Luminam Rechargeable, Dimmable 5000K book light review

Luminam Rechargeable, Dimmable 5000K book light that can go very dim

Are you looking for a  very dim book light to read in bed without disturbing your partner, and without straining your eyes? Then Luminam book light is a great choice.

Luminam book light has continuous step-less dimming that allows you to make it very dim, from 100% to as low as 0% zero percent.

The only problem with this book light is, the color temperature is 5000K which has blue light that disturb your sleep rhythm. But you can cover it up with an amber film. For detailed solution, check how to read at night without blue light.


  1. Fully dimmable book light, from 100-0%
  2. Stepless continuous dimming with touch sensitive controls
  3. Sturdy, yet Flexible gooseneck  
  4. Micro USB rechargeable battery lasts 60 hours
  5. 2.4 oz Lightweight and portable
  6. High quality meets FCC & CE standards
  7. 3 years manufacturer warranty


  • 5000K white light is not good for sleep.


No more, too bright or too dim light

A lot of book lovers who love to read in bed, have faced this issue. Either the book light is too bright ot it is too dim to read properly. Luminam solves this problem by providing you with practically unlimited brightness levels.You can simply touch and hold the brightness control sensor, until you get the perfect amount of light you need for reading in bed.

Easy to use

Luminam has simple touch sensitive controls that you can use to turn on or off the light. This also dims or brightens the light. Just charge it, clip it and start reading. This makes reading in bed fun, again.

Read without eye strain

If you are worried about flicker or the harsh hotspots that strains your eyes, then do not worry because Luminam has a frosted cover on the high quality no-flicker LEDs. This cover diffuses the light and you get smooth even light that is easy on your eyes.

No need to keep buying batteries

Now, you do not have to keep buying and replacing cell batteries every 10 hours of use. Laminum frees you from that hassle and saves you money. Just charge its rechargeable battery and use it for up-to 60 hrs on lowest brightness.

Easy to travel with

This book light is very easy to take anywhere you go. Just fold this and keep it in your pocket or purse. Plus, you do not have to keep looking for the batteries, or keep searching for a power socket. Luminam comes with a rechargeable battery that can easily be charged with any USB power source like laptop, phone charger, or powerbank.

Charge indicator tell you when it is fully charged.

Its battery has a charge status indicator that turns green when fully charged. This give you the peace of mind that it is now fully charged and you can take it with you on the journey you are planning.  

Does not weigh down your book

It is so lightweight and easy to carry that it does not pull the books down. So, if you read lightweight and small paperbacks, then it will not be a problem. You will be able to read for long period without stressing your hands with any extra weight.

Sturdy Clip works for thick & thin books

Its clips open wide and has a two step fold mechanism. This makes sure that it is securely attached to the book whether you use it for thick hardcovers or thin paperback books. Plus, it works for kindle or any other e-readers. The clip does not damage the pages, or scratches the surface of the e-reader, due to the soft padding on both sides

Read without disturbing partner

If you have a partner trying to sleep beside you while you are reading in bed, do these two things to read without disturbing him or her. Dim the light to as low brightness as possible, and direct the light away from your partner using its flexible yet sturdy gooseneck.

Book light for kids, and elders

Laminum is so safe that it can be used by kids. At the same time, it is easy to use for the elderly person in your home.

Nice gift idea for bookworms

Book lights are a great gift for book lovers. This one has the stepless brightness adjustment that goes as low as zero percent. The bookworm in your life would definitely love this light.

Review summary

More than 80% of the users love this book light, especially the ability to fully dim the light to zero percent. Plus, they love how lightweight it is, hence does not weigh down the light paperback.

Less than 20% of the users who has complains about this book lights have problems turning it on. Either they got a faulty piece which was promptly replaced by the company, or they were told to charge the battery before turning it on. Simple!


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