Mittagong shredded foam backrest reading pillow with arms review

Mittagong shredded foam backrest reading pillow with ams review
Mittagong shredded foam backrest reading pillow with arms – Click the image to know more at

In this Mittagong backrest reading pillow with arms review for reading in bed, you will get to know who should get it? What are the pros, cons and benefits of this pillow. Plus, what alternatives are available?

Who should get it?

If you are looking for a hard (in a good way) and supportive pillow with a little bounce to it, then it is a great option. It provides your lower back the perfect support and you will be able to read in ergonomic posture. This also has a removable plush velour cover that can be washed to keep it clean. And the handle at the top helps your.

Do not get it for the soft cushiness. Another thing to note, the arms are short and low, they do not extend longer, and is lower than the natural position where your elbow rests,

You should definitely consider the alternatives, mentioned at the end, before buying.


  • Large size perfect for adults
  • Tightly filled Shredded foam filling
  • Provides more support to your back
  • Plush Velour cover
  • Removable cover
  • High quality zipper
  • Not a soft cushion, but a hard backrest pillow
  • Durable – Maintains its support over time


  • Not good, if you want a soft pillow
  • Not good, if you need cotton cover pillow


Height: 21 inches, Width at the top: 12 inches, Arms Length: 12 inches

These seems to be the dimensions of the cover, as the actually pillow is couple of inches shorter in every side. According a user, these dimensions are not accurate. If you measure them yourself, you get arm length around 10 inches. The height is around 18 inches. And the width is 12 inches far below from the top edge.


Firm backrest pillow for reading in bed

If you are looking for a backrest reading pillow with arms, that is not soft and flimsy, then this is a great choice. When you rest your back on the pillow, it does not deforms. Rather it maintains its shape while providing you with the comfortable support.

Its height supports your upper and lower back

It is 21 inches high, that is enough to support the back of any adult from the top to the bottom. From the neck to the lower back.

Helps achieve Ergonomic reading posture – Reduces neck, back pain.

If you feel pain in your neck or back whenever you read for long period in bed, then the slight angle of this reading pillow will help you settle your back at the comfortable ergonomic angle. At that angle, your neck, shoulders and lower back will be at its natural ergonomic posture. This will help reduce pain in your neck and back.

Large size for adults – Kids can use it too

If you’re looking for a reading pillow for adults, then definitely consider this option. Its height is large enough to support any adult, and is is wide enough to easily accommodate book lover. Not only that,  kids can use it too. It is a great reading pillow for reading in bed whether you are a girl or a boy, a kid or an adult, or an elderly person. this reading pillow  can fit anyone in the family, and this makes it a cool Gift item for your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife.

Removable cover makes it easy to clean

If you’re looking for a removable cover reading below then there is some great news for you. This reading pillow has a removable cover with the wide opening and high quality zipper.  This enables you to easily pull out the reading pillow from the cover to wash it in the washing machine. Now, it is possible to keep your pillow clean without a lot of hassle.

Wider zipper at the bottom

The location of the zipper also matters. Unlike other reading pillows with removable covers which have the zipper on the backside of the pillow, this one has it on the bottom of the pillow. This allows it to have a wider opening, making it easy for your to pull it out and put back in, after cleaning the cover.

Plush Velour cover feels luxurious

Mittagong reading pillow has a Velour cover that is breathable and soft to touch. If you are looking for a cotton cover reading pillow then consider other options mentioned in the alternatives section below.

East to carry handle at the top

You can easily take this pillow from your bed to the Lounge, and to your home office, by simply holding it from the handle at the top. The pillow is not too heavy, which makes it easy to carry it around. But the best use for this pillow is for reading in bed.

No need to replace it after some time – It is durable.  

The problem with low quality pillows is, they are great when they are new – Soft, supportive and plush. But as you start using it, they start sagging. They become slouchy and garbage.

Great sit up pillow – not a recliner

If you are looking for a sit up pillow to read in the ergonomic sitting posture in bed, then choose this one without thinking. But if you want something like a recliner, then it is not a good choice. Your back will be more in sitting up posture and less in lying down mode. Decide what your want, and then choose it or reject it accordingly.

Enough support to your shoulders

Not only upper, middle and lower back support, this pillow is also helpful in reducing shoulder stress. You can relax on this pillow while reading in bed and it will take care of your comfort.

Reasonable price and good customer service

If you consider the quality of the filling and the cover, and the add the replaceable cover feature, you will find that the price is quite reasonable. This makes it a no brainer if you are looking for a firm supporting backrest reading pillow with arms. And say, your do not like what you get, then you can simply tell them the reason and they will go above and beyond to solve your problem.


the pillow comes in a compressed vacuum pack that  will take 3-5 days to go back into shape. There might be a slight odour as well, that will also take a few days to disappear. Take it easy, it’s not harmful. It is recommended to have the pillow ventilated before use. Plus, it might need some beating and kneading to even it out.

No reading pillow with arms stands on its own. These pillows need some support from the headboard or from the wall behind. Mittagong is no exception.

Summary of Positive reviews

More than 80% of the users love this pillow in bed. They love the firm support, and how well it maintains it over time. Users feel, it is not a hard, but a supportive pillow with a little bounce to it which feels nice. They also admire the quality of the cover and how it feels. The next thing they admire about is the removable cover with the wide opening at the bottom and a high quality zipper on it. Book lovers who use it for reading in bed cannot imagine their life without it.

Summary of Negative reviews

A few users who have some concern about this pillow stated that they were expecting a soft pillow which it is not. And there is no way to make it soft, as you cannot remove the filling without tearing it apart. Some users also did not like the size of the pillow to be quite adult size. They say that it is for kids, not for bigger and taller persons. A user also complained about the angle of the back. He said that it is so slanted that my lower back is supported well, but my upper back lacks support.

As this does not have a memory foam, it do not take the shape of your back – Rather, it maintains its shape. Some users do not like this as well.

A users also complained about the lacking arms support. He said that the arms are short and do not extend much to support your arms, and they are also below the normal point where your elbow will rest.


Here are the detailed review of the closer alternatives to this pillow.

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