Avana Bed Wedge System Review for reading in bed, comfortably!

Avana Kind Bed wedge System for comfortable reading in bed Review.

Avana Orthopedic Support Pillow Kind Bed Comfort System is great for many uses, but this review is specifically for book lovers who want to read in bed, comfortably.

In this review, you will find what is Avana kind bed system? What benefits it provides to bookworms? What positive or negative things users say about it? And what are the alternatives?

To sum up all the reviews, Avana is a combination of 4 wedge pillows that work together to provide your whole body, the best possible support in bed. It means, you could read for long hours without any pain. Whether you are sitting up straight or lounging at an angle, it perfectly supports your head, neck, upper and lower back, and legs. With all your body supported, you will feel floated in the air in a zero gravity position.

Best Suited for

If you love to read in bed, but feel pain in your neck or back, then it is the the best solutions to eliminate that pain, and give yourself a comfortable and cozy reading experience. With its help, you can read for hours in bed, without any pain. It is great for everyone one in the family, including kids, adults and elderly. Also great for bedridden or disabled book lovers.


Here are the benefits of Avana kind bed wedge system for book lovers who love to read in bed.

Ergonomic support

The pillow has a curved S-shape, that matches with the natural curve of your back. This means, it will attach to your back and provide better support. This will ensure that your back stays in the natural ergonomic posture whether you are sitting or lying down at an angle.  

Eliminates Back Pain

If you want to read in bed without hurting your back that this Avana comfort system is a great solution. It helps to keep your back in correct ergonomic posture which results in comfortable reading experience, without any back pain.

Avana backrest also provides lower back support as well due to its curved design, but if you find it too much, you can always flip it, and use the plain side as a back rest.

Eliminates Neck pain

Not only your back stays at a good posture, but your head is also well supported. One piece out of 4 pillows is to be used as headrest.

When your head is properly supported, your neck automatically stays at an ergonomic posture which helps eliminate neck pain.

Stress Fee leg support

It comes with a wedge that support your legs and knees. It places them in a stress free posture, due to which you do not feel pain in your hips or legs.

Cozy Arms Support

The head rest pillow can also be used as an arms rest, and this enhances the coziness of the system.

This is specially useful when you are using the pillow with its big and fluffy side up, as there is a natural head rest in the pillow in that orientation. Click the image above to see detailed images explaining this on amazon.

Comfortable bedtime reading for long hours

Using this system of wedge pillows that work in harmony, you provide your with Neck, Back, Arms and leg support. This combination results in a comfortable reading experience in bed.

Now, you can read for hours without worrying about any kind of pain in your body.

Reading on Avana kind bed system is a super comfy and enjoyable.


It is lightweight, yet supportive pillow system. You can easily pick it up and carry around in your home. Place it on your bed or on the floor and start reading.

For Petite and Tall

This is one size fits all system. Whether you are petite or tall, slim or big, you will fit inside, perfectly. Thanks to its modular design that is flexible and adjustable according to the needs of the user.

Just place the pillows at the right distance that suits your, and enjoy the comfortable bed lounger.

Highly Adjustable

Avana 4 piece wedge pillow system give you the power to support your whole body in multiple different combinations.

  • You can set the angle of the back pillow by simply sliding it.
  • You can flip the backrest pillow to increase or decrease support to your lower back and neck.
  • You can use the headrest as an arms rest, the knee support, or the ankle support.

Soft, yet supportive

The inner core of this pillow is of a medium density foam which is great for support. And the the outer layer is of memory foam which adapts to the shape of your body to provide maximum support. It feels soft and plush, but is supportive and firm at the same time.

Soft and airy cover

It is designed constant use for long reading sessions. The cover is made of soft and breathable micro velvet fabric and the sides are of  microsuede. It does not get hot and do not sweat even after long use.

Multiple color choices

You can get it in your favorite color choice, or the color which matches with the decor of your bedroom. There are multiple color combinations available for you to choose from.

Easy to clean

The cover is removable and machine washable, so that you can keep it clean for long time easily. Your do not have to worry about the accidental spills that kids usually do on the pillows.

Great quality product

You will get an outstanding quality product. Its materials and the fabrication is top notch and most of the users love it.

Plus, you get a 1 year warranty, and 30 days Money Back Guarantee. This shows the confidence of the company in the product they built.

Now you can test it yourself and see if it works for your or not without worrying about the risks.

Positive reviews summary

Users who got this pillow system for reading in bed love it a lot. They find it to be perfect for back support while sitting straight up or leaning at an angle. Almost all the book lovers find it reading on it, very relaxing and comfortable experience.  Leg-part adds more comfort and enable reading without pain in hips and legs. This pillow has a nice balance between the comfort and the support, which is usually difficult to achieve. Its washable cover makes cleaning super easy. It is Way better and cheaper than getting a bed base. And the most important thing they love about Avana kind bed pillow system is the adjustability and flexibility of the system.

Negative reviews summary

There are a few negative reviews that mention that it is less effective for snoring. And some people who bought it after surgery, also said that is a but firm. But, all the people who bought it for reading in bed, love Avana wedge pillow system. They say that they bought it for other uses but now they  use for reading or watching tv in bed and it is so so comfy.

Coupon code

I could not find any coupon codes but your can get it on Amazon at a competitive price. If I found any coupon code or discount code, I will update it here.


The similar alternative is Purefit or Relax the back adjustable bed wedge system. The second best option is to get one of the best husband pillows. There are some husband pillow that provide neck support, and your can use a pillow for leg support. Or, if you are looking for a firm back support only, then you can get a simple firm wedge pillow for reading in bed. But the angle on the wedge pillow will be fixed and there will be no neck, arms or leg support in that case.

Or simply, check Best back support reading pillows for bed, where you will find 10 types of best reading pillows, so you can decide yourself which type of backrest reading pillow suits your needs, the best!


Avana is the best and top rated bed wedge systems that makes reading in bed, fun and enjoyable experience. And, if your pair this with the best book holder, like Lecco, then you will find yourself in reading heaven.