great, due to which it is double the price of Levo floor stand.

Other tables that offer wooden finish are actually MDF or Particle board, laminated  with a wooden style sheet. But this one is made with read wook which makes it durable and long lasting.

You can adjust its height from 30 to 46 inches.

Plus, your can control the tilt of the table top. Your can set it at a maximum 50 degree angle on both sides. This is limited, but enough to hold books at a perfect angle, for the most part.

  • Maximum weight Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Height of stand (Min-Max): 30.10″- 45.75″
  • Table top Area: Tiltable: 27.25″ X 17.7″ + Fixed: 15″ X 17.7″ = Total: 42.56″ X 17.7″
  • Angle adjustable: 180 degree
  • Clearance under bed: 4.5″

5- Little Tree: Height, Length & Angle  Adjustable Overbed Table with Wheels

over floor standing desk for reading in bed -  Overbed Table with Wheels, LITTLE TREE Multi-Function Height & Length Adjustable Mobile Table with Tiltable Stand Board, Works as Computer Desk, Writing Desk or Drafting Table

As your can see, it is an extra large table. But it provides extra stability as well.

So, ask yourself, Do I need that extra stability so much so, that I am OK with the size?

Ironically, It is from the company little tree ( Although the table is not little by any means)

It is a real multipurpose table that can be used as a working desk pretty well.  It can also be used as a laptop or breakfast table on your bed. To know more use cases, click the image.  

Your can move it to your bed, or to your chair and read in a relaxed and ergonomic posture.

It will hold your book or iPad at the perfect angle and height. There will no eye stain, or neck pain due to bend neck.

Angle is adjustable up to 80 degree which is enough if you’re reading in bed with your head up.

You cannot place books over your head while lying flat, but it is great in what it does. If your need overhead book holder then check Levo or Lecco mentioned above.

Important: Your can adjust the gap between legs of the table from 50.4’’ to 74.8’’ which is good if your have a tiwn size(39x74inch), XL twin size (39x80inch), or Queen size bed (60x74inch), BUT it does not fit traditional King and California king size bed

  • Maximum weight Capacity: 350 lbs (Most sturdy of all. Definitely way more than what your need)
  • Height of stand (Min-Max): 22″ – 34″
  • Width of the table (Min- Max): 47.2’’ x 23.6’’
  • Angle adjustable: 80 degree


To get a better understanding of all the book and e-reader holders available for reading in bed, check my posts on 12 book holders of 5 Types, for reading in bed. If you love to read digital books then check Kindle stands for reading in bed.

I have already written a post on book stands for large text books which has only one floor book stand, others were pillow book stands, portable stands, but this one features only the floor books stands that are both angle and height adjustable.