LinenSpa Review: Backrest Reading Pillow with Arms for reading in bed


LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow - Perfect for Adults, Teens, and Kids review

Linenspa backrest pillow with arms, is one of the best shredded memory foam reading pillows for reading in bed. Using it, You will be able to read for long hours without back and neck pain. Thanks to its ergonomic design that keeps you in good posture and provide support to your back and neck. Plus, Its shredded memory foam filling quickly conforms to your body shape to provide maximum support, comfort and coziness.

Best Suited For

If you love to read in bed and feel pain in your back after long sessions of reading. Or, you just want to make your reading experience in bed, more comfortable, cozy and enjoyable, then Linenspa shredded memory foam reading pillow is a good choice for you. You will love it, if you are looking for a relatively softer, reading pillow with arms. But if you need a firmer pillow then check the alternatives section at the end.


  • Provides support to your back and lower back while reading in bed
  • Available in Extra large size for taller people and adults.
  • Soft and Cozy feeling. Thanks to Shredded foam filling, and side arms.
  • Easy to move around with the handle.
  • 3 year Warranty by a great customer service.


  • No removable cover
  • No dedicated support for neck or head.
  • Non adjustable firmness


Soft and comfortable due to shredded Memory foam – Whenever you want to read in bed, just sit up and pull the pillow towards your back. It will compress and shape itself according to your body. Shredded memory foam conforms to your body shape fast. This makes it a soft and a cozy reading pillow, in which you would love to curl up in bed. But if you find it to be so soft when it is less supportive, then just add a pillow behind it.

Sit up pillow to read in bed – This pillow makes reading sitting up in bed a lot more comfortable. It provides support to your back, and helps you maintain an ergonomic posture which eliminates any back pain.

Its side arms makes it more cozy and stable – The side arms are more towards your body. I mean, they are not wide apart. This results in a cozy feeling pillow. They also helps in the stability of the pillow, and decreases its chances of falling sideways, or falling over. It will stay where your put it.

Extra large size for adults – Linenspa shredded foam reading pillow is available in two sizes: standard and extra large. If you are more than 5.5 feet tall then get the extra large one.

Easily move-able within your home – The handle at the top makes it easy to move it from one room to another. Although it is light in weight, but as the pillow is bulky in volume, the handle really helps you out. The handle also help in picking up the pillow and give it a good shake, to make it smoother and full. 

Plush Velour cover – The cover also feels plush and cozy, that goes hand in hand with the overall feel of this pillow. f you get this pillow then place a blanket over it to keep it clean and fresh for long time, because it is not removable.

Durable, Well Built Product – It has double stitching, good quality memory foam, and a great cover. All this makes it durable to stand the tests of time.

Good Customer service – If, for any reason, you do not like the quality of the product, you can talk to the customer care team and they will get back to you promptly.

Common Problems and their Solutions

It is a great pillow that makes reading in bed more fun and enjoyable. But, it is not made for everyone. Some people find certain things that lack in this pillow. Following are the common problems with their solutions. Check them out before getting this pillow.

Non-Removable cover – The pillow does not have removable cover, so to keep it clean for long time, you can simple put a blanket or a bed sheet over it while using. Or you can get a Shredded foam backrest reading pillow with removable cover.

Too soft, lacks firm support – If you do not like the firmness of this pillow, you can pillow behind it. This will provide a more dense support at the back. Or, you can hold the handle and shake it vigorously. This will move the shredded memory foam pieces to the bottom and in the arms, which will improve its supporting capability. Or, you can get a shredded foam reading pillow with adjustable firmness, which has the zipper where you can add or remove shredded foam to make it softer or harder.

No neck support in small and medium size – If you also need a neck support, then fold a thin pillow in half and place it over this pillow, behind your head. Or you can get a reading pillow with dedicated neck support.

Does not free stand – This is meant to be used with a support from the headboard. But if you do not have a headboard, or you are reading on a floor, and find that it is squishing too much, or slipping away, then you can add pillows behind it. This will make it more supportive. Or just sit up, pull the arms towards your back, and then rest yourself on the pillow, again. Or get a firm reading pillow that freestands well.

Caution: Be careful!

1. Get the right size – If you have an average weight, and are less than 5’ 5’’ tall, then get the standard size. If you are bigger or taller than that, get extra large. If you are confused, just get the extra large one. Some people make a mistake and get a shorter pillow. Then, it does not provide the right amount of support they need. So, be careful and buy the right size.

2. Bad Smell When Brand New – When you open the package, there is a chemical like smell coming out. This is completely harmless and comes out of memory foam products. It will fade away with use, in few days.

3. Takes Time to fully Fluff up – It is packed with vacuum packaging, and takes 48 hours to get to its full size. It is normal.

4. Needs beating and kneading – After opening vacuum packaging, you might need to shake, beat, and knead the pillow after some time. This will make it smoother and less lumpy.

Reviews Summary

Positive – It is an A+ quality pillow, that justifies its price. Users love this pillow as it provides them proper support to sit up in bed and read for long hours. They love the balance between the softness and rigidity, as this gives their back the support it needs while being comfortable and cozy. They love the side arms which increases stability and coziness of this pillow. The cover is plush and smooth as well. Overall most of the users find it great product that works well for book lovers who love to read in bed. It is one of the top rated reading pillows

Negative – Some users, especially who are buying this pillow in 2018 find that it is lumpy and soft. It does not provide enough support and you cannot sit up in bed with this, for long time. A few users also complain about the fullness of the pillow. They claim that even after waiting for 48 hours, and kneading it well, the filling does not fill the cover. But, there is a solution to negative reviews, a great customer service that responds quickly. If you do not like the pillow there is a 3 year warranty. You can get a replacement or a refund. Or you can check out alternatives mentioned below.


I have already reviewed a similar, but better reading pillow that you can check out. It is Milliard shredded foam reading pillow. The design of both the pillows is same. But Milliard has some extra benefits. Here are the advantages of Milliard over LinenSpa.

  1. Adjustable firmness. Add or remove memory foam to increase or decrease the firmness. There is a zipper for easy access into the pillow.
  2. Removable cover for easy washing.
  3. Three sizes: Other than standard, and extra large, it also comes in kids size.
  4. Same great quality, yet cheaper.

For more alternatives, check out the best backrest pillows for reading in bed.


The best part about this pillow is the design, its materials, and the build quality. It is designed to provide an angled support to your back, and the two side gives your. And, the two arms on side give you a cozy feeling. The shredded memory foam takes shape of your back to provide a better support. This foam also makes it softer and lighter. The velour cover feels soft and plush. Plus there is handle for holding and moving in the home, with ease. This works equally for kids, adults, and elderly persons, whether they are a girl or a boy. The reason is its availability in two different sizes: Standard and Extra large.

If you love to read in bed, and need a support pillow that will help you sit up in bed then it is a good choice. For more options, you can check other top rated reading pillows.