Reading at Night Without Disturbing Your Partner with 3 Accessories.

Do you love to read in bed, but doing so disturbs your partner? Then, here you will find the three accessories that will make it possible for you to read in bed without disturbing your partner or spouse.

To read in bed without disturbing your partner/ wife or spouse, You can get any one or the combination of these 3 accessories: 1) A book light that lights only the book and not the whole room. 2) A sleep curtain for some kind, to keep the light within your area. 3) A sleep mask for your partner, if he or she is comfortable.

1. Clip-on Book lights

This is a quick and easy solution for reading in bed without disturbing your partner. Just get a clip-on book light that attaches to the book using a small clip.  

While choosing the book light for reading at night without disturbing your spouse, you need to make sure that the light is focused only on the pages, and is not too bright. Otherwise, it will fill the entire room and disturb your partner.

I recommend getting any of these lights.

  1. Ecologic mart eye care book light – It is an eye care LED book light that clips on to the book. Just charge it and use it; No need to change batteries. It has two heads to evenly illuminate the both pages of the book, and has a range of brightness settings. You can make it very dim that is less likely to disturb your spouse.
  2. Luminolite warm book light – This is one head warm color eye care light. It has less options than the previous one, but is still a great option as it does all the things that is needed for reading at night without disturbing your wife or husband. For example, brightness control, light direction control and good quality LED light.
  3. Luminolite bookmark size book light – This one is different than the two mentioned above. It is very small in size, so much so, that you can put it as a bookmark inside your book when you are finished reading. Surprisingly, it is rechargeable and has a built in usd connector that you can attach to any standard USB power source. But it has only two brightness settings. This might cause the light to be too bright for your partner.

More Best Book Lights

For more options, you can check my article on best book lights, where your will find multiple type of book lights to choose from. You will get to know different types of book reading lights and what is the best in each category. And if you like a certain category, then you will find a link that will lead to the more options in that specific category.

For example, if you like single head rechargeable clip on LED book lights than you will find a link there that will lead to the best options in that category. Other types of book lights include, Around the neck huglight, head lamp, and AA battery operated clip on book lights.

2. Sleep curtains

Another option to keep the light limited to your reading area, is to use a sleep curtains. It is not as quick and fast. You need to invest some of your time to make that possible. And it only works in situations where you read on the same place every day.  

Sleep curtains work by providing you a private space in which you can read comfortably without worrying about the light leaking all over the face of your partner.

3. Sleep masks

If your partner feel relaxed and can sleep wearing sleep masks, they can be a life saver as well. But first you need ask and make sure that your partner do not have a problem wearing them while sleeping.

This can be a simple and quick fix, if your partner is willing, and it feels comfortable to him or her.  


You can use any of the method, or use a combination of these methods to read in bed without disturbing your spouse. It all depends on the severity of the problem, and what suits you and your partner.

For most people, clip-on book lights that can be fairly dimmed works best (Source: My research)