Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow bed with arms and neck roll review



If you are looking for a back rest reading pillow for back, neck and arms support for comfortable reading in bed, then consider this option. This is ideal for you if you need a pillow that is more soft, and less firm. As a user stated, it is soft but not too much, firm but not too much. Overall it is a softer reading pillow with enough support, and a little rebound. It is very helpful for reading in bed comfortably, in the ergonomic posture. It also means reduced back, neck and shoulder pain.

Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow for reading in bed  review back arms and neck support
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Springcoo back rest Reading Pillow for reading in bed review

In this Springcoo reading pillow review, you will get to know what is Sprincoo reading pillow? And what are its drawbacks according to the users who used it? Who should get it and why? Lastly, are there any alternatives that are better than this, or similar to this that you should check out before buying springcoo reading pillow.

What is Sprincoo reading pillow?

Springcoo is a backrest reading pillow with arms and back support that has two pockets on each side of the arms. It is filled with shredded foam, and covered with soft and plush cover that you can remove to wash it in machine.

What are its benefits?

This pillow provides support to your back, arms, neck, and head while reading in bed. It also has other uses, like when using laptop in bed, or watching tv.

This is useful for you if you feel pain or mild stress in your neck, shoulders or back whenever you read for longer period. Springco helps in reducing those pains and stress by providing your body an ergonomic sitting posture in bed.

Its neck support pillow provides better support for your upper back, neck and head. You can also detach it, if you do feel the need it.

In its two side pockets, you can store bookmarks, book lights, your phone or remote. These pockets are handy when you are relaxing in bed while reading.

You can easily remove the cover and wash it in machine. This makes it easy to keep your reading pillow clean.

Is it good for adults?

Yes, It is 21 inches (0.53 m) high, 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) neck roll length and 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) arms length. The height is enough for most adults. The arms’ length is also adequate for adults who are 5’ 3’’ or more.

Note that the actual size of the pillow will be smaller than the size mentioned, because the size of these pillows is measured from the cover. When the company filles it with the shredded foam, then dimensions get shorter due to the rounded edges.

Uses say that it is not the size they expected, but still big enough to rest and read in bed, comfortably.

Reviews Summary

More than 80% of the users love this reading pillow. They admire that is is soft and very comfortable for reading in bed. Plus, it is also firm enough to offer the right amount of support for neck and back. The rebound is not too much, it is relaxing and cushiony. They use side pockets for put their reading glasses.

Kids also love it too. It is their favorite toy. The pillow is stable and supports their body well. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

A user perfectly summarize it as a reading pillow that is, soft – but not too soft, firm – but not too firm.

Less than 10% of the users hate this pillow. Either they mistakenly selected the smaller one, or they found it to be flimsy and soft that is not firm enough to hold the user. Actually they bought it for back and neck support for the post-surgery. This pillow is not a medical support pillow. It is only great at one thing: Reading and relaxing in bed.

Note: When delivered

When the pillow gets delivered to your home, it will be flat and compressed due to vacuum packing. But as you open up the pack, it will gradually form to its full shape. You can expect it to reach its full shape in three days. After that, make it even by beating and kneading it with some stick.

Whichever reading pillow you buy, this procedure is required for all the vacuum packed pillows. This one is not alone.

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