How to Make Reading Comfortable on iPad – Accessories and Tips

In today’s era, when everything is digital, people find it hard to collect and store books, which are replaced by portable Ebooks with the use of iPads.

The iPad has become one of the best tools for reading, and it’s no wonder. This device is portable, lightweight, and allows users to easily access a vast library of books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications. It’s easy to see why so many people choose the iPad over traditional paper-based books. It is possible to read many books on the big screen of the iPad and have a comfortable reading experience. It has a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while reading a book. It can be connected to your WiFi network and the internet for free. With the advent of eBooks, it is easy to download a book of your choice on the iPad without any charges. You can also create your library and store your favorite books in it, which can easily be downloaded from the App Store or the iBookstore.

Tips for making reading comfortable on iPad:

The problem comes when you have to read for long hours, which causes strain on the eyes and much more. Here are a few tips for reading for long hours with better focus and comfort: 

Maintain good posture:

When you are reading for long hours, you must maintain good posture so your body will not feel uncomfortable. Put your device in a good place at a comfortable distance from your face so you can focus on the screen without feeling the pressure. For example, if you are lying in bed while reading, put a cushion under your neck for support and hold the iPad with both hands to prevent falling on your face.

Take small breaks at regular intervals:

When you are reading for long hours, it is important to take short breaks so that you can get some fresh air. Go outside and walk for a few minutes, which will help you relax. Don’t look at the screen continuously for many hours.

Use bookmarks:

You can use bookmarks while reading without going back to previous pages. Just press the bookmark button on the device’s top right corner to see the bookmarks list.

Use highlighting:

You can highlight the important parts of the text by using different colors for highlighting. It will make the text more readable.

Increase the font size:

Increase the font size for easier reading. You can increase the font size by pressing the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Adjust screen brightness: 

Adjust the screen brightness so that you can read the text. You can adjust it by pressing the ‘-‘ symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Increase contrast:

You can increase the contrast between the text and the background, which will make the text readable for a longer time.

Use the font type:

You can change the font type from Arial to Calibri or Times New Roman to make it more readable.

Make your eyes comfortable: 

You can improve the readability of the text by keeping your eyes comfortable. You can keep them comfortable by wearing spectacles, sunglasses, and a pair of reading glasses. In addition, use an eye pillow or a neck cushion for support.

Use iPad’s sleep mode:

If you are using the iPad for reading, you should put it in sleep mode so that your eyes will not tire, and you will be able to continue reading. In addition, the sleep mode saves battery power and makes the device run more efficiently.

Use the anti-reflective screen:

The anti-reflective screen can make the text more readable. You can use an iPad with an anti-reflective screen by tapping on the ‘iPad’ symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will show the list of settings. Select the ‘Display & Brightness and tap on the ‘iPad Screen’ option. Next, tap on ‘Auto’ and select the ‘Lens Type’ as Anti-Reflective.

Avoid Distractions: 

Reading on an iPad can sometimes be distracting due to notifications from social media apps. To prevent this, go for a tool that blocks all notifications such as DMs, emails, and much more for the time being when you are reading.

Make an attractive interface:

A good way to make reading more enjoyable is to make the interface visually appealing. Then, you’ll get so absorbed in the book that you won’t want to stop reading, which helps maintain your focus.

 Accessories for comfortable reading on iPad:

 The iPad accessories can enhance what is already a hugely impressive tablet, transforming it into a veritable creative powerhouse. They can allow you to get more out of your tablet’s potential as a creative device and make it easier and more practical.

The most important thing for comfortable reading is maintaining a good posture that requires different accessories. Here is a list of some accessories used for iPad:

Screen glasses:

If you are not satisfied with the screen brightness of your iPad, then you must have screen glasses. These glasses are light and comfortable for reading on your iPad without putting strain on the eyes.

Laptop case:

A laptop case can be the best way to protect your iPad when not in use. Choosing a sturdy and durable laptop case that won’t let your iPad slip out is important. Choose a case that will hold up against the bumps and falls of everyday life while being lightweight enough to carry around easily. It is designed to hold an iPad in any orientation, ensuring that you can easily view the screen and use your tablet in any position. It is also made from durable and scratch-resistant material, making it ideal for use as a travel accessory.

Apple pencil:

The Apple Pencil is a must-have for anyone who uses their iPad for note-taking while reading. The Apple Pencil features a pressure-sensitive tip, allowing you to create sketches, notes, and illustrations with a natural writing feel. It also has a built-in accelerometer, so you can rotate your iPad to landscape mode while using the Apple Pencil. In addition, you can use this pencil with your favorite apps, including Apple’s Notes app. 


A tripod can make it easier to read your iPad on an uneven surface, such as a coffee table or desk. A tripod’s leg design allows you to angle the screen at different angles, making it easier to read in different positions. If you’re planning to use your iPad on a table, you will need a stable and sturdy tripod that can support the weight of your iPad without flexing.

 Arm mount:

An arm mount is a great way to keep your iPad close at hand when not in use. It allows you to place your tablet on your lap or tabletop without holding it with one hand. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to read comfortably for long periods and is especially useful for people who need to keep their hands free when reading.

 Laptop stand: 

The laptop stand is another important accessory for comfortable reading on the iPad. You can position your iPad in landscape mode, allowing you to see the entire screen and read more comfortably. The laptop stand also makes viewing your iPad from different angles easier, which is perfect for those who need to work on a plane or train. The laptop stand is designed to support most of the iPad models on the market today, including the third-generation iPad. In addition, some laptop stands come in T shape for comfortable reading by putting a stand on your chest while lying on a bed.

Battery pack:

The battery pack stores extra battery to keep your iPad running for a longer time without recharging. You can use the battery pack for reading on planes and trains and when traveling for business or pleasure. It can also be used as an emergency backup in case your iPad’s battery dies while you are reading. In addition, it is used to charge other devices, such as smartphones.

Portable storage:

Portable storage is a great way to store large files of books whenever you need them. The portability makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go, whether for work, school, or travel. It allows you to store all your favorite books with you, even when you don’t have an internet connection. Portable storage is a must if you plan to take your iPad with you on a plane.

Tiny trackpad:

The tiny trackpad is another accessory that helps you stay productive while reading on an iPad. It allows you to navigate easily and control the iPad using just one hand. It is perfect for people who want to type while reading and who like to multitask while reading.


Reading iPad with different accessories, such as a cover, and applying different tips can make your reading more enjoyable. These things help keep your eyes focused, eliminate distractions, and enable you to read comfortably and effectively.