Taotronics vs Lampat & review as bedside desk lamp for reading in bed

If you are looking for a bedside reading lamp then check out this review and comparison of Taotronics and Lampat LED desk Lamps.

Taotronics DL01 LED Desk lamp for reading in bed review
Taotronics DL01 LED Desk lamp
Lampat LED Desk lamp review for reading in bed
Lampat LED Desk lamp

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Taotronics vs Lampat

If you compare TaoTronics DL01 vs Lampat LED desk lamp, you will find that these are same in size, shape, finish, color and in features as well. Both of these lamps are used and loved by thousands of book lovers.

Taotronics and Lampat LED Desk Lamp Review

The Good: These LED desk lamps are one of the best to use as a bedside lamp while reading in bed. It is because these have a color temperature range of 2000K – 5500K, High CRI LED lights, 5 brightness levels for every color mode. Plus, you get a 1 hr auto-off sleep timer, and a USB output to charge your phone.

The bad: The only bad thing about it its big size, and that it is a fingerprint magnet, due to glossy finish. Big size is not that of a problem specially if you need a lamp that can reach over bed while being on bedside table.

Taotronics and Lampat LED Desk Lamp Benefits

Let me explain what it means to you, if you are a book lover who loves to read before sleeping.

Warm Color for reading at night

Color temperature of 2000K means warm yellow color that contains less blue light in it. That is why, it does not disturb your Melatonin production, hence sleep rhythm. For more about the benefits of warm color light for reading in bed, check my article on Which color light is best for reading in bed? Cool White or Warm Yellow.

Its Amber color is Warmer than 3000K

Note that the warm color it has, i.e. 2000K, is way more warm than the 3000K that is usually available. If you are looking for an amber color reading lamp for bedtime reading, it would be a great option.

Cool white light is best for reading at daytime

Not only it has warm color option, but it also a cool white light option. It is useful if you are studying at night and need to stay awake. Or you can use it for reading at daytime. It is because, in white light, there is more blue light that makes you feel alert and active. 5 brightness levels give your the power to adjust the intensity of the light, however your like. If too much light is irritating you, then simply turn the brightness to the lowest settings. And if you need bright light to see things clearly, then use the highest option.

High CRI light makes text and images look crisp and sharp

High CRI LED produce better quality light than low CRI lights. Its main benefits is the better color reproduction. You will see things as you would see them in natural light. So, whether it is text or the images, the colors will be accurate. Plus, the text will look sharper and more vibrant. This makes it easy to read without stressing your eyes.

Soft even diffused light is easier on eyes.

These lamps has a light-diffuser plastic film that helps soften the light. What you get is evenly spread smooth illumination without any hot spots or glares. This ensures that do not get headache or pain in your eyes, even if you read for long periods.

Dim-able bedside lamp with 5 brightness levels

This is another step to make it eye friendly. With its 5 levels of brightness adjustment in each color mode, you have the power to precisely control the intensity of the light. It is not as good as stepless or continuous dimming which gives you unlimited number of brightness levels, but still it is way better than 2 or 3 brightness levels.

1 hr Auto-Off Sleep timer to save energy

If you are looking for a bedside reading lamp with timer, then it is a solid option.You get a 1 hr timer that activates once you tap at the timer icon at the base of the lamp. It shows red light blinking once it is turned on. This will reduce the hassle of being alert and turn off the light before sleeping. Just focus on your reading and it will take care of itself, even if you fall asleep.

Adjustable neck to precisely direct the light

It has an adjustable neck that gives you the power to direct the light where you actually need it. Imagine, putting this lamp on the bedside table and pulling the neck towards you, while pointing the light over the book you are reading. This is how its adjustable neck is useful to you.

Big size helps it to reach over your book

It is big in size which you can better understand in the following you-tube video. This size makes it less portable, but allows it to be useful in a variety of cases. Bedside lamp for Reading in bed, is being one of them.

Looks Modern and Stylish

It is designed to be able to blend in with today’s style. The design is simple, elegant and minimal.

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