Experience Luxury Reading: Mittagong’s Shredded Foam Backrest Pillow Review

Mittagong shredded foam backrest reading pillow with ams review

Looking for a comfortable and supportive reading pillow for your bed?

Look no further than the Mittagong backrest reading pillow with arms. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore who would benefit most from this pillow, its pros and cons, and the numerous benefits it provides for avid readers.

Additionally, we’ll delve into some alternative options on the market to help you make an informed decision about the perfect pillow for your reading needs.

Who should get it?

If you’re in need of a pillow that’s firm, supportive, and provides a slight bounce, the Mittagong backrest reading pillow with arms is a great option. It offers excellent lower back support and helps maintain an ergonomic posture while reading.

Plus, the plush velour cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning. However, if you’re looking for a soft, cushy pillow, this might not be the right fit for you.

Additionally, keep in mind that the arms are on the shorter and lower side, which may not be the most comfortable position for everyone.

Before making a final decision, it’s worth checking out the alternative options mentioned at the end of this review.


  • The large size of the pillow makes it perfect for adults, providing ample space to rest your back and arms comfortably.
  • The tightly filled shredded foam filling offers great support for your back, ensuring that you maintain good posture while reading.
  • The plush velour cover adds an extra layer of comfort to the pillow, making it perfect for extended reading sessions.
  • The cover is also removable, which makes cleaning a breeze, and the high-quality zipper ensures that it stays in place.
  • This pillow is not a soft cushion, but a hard backrest pillow, which is perfect for those who prefer a firmer level of support.
  • It’s a durable option that maintains its support over time, ensuring that you get plenty of use out of it.


  • If you’re looking for a soft pillow, this might not be the best option for you, as it offers a firmer level of support.
  • This pillow also doesn’t come with a cotton cover, which may be a drawback for those who prefer that material.


It’s worth noting that there may be some discrepancy with the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. According to a user’s review, the actual dimensions of the pillow are slightly smaller than what is listed. They measured the arm length to be around 10 inches, the height to be around 18 inches, and the width to be 12 inches, but not at the very top edge of the pillow. It’s always a good idea to double-check the dimensions before making a purchase to ensure that the pillow will fit your specific needs.


Firm backrest pillow for reading in bed

Looking for a reading pillow that won’t let you down? Look no further than the Mittagong backrest reading pillow with arms! Unlike flimsy and soft pillows that quickly lose their shape, this pillow is firm and supportive, giving you the perfect amount of comfort and stability for all your reading needs. So go ahead and sink into your favorite book without worrying about the pillow losing its shape or support. This pillow has got your back, literally!

Its height supports your upper and lower back

Say goodbye to uncomfortable reading sessions with the Mittagong backrest reading pillow with arms! With a height of 21 inches, this pillow offers unparalleled support for your entire back, from your neck to your lower back. No more hunching over or straining your back while reading in bed! This pillow’s height ensures that your entire back is fully supported, giving you a comfortable and ergonomic reading experience every time.

Helps achieve Ergonomic reading posture – Reduces neck, back pain.

Tired of suffering from neck and back pain every time you read in bed? This pillow with arms has got your back, literally! With its slight angle, this pillow helps you achieve a comfortable and ergonomic reading posture that reduces neck and back pain. Say goodbye to hunching over or straining your back while reading. This pillow’s unique design ensures that your neck, shoulders, and lower back are in their natural ergonomic posture, giving you a pain-free reading experience. So sit back, relax, and let the Mittagong reading pillow take care of your comfort!

Large size for adults – Kids can use it too

Looking for a reading pillow that provides the perfect balance of comfort and support for both kids and adults? This pillow is a great option! With its large size, it can easily accommodate any book lover, from the youngest to the oldest member of your family. The firm shredded foam filling and plush velour cover make it a durable and comfortable choice, while the removable cover and high-quality zipper ensure that it stays clean and fresh. Plus, the slight angle of the pillow helps reduce neck and back pain by promoting a comfortable, ergonomic reading posture. So if you’re looking for a reading pillow that’s both functional and stylish, this is definitely worth considering!

Removable cover makes it easy to clean

The plush velour cover is not only soft and comfortable, but it also adds a touch of luxury to your reading experience. You can easily remove the cover to clean it whenever you need to, which makes maintaining your reading pillow a breeze. So, if you want a reading pillow that’s easy to keep clean and looking great, this one is definitely worth checking out!

Wider zipper at the bottom

One of the things that sets this reading pillow apart from others on the market is the location of the zipper. Unlike other pillows with removable covers that have the zipper on the backside, this one has it on the bottom. This design feature means that the cover can be easily removed, and the wider opening makes it simple to get the cover on and off. So, whether you need to wash it or just want to change up the look of your pillow, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the easy-to-remove cover.

Plush Velour cover feels luxurious

The Mittagong reading pillow offers a plush velour cover that feels soft and comfortable to the touch, while also being breathable to prevent overheating. However, if you prefer a reading pillow with a cotton cover, you may want to explore the alternative options mentioned in the section below.

East to carry handle at the top

The convenient handle at the top of the pillow makes it easy to carry and transport from your bed to your couch or even your home office. It’s lightweight and portable design means you can take it with you wherever you go. However, it’s important to note that its best use is for reading in bed, where it provides the perfect support for your back and helps you achieve a comfortable reading position.

No need to replace it after some time – It is durable.  

That’s right! And that’s where the Mittagong reading pillow differs. It’s made with tightly filled shredded foam filling that maintains its support over time. Even after long term use, the pillow retains its firmness and does not sag or lose its shape. So, you can enjoy the same level of support and comfort even after prolonged use.

Great sit up pillow – not a recliner

This reading pillow is perfect if you want to maintain an ergonomic sitting posture while reading in bed. It provides great support to your back and keeps it at a comfortable angle. However, if you prefer a more laid-back reclined position, this pillow may not be the best option for you. It is important to consider your personal preferences and needs before deciding on a reading pillow.

Enough support to your shoulders

That’s a great point! The Mittagong reading pillow not only supports your upper, middle, and lower back but also helps reduce shoulder stress. With its firm and comfortable shredded foam filling and plush velour cover, you can relax on this pillow while reading in bed without feeling any discomfort in your shoulders. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who spends a lot of time reading or working in bed and wants to avoid shoulder strain.

Reasonable price and good customer service

With its reasonable price and high-quality features, this reading pillow is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a firm and supportive backrest pillow for reading in bed. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, the company is known for their excellent customer service and will do everything they can to make it right for you.

Important Note:

When you receive your Mittagong reading pillow, it will come in a compressed vacuum pack which may take 3-5 days to fully expand back to its original shape. Additionally, there may be a slight odor that will dissipate within a few days. Rest assured that this is not harmful, and it is recommended to ventilate the pillow before use. It may also require some beating and kneading to even it out.

It is important to note that no reading pillow with arms can stand on its own. To use the pillow properly, it will need some support from the headboard or a wall behind it. Mittagong reading pillow is no exception, and with the right support, you can comfortably enjoy your reading experience.

Summary of Positive reviews

Over 80% of users love this pillow for reading in bed. They appreciate the firm support that it provides, and how well it maintains its shape over time. Many users find the pillow to be supportive, yet also have a comfortable bounce to it. The quality of the cover is also highly regarded, with users commenting on its softness and durability. Additionally, the removable cover with a wide opening and high-quality zipper is a standout feature that users love. Book lovers who use the Mittagong reading pillow for reading in bed cannot imagine their life without it.

Summary of Negative reviews

Some users have expressed negative reviews about the Mittagong reading pillow. They have stated that the pillow is not as soft as they were expecting, and there is no way to make it softer as you cannot remove the filling. Additionally, some users have mentioned that the pillow is not suitable for taller individuals, as it is designed for kids. The angle of the backrest has also been a concern for some users, as they feel that the lower back is well supported, but the upper back lacks support.

As the pillow does not have memory foam, it does not conform to the shape of your back and instead maintains its shape. This feature is not preferred by some users. Another issue raised is the lack of support for arms, as the armrests are too short and not positioned at the normal point where your elbows would rest.

Alternative Options:

If you’re not convinced that the Mittagong Reading Pillow is the best option for you, here are some alternative reading pillows to consider:

  • Linenspa Reading Pillow: A well-reviewed reading pillow with arms that offers good support for your back and arms.
  • Husband Pillow: A popular choice for those looking for a supportive reading pillow with arms. The pillow also comes with a detachable neck roll for added support.
  • Milliard Reading Pillow: Another great option for those seeking a comfortable and supportive reading pillow with arms. This pillow is made from memory foam for added comfort.

Additionally, you can check out these resources for more information on reading pillows:

  • Best Husband Pillows: A comprehensive list of the best husband-style backrest reading pillows with arms for reading in bed.
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  • Reading Pillows for Bed: A guide to all types of reading pillows that can be used for back, arms, neck, and shoulder support while reading in bed. This post will give you plenty of ideas to help you find the perfect pillow for your needs.