Milliard Shredded Foam Reading Pillow for Reading in Bed Review

Milliard reading pillow review with shredded memory foam with arm and removeable cover also available in extra large size.
Extra Large Milliard Reading in bed Pillow with shredded foam 

If you feel pain in back or in your neck while reading in bed, in a sit-up position, then Milliard reading pillow is one of the best support pillows for reading in bed.

Actually, the pain in back or neck occurs due to the non-ergonomic posture, or when you do not have the right support available.

Milliard reading pillow (Amazon link) helps you, by supporting  your lower back and also improving your posture. It is  filled with densely packed, shredded memory foam. This makes it quite firm, but with some give to it. It is just the right amount of firmness you will need; neither too rigid, not too flimsy. Plus, your can adjust the firmness however your like, by removing or adding more shredded memory foam.

Your can easily clean it due to its removable cover that is machine washable.

It is available in small, standard, and extra large sizes for kids and adults.

All that, in a price that is quite reasonable compared to other similar pillows and considering the quality you are getting. Click below to check it on

Best suited for

Millard backrest reading pillow is perfect for you, if you are a kid, adult, or an elderly person who loves to read in bed, or on the floor. And, you need something to support your back and neck, so that you can enjoy reading for hours. Or, if you are looking for a gift for a book lover.


  • Makes reading in bed comfortable and cozy.
  • Relieves back pain, specially in lower back.
  • Has just the right firmness with a slight give to it.
  • Firmness is adjustable by adding or removing the shredded foam.
  • Lighter and easy to carry around in home.
  • Durable, well made product in a reasonable price


  • Size selection requires attention.  
  • Bad smell when you open package.
  • Softer than the formed one-piece foam pillows.
  • Does not have a dedicated neck support
Milliard reading pillow in standard size with shredded memory foam and arms review
Standard size 18inch Milliard reading pillow

Features and Benefits

Shredded Memory Foam Filling

This milliard reading pillow is filled with shredded memory foam. Memory foam takes the shape of your body easily, and if it is shredded, then it gets a bit more soft and has some give to it. The second benefit: it makes the firmness, adjustable. which is my next point, but before that let’s compare shredded memory foam with solid memory foam, and then with bean bags.

Shredded Memory Foam vs Solid Memory Foam

They offer the same benefits of a memory foam, that is, it takes the shape of your back or body to provide you maximum comfort. But, shredded memory foam reading pillows have some advantages. They are light in weight because they have more air entrapped. This makes them more cushiony with more give to them. And, they adapts to your body quickly.

Plus, to adjust the rigidity, you can add or remove the pieces of shredded foam.

Shredded Memory Foam vs Bean bag

Bean bag also takes shape of your body, but it is hard and too heavy to move.

If you do no like the feel of bean bag, because it does not provide a support or is too hard on your back then this shredded memory foam pillow is a good option. It is softer than a bean bag, but provides good support to your back.

Adjustable Firmness

Formed one-piece pillows are mostly too rigid to be comfortable. I am saying “mostly”, because it also depends upon the density and type of the foam. For example a one-piece low density foam is softer than shredded high density foam. But let’s not dive deep into foam science and keep things simple by focusing on this pillow.

This milliard pillow provides your with just the right amount of softness and firmness.

And, if you do not like the firmness with the prefilled shredded foam, do not worry. Your can always adjust the softness or firmness by removing or adding more shredded memory foam. In case you want to stuff more foam, you can easily get it from the company.

This option is not available to your when you buy a formed pillows. In that case, you are stuck with what company has provided your. Either you love it or hate it, but cannot adjust it.

Adjustability does not mean that it is flimsy by any means. Which leads to the next point.

Solid Back support.

It provides solid support to your back in general, and especially your lower back, when your are reading in bed, in a sitting up posture. It is not only firm to support your body, but also  has some give to it, that will make your reading experience comfortable and cozy.

Adjustable Shape

Not only the firmness is adjustable, but you can also adjust the shape of the pillow to your liking. Let me explain by an example:

If you want some more cushioning at the lower end for your back, or at the upper end so that you can place your neck in a better way, you can simply add a small pillow or cushion in between the pillow and the removable cover. This will make it custom fit to your support needs.

This is the benefit of removable cover which is my next point.

Removable Cover for Easy Cleaning

If you want your pillow to be super clean, and your have pets or kids in your home that might throw it on floor, then choose a reading pillow, like this one, with a removable cover.

This Milliard pillow has a removable cover with a zipper. This makes it super easy to remove and machine wash your cover.

Now, your pillow will always be clean and welcoming.

Cozy feeling reading pillow arm rest

Milliard reading pillow has two arms on sides that makes you feel cozy and relaxed while reading in bed. Now, you can rest your elbows on the arm rest for an enjoyable reading experience.

They also help in stability of the pillow. It stays there standing and does not fall forward or sideways.

Soothing Grey color

It is only available in greyish color which feels cozy to loot at. It is ideal for reading in bed when you do not need anything in vibrant colors, like red or orange.

It is a unisex look that works for girls and boys.

Easy Carry Handle

It has a handle at the top of the pillow which makes it easy to grab, and move from one room to another. This is especially helpful with the extra large pillow which would be difficult to carry if the handle was not there.

A Sit-up Pillow & More

It is a multipurpose pillow which not only makes your reading in bed more comfortable, but your can also be used to read on floor or on couch.

For people who have to sleep in a sitting up position due to a dental surgery, an acid reflux, or the nasal blockage, this pillow provides the right support to help them stay in an upright position.

It can also be used to raise or arms after surgery.

Three sizes: Petite, Standard & Extra Large

It comes in three sizes for kids, adults, and elderly. Everyone in the family, whether girls or boys has a perfect size for them.

The smallest size, called petite, is for kids. Its height is 14 inches. The person with thin physique or short length, should also consider this size. This is for most of the males and females.

Standard size is 18 inches high. This is for the people with less than 5.5 feet height, and an average body weight. This is for most of the people.

Extra large is 24 inches high. If you are heavy or 6 feet tall, then get this one.


Choose the size carefully depending upon your body height and weight. Other users have problems when they selected the wrong size. And if you are confused between two sizes, then get the bigger one.

Note: When your open package

  1. When you open package, you will feel odour from the pillow. This is normal, and will fade away after a few days of use. So, do not worry. Nothing is bad or harmful.
  2. It will take time, upto two days, until the milliard reading pillow will take its shape. It is due to the vacuum packing that they do to make shipping easier.

Durable Well made

The attention to detail shows how well made and durable this reading pillow is. Zippers are of high quality, easy to open and close, and most importantly, they are aligned perfectly with the corners.

Reasonable price

You are getting this pillow is a very reasonable price if you consider the benefits and the quality of the product.

Positive Reviews Summary

Users are loving how useful and well built this product is. It is a remarkably comfortable pillow for reading in bed.

They love that it has a removable cover as well. This make it very easy to machine  wash and keep it clean.

They also love its multipurpose use how you can use it to read in bed, on the floor and on couch.

It has helped a lot of users by relieving their back and neck pain and made their reading experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Negative Reviews Summary

Users face a lot of problem when the size is not big enough. If you avoid this mistake by considering the caution which I have mentioned earlier, you will save yourself from this hassle.

Some users also complain about the bad smell that comes out of the fresh pillow. But, do not worry, because the company says that it is harmless and will disappear after you use it for a couple of days.

Your can read more user reviews on Amazon, yourself.

Small size Milliard Shredded foam reading in bed pillow review
Small size Milliard Shredded foam reading in bed pillow


Other pillows

You might be looking for an even larger pillow, or a more firm pillow for support, or it is too firm and you need a soft pillow.

Your might need a pillow with arms and cup holder, or a reading pillow with a dedicated neck rest.

Or you need a wedge pillow for two persons, or something to place with your headboard, or something that is higher and wider.

In any case, if you do not like this pillow, or find some key features missing, then you can get any of the other reading pillows for reading in bed from amazon.

Other ways for Neck pain relief

I have written in detail how you can avoid neck pain when reading in bed.