Lightwedge Flat Panel Book Light Review



Lightwedge Flat LED Panel book light keeps the light strictly on the pages of the book and not in the whole room. So, If you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner, then Lightwedge book light is a great choice.

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LightWedge Paperback LED Book Light on Amazon

In this lightwedge book light review, you will get to know its unique features, benefits, Pros and Cons, Plus, You will find the similar looking alternatives from other competitor brands, and also the different style book light that also help you read in bed without disturbing your partner, but in a different way.

First of all, let’s discuss its unique feature, and who should get this?


  • Great in keeping light with in the pages
  • Works well for most of the paperbacks books in the market
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Runs on AAA battery, and also on rechargeable battery.
  • Helps you read in bed without disturbing your partner


  • The light color is cool white, not warm
  • Gets scratches on its surface
  • Adds weight to the paperback book, making it heavier to hold

Lightwedge book light review – Benefits

Works with normal size paperbacks, and large books.

Lightwedge has two variants: The original one, and the paperback edition. The original one is bigger in size, suitable for large full size books.

Lightwedge Original Book Light review (Translucent Ocean) Turtleback

Lightwedge Original Book Light (Translucent Ocean) Turtleback on Amazon

For smaller paperbacks that you normally read in bed, paperback edition is great. You can use the paperback edition to read large books, but you have to continuously move the light as you read.

Lightwedge paperback book light

Lightwedge Paperback LED Booklight on Amazon

Read without disturbing partner

This is the biggest strength and the number one reason that you should get this book light. If you are worried about disturbing your spouse while reading at night, then this is a great solution.

Give it as a gift to a book lover

For a person who loves to read in bed, this can be a great gift item. Kids, girls, boys, elders or adults, every bookworm will love this book light.

AAA batteries and Rechargeable version

There are two versions of this book light. You can either get the original version that requires 3 AAA batteries to run. Or the better option is to get rechargeable Lightwedge book light and free yourself from the hassle of keep on buying and replacing batteries. Just charge and read.

Glare and Flicker free light

This light also solves the problem of reflections, hotspots or glares. Your pages get evenly illuminated which do not cause eye strain, even if you read for long period.

Similar Alternatives of lightwedge

Carson PageGlow Rechargeable and Battery Powered LED Reading Lights

These are more or less the same thing, but under a different brand name. You can get the version that runs on three  AAA Batteries, or get the rechargeable one. Here is rechargeable lightwedge Alternative:

Rechargeable lightwedge Alternative

Lightwedge mini book light with magnifying glass strip

This is a cool gift item for book lovers who love to read in bed. Whether girls, boys, kids, or elderly. It is available in multiple colors. These are different from the original Lightwedge book light because these run on two coin cell batteries that last for 20 hours. And these also have a magnifying glass strip which the original one does not have. You also get a hard carrying case which protect these mini lightwedges from scratches when not in use.

Here are the images

Lightwedge mini book light in pink color
Lightwedge mini book light in pink color
Lightwedge mini book light in green color
Lightwedge mini book light in green color
Lightwedge mini book light in blue color
Lightwedge mini book light in Blue color
Lightwedge mini book light in silver color
Lightwedge mini book light in silver color

Lightwedge Night Vision Red Reading light

This has red light with no blue light. It is great for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep. This clears one problem that the original Lightwedge had.

lightwedge red light book light for reading in bed

Lightwedge soft cases

I have mentioned that these Lightwedge book lights get scratches, but you can avoid them by keep them in a soft case. Get these cases by clicking the images.

For Lightwedge paperback

lightwedge paperback soft case
lightwedge paperback soft case on amazon

For original size one

lightwedge original soft case on amazon
lightwedge original soft case on amazon


Although this Lightwedge book light review shows that it is a great solution for reading in bed without disturbing your partner, as it does not leaks light. But, I recommend you to visit the Different Alternatives Book lights mentioned below, before getting this one.

Alternatives of Lightwedge flat book light

You can get a book light that has the benefit of reading without disturbing your spouse, but it also is feather light, extremely portable, has a long lasting battery, and a warm light that does not disturb your sleep. For that you can check the article on the Best Book lights of 2020

Also, you can check the possible light solutions for reading in dark by checking the best reading lights for bed.