16 Best lights for reading in Bed in 2021

In this post, you will find the 16 types of bed reading lights and the best reading lights in each category. For example the best clip-on reading light, the best desk lamp, the best floor lamp and so on.

Best Reading lights of 16 Types for reading in bed

Whether reading for a long period causes eye-strain? Or you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner? Or you need a reading light that is good for sleep? Here you will find the best light to fit your unique reading needs.

Clip-on Book Lights

Clip on book lights are a superb choice if you are looking for lightweight and portable light. Easily clip them to your paperbacks, hardcovers or even the Kindle. Their rechargeable battery lasts for weeks on a single charge. These simple and safe lights are great for the kids, the adults, or the elderly.

the best clip-on book light by  Ecologic Mart

Ecologic Mart book light (Amazon) is one of the best clip-on book lights because of its features, quality, and the brand. Features include: 3 color tones in one light, i.e. warm cool and natural. Rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks, adjustable brightness, flexible gooseneck to direct the light, precisely. A keyhole at the bottom to hang it on the bed headboard or the wall.

Clip-on Headboard Lights

Clip on headboard lights are great choice if you read at one place daily and do not want to attach extra weight to the book. Plus, it is great choice for bunk beds or the bedridden book lovers. These lights run from the power of the nearest wall socket. Or, some of them run on USB power like your power-bank, or your laptop.

As compared to the clip on book lights, these are bigger in size, and have a wider clamp to easily clamp your bed headboard. Also the light the light is more dispersed, that may disturb your partner.

The best headboard clamp on reading light by LePower

LePower (Amazon) is one of the best clip on headboard reading light with a wide 2.36’’ clip that clamps on to headboard easily, has warm and cool color light modes, adjustable dimmable brightness, and a long flexible gooseneck to direct the light precisely. It runs on direct plugin from any USB source.

Bedside Reading Lamps

Bedside reading lamps are a good choice if you do not want anything to be attached to the book. And, you find it easy to use a bedside lamp than a headboard light. Plus, you need a multifunctional light that also work while reading on a desk, floor, or on the sofa. Some bedside lamps also transform into a floor lamp. The light from a lamp is less focused than a book light, so it is not ideal for reading when a partner is sleeping beside you.

Besk desk lamp to be used as a bedside lamp for reading in bed, by Taotronics.

Taotronics DL01 is the best bedside desk lamp for reading in bed. Five colors in one light, including both warm and cool. Five level dimmable brightness. Memory function remembers your last setting. Auto-off timer shuts off lights after half and hour. Sleek and modern design.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are multipurpose lights that not only works for reading in bed, but you can also use these to illuminate your whole room. You can take them to your reading nook, near your sofa or longer, or simply use while reading on the floor. Some adjustable floor lamps also double as a bedside or desk lamp which make them even more useful.

Best LED floor lamp with warmer 2800K light for reading in bed, by TaoTronics

TaoTronics Adjustable Lamp is the best floor lamp for reading in bed. It has five light color modes, with dim-able brightness, and adjustable neck. It can go as warm as 2800K for better sleep. Plus, you can use it as a bedside lamp by simply shorting its height.

Wall mounted reading lights

Wall mounted reading lights works best, if you read at the same place daily. These are great for bedridden, elderly and for kids. The main benefits is, you do not have to charge, change the batteries, or manage these light in any way. Although, these require initial setup, but once it is fixed and ready, it will be very easy to start reading – Just get the book, go to your bed, and start reading! On top of that, these lights looks beautiful in the room. You can get them in different styles and designs, like modern, minimal, vintage and luxury.

best wall mounted dimmable LED flexible gooseneck reading light by Acegoo

Acegoo gooseneck wall light is the best wall mounted reading light that looks minimal and stylish, yet packs a lot of useful features. It has warm light, flexible goose-neck, dimmable brightness and recessed LED beam. You can also mount this overhead reading light to the headboard.

Wall mounted ambient night light

Neck lights for reading

Neck lights, aka hug lights, are multipurpose light that are also good for reading in bed. Choose this type of light if you need a portable multipurpose light. k at Ledgle Review: A light that wraps around your neck for reading in bed

Best Reading light that wraps around your neck by Ledgle

Ledgle Neck light is the best choice in neck lights for reading in bed, as this one offers 2700K warm color temperature option. This color has very less blue light,which is good for sleep. You get 4 adjustable brightness levels, AA or Rechargeable battery option, and multiple color option like Pink, Black and Blue. The only problem with this light is, whenever you turn the page or move a bit, then the light moves and shakes.

Head torch for reading in bed

Headband lights, aka headlamps or headlights, provide a focused light to illuminate the book or the Kindle, in front of you. Headlamps are best, if you do camping and read outdoors. Otherwise, for daily home use, head lamps will be too bright to read comfortably for long period. Plus, these are not comfortable to wear for long time due to the weight and tightness of the strap.

Headlamp for reading in bed, by Luminolite

Vekkia headlamp is one the best reading light to wear on your head while reading in bed. It runs on three AAA batteries that lasts for days. It has red and white light. You can use red light if you do not want to disturb your sleep. To direct the light, you can move it up or down 45 degrees.

Clip lights for reading glasses

You can also get reading glasses that have a builtin reading light, also called lighted readers. Those are available in rechargeable and coin cell battery versions.

Best clip on lights for reading glasses

Wringo clip-on lights attaches to the side of your reading glasses to illuminate the book in front of you. These run on coin cell batteries. You get white light that is at fixed brightness. There is also a rechargeable one available at amazon at this link.

Lighted Reading glasses

These are a reading glasses with a led light built into the sides. Choose the magnification from 150% to 350% depending upon your eyesight. It runs on coin cell batteries or some variants are also rechargeable. These are great if you already use a reading glasses.

lighted reading glasses

DuanMei Lighted readers are one of the best reading glasses with a built in LEd lights. They run on 4 coin cell batteries which are included in the package. You also get a nice cleaning cloth and a carrying case.

Flat panel LED reading light

Flat panel LED lights are a great choice if you absolutely do not want to disturb anyone in the room. It is great for reading without disturbing your partner as the light strictly stays on the page. It comes in replaceable cells and rechargeable battery options. You also have the option to choose the color of the light.

Lightwedge book light review main image

Lightwedge reading light (detailed link) is a unique and one of its kind reading light. It is a great choice for reading without disturbing your partner. It comes with both white light and red light version. Red light has no blue light in it, which is great for sleep.

Reading lamp with timer for kids

These are egg shaped lights that create an ambient light in the room. Also available in different animal shapes. Most of the light has an auto off timer for the kids. They are rugged and safe to use for kids. There is no risk of electric shock. These lights are easy to use, as you can operate them by simply tapping on the top. Here are the best kids reading lamps with timer.

Best Bedside Reading lamp with timer for kids

Seabiscuit touch lamp is one of the best reading light with timer, for kids and toddlers. It is rugged, waterproof and rechargeable. The light is soft and spreads evenly without creating any hotpots. You can set its timer from 30 to 90 minutes, after which it will slowly fade out, and then turn off, eventually.

Wooden book lamps

These are multifunctional lamps that produce an ambient light which look soothing. Although it is not great if you have a partner sleeping besides you. They come from multiple brans some of which offer RGB color option. It means, all the colors in one light.

Wooden folding lamp for reading in bed

NASHARIA is one the best foldable wooden book lights that you can use for reading in bed. It is a bedside lamp, wall mounted lamp, headboard lamps all in one. Also, it is a great gift for book lover of any age. It has a rechargeable battery that you can easily charge from any USB outlet.

Amber Reading lights

Amber reading lights produce light with least amount blue light in them, which is great if you want to read in bed without disturbing your sleep or your circadian rhythm.

In comparison to warm color light, Amber color light has least blue light, then comes the Warm color reading lights that produce lesser blue light, and then comes the white or cool color reading lights which has most amount of blue light.

Amber clip on rechargeable book reading light

Hooga Amber book light is one the best amber reading lights. It has a rechargeable battery that you can charge from any USB outlet and will lasts for weeks. As compared to other amber book lights it has the largest battery inside.

Kindle reading light

If you love to read digital books on kindle, kobo or any other e-reader with no inbuilt illumination, then you can select any one from the best clip on book lights.

Rechargeable warm kindle reading light

Vekkia clip on book light is good option if you need a slim and lightweight reading light for kindle. This come with a rechargeable battery, warm color soothing light and two size clip – small and large. The large clip will work great for your kindle. But all the best clip on books lights like the one mentioned in the first heading will work just find for the kindle as well.

Magnifying reading lamps for elderly

If you are an elderly person who has difficulty in reading without any magnification, then I have chosen some of the best handheld magnifiers, bedside lamps, floor lamps, page magnifiers. All of these has built in light that is bright enough to read easily. Check that at the best reading lights with magnifier for reading in bed for elderly persons.

Flat panel LED light magnifier for elderly

MagniPros is a one of best handheld magnifier with reading light for elderly. This is a flat panel style Light. but you can also get in other shapes and types. For example a bedside magnifying lamp if you do not want to hold the light. A mini magnifier with light if you want portable light that is light in weight.

Incandescent bulb reading lights

If your eyes are sensitive to LEDs and can only withstand incandescent or halogen bulb reading light, then this section is for you. Here you will find all the types of incandescent bulb reading lights.

Incandescent reading light with the clamp to attach to headboard

Xtricity Lamp with Clamp Base can be a quick go to option if you want to use only the incandescent bulb for reading. It runs on direct power from the wall socket. Other than this, there is clip on, bedside, floor and wall mounted styles also available. But using this with a good indecent bulb will give you an idea whether you absolutely need incandescent light for reading or a good quality LED book light, like the one mentioned in the first section, will just work fine.

What the best light for Reading in bed?

More than the color, the watts, or the type of bulb, what matters most is the amount of light that is lighting the page. If you have a page that is brightly lit up that your eyes can easily read through them, then this is a good light.

The best light is the one which lights up the page evenly and with enough brightness that your eyes does not strain due to low light. Plus, It should be dimmable. Let me explain in detail…

Brighter starker light

If you worry too much about the color of the light, but the light is not enough and your eyes have to struggle to read then you are unnecessarily straining your eyes which is harmful in the long term, the first thing that you should make sure while getting a book reading light is that the light is bright enough for you to read.

Mostly, lights that are available in the market produces enough light to light up the pages, but the problem arises when the light is too much that it is leaking out of the desired area and disturbing your partner who might be sleeping beside you, or the light creates some hot-spots which are discussed in the next heading.

Evenly distributed light, without any glare

The light should also be projected softly onto the paper so that it does not create any hotspot or glare that are poking into your eyes. This also causes stress when reading for longer sessions or even the shorter ones.

This problem can easily be avoided by choosing a light that has a soft filter on it. That will disperse light evenly on the page.

Dimmable Light

The light should also be adjustable so that you can adjust the brightness on the spot. Usually, the lights that are built for reading have enough brightness to read but sometimes when you are feeling sleepy you may want to dim the light a bit. This is when this function will come handy.

Moreover, you might need a different amount of light than the standard, so there must be some room to play with. Whenever you are buying book reading light considered the one which has the ability to increase or decrease the brightness.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is different, so if you like any of the book light style, click the link mention at the end of each heading to check out all the best options in that category of reading lights for bed.