15 Best Book Holders for Reading in Bed, Comfortably [2021]

Are you looking for the best book holder for reading while lying down in bed? The ones that help you read hands-free, with your neck relaxed, and while keeping you in the correct ergonomic posture?

In this post, you will find the best ones that are hand picked from the hundreds of book holders from Amazon.com.

The ones you will find here will have something unique in them, and they will be of highest quality. Plus, if there are two similar items and one is cheaper than other, you will find the cheaper one here.

Book Holder Pillows or Book Pillows

Book pillows help you hold book at a slight angle, but the height will remain fixed. You can place book holder pillows on your belly while reading in bed. You can also use these on a sofa or chair and place them on your lap. Here are the two of the best pillow book holders for reading in bed

The Book Seat Book Pillow

The book seat book pillow

The book seat is a bean bag pillow with a pocket at the front for holding books without using hands while reading in bed. To keep the book open, it has a plastic thing attached with an elastic band. It works for paperbacks, and also the large hardcovers without tipping.

The usage is simple. Place the book (or kindle/iPad) in the pocket, tighten the page holder plastic, and start reading. You can also adjust the angle a bit.

It is cool and useful gift for kids, teens, adults, girls or boys book lovers as it is available in multiple colors to match everyone’s style. Check my detailed review of The book seat book holder pillow, for more information.

Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest pillow

Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest pillow

Hog Wild Peeramid is a pyramid shaped reading pillow that holds your books at the correct angle for comfortable reading in bed. It is good for reading books, kindle, and iPad in bed. When reading books, you will need a page holder clip to keep the book open. It is available in multiple colors for girls, boys, kids, teens and adults.

Lap Desks Pillow

Lap desks with soft pillows attached at the bottom, are great for holding books and tablets while reading in bed. Plus, you can use them as a breakfast table or laptop table. For more options, check Best Lap Desk Pillows for reading in bed.

Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk Pillow

Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk Pillow

Mind Reader lap desk is a soft pillows at the base and hard surface at the top, with 8 preset adjustable angles. To read in bed, Place the book or kindle, adjust your favorite angle, place the Mind Reader on your lap, and start reading. It has two soft pillows attached at its bottom. They are comfortable to place on your lap, as they prevent sweating and allow for better airflow. You can get it in Pink color as well.

Adjustable Over Bed Reading Table Book Holders

These tables can be placed on your bed, and have the option to adjust their height and angle. Available in wooden, aluminium, and combination of both materials. These tables folds flat for easy portability when not in use.

New Adjustable Ergonomic Book stand with built-in Page Holder

SYITCUN is a new addition in ergonomic book holders for bed. It similar to the adjustable multipurpose table that is listed next. The difference is that it has one less joint, and a built-in page holder for holding hardcovers or paperbacks easily. One less joint make it stable and sturdy. Plus, as you save the material, it is cheaper than the next one. You can get it in white or black color.

Adjustable Ergonomic Aluminium Bed reading Table to hold books, Kindle or Laptop

Adjustable Aluminium Bed Table Book Holder in 11 colors with and witout fan for kids, girls, boys, adulst and elderly

Furinno Aluminium bed reading Table is the most adjustable bed table for reading books and tablets. You can adjust its height or the angle to read in bed comfortably. When not in use, just fold it flat and store it below your bed. It is also lightweight to carry. It can carry weight up-to 10 lbs. You can get it in 11 colors that will suit kids, girls, boys, adults, or elderly. Plus, if you want to use it to hold laptop, then cooling fan versions are also there.

Sturdy Adjustable Bed Reading Table with Metal joins that can hold up-to 110 pounds

Sturdy Adjustable Bed Table with Metal joins that can hold up-to 110 pounds

Back-Pain-Help Adjustable Table has zinc metal alloy joints that makes it strong enough to bear a load of upto 110 pounds. All the other similar looking adjustable tables has plastic joints, but they can only hold 10 pounds. It means, this one is 11 times more strong that the one with plastic joints. It is best, if you want a stronger table that you can use not only as book holders, but also for a lot of other things. You can get it in Black, White or in Pink color.

Nearpow Adjustable Over bed Bed Reading Table Book Stand

Nearpow Adjustable Bed Table Book Stand

Nearpow is sturdy, heavy duty yet fold-able table for reading books in bed. It has a capacity to hold 40 lbs easily. You can adjust its angle and height to read in the ergonomic posture while sitting up or lying down in bed.  Comes in two sizes, medium and large and available in multiple colors.

SAIJI Adjustable Bed table for holding books, ereaders, or a Laptop

Laptop Bed Tray Table

Saiji Bed Table is similar to the last one, i.e. Nearpow. The difference is, it has two knobs at the bottom that hold your book, tablet or your laptop. These two knobs can easily hold a thick and heavy hardcover or a delicate paperback. First you place the book on the table and then press the knobs to lock the book in place. It is a multipurpose adjustable table, see demo video on amazon.com by clicking the image.

Wooden Adjustable Bed Table Book Stand

Wooden height, and angle Adjustable Bed Table Book Stand

Songmics bamboo wooden over bed reading table is great for holding books and tablets while reading in bed, specially if you love wood. It is sturdy, waterproof and durable. You can adjust its height and angle to read in bed in an ergonomic posture. Plus, you hands will also remain free. There are 5 preset levels to change the angle. You can change the  height from 9 to 11 to 12 inches, approx. You can keep your phone, book light, or bookmark in a cute little drawer at the side. It is available in dark shade as well.

Adjustable book holder floor stands

Levo and Lecco are the two most adjustable, floor stand book holders that allow you to read in bed while lying down completely flat, i.e. when the book is facing downwards. You can also call them overhead book holders for bed. Check here for more Best floor book stands for reading in bed

Levo Book Holder Stand

Levo Book Holder Stand

Levo floor book stand holds the books in front of your eyes, just like they are magically floating in the air. You can control its height and angle however you like. This helps, to read in a correct posture and eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

Whether you are sitting up in bed, lying down completely flat, or reading on one side. It can hold books upto 4lb. It means, it will work for most of the book you read. For heavier books, add a counter weight to the base. Attaching books, and turning pages is also easy.

This multipurpose book stand is great for all book lovers, also including kids and elderly. To know, how it works with iPad or kindle, its pros and cons, check my Levo book holder review

Lecco Book Holder Stand

Lecco Book Holder Floor Stand (Hands Free Comfortable Reading) W/wheels

Lecco book holder is another great adjustable floor stand for reading in bed that works great in any posture. It has a modern and sleek design that compliments any modern interior. With Lecco, you can elevate your book, kindle or iPad at the eye level, at the correct ergonomic angle. You can attach books upto 4 lbs easily. Its base is slimmer and can be moved under furniture with less space. It means, you can move it closer you bed.

What makes Lecco unique is, it has one holder that works with both tablets and books, if the height of the book or e-reader is from 6.7 inches to 11 inches. Otherwise, it will not fit. Attaching and removing books is easy, but turning page is a bit difficult, as compared to Levo book holder. For details, check my review of Lecco book holder floor stand

Bedside End table Book Holders

End tables book holders do not roll over the bed completely, rather you pull them from the side. These are great for holding books while reading in bed.

Premium Walnut wood end table with angle and height adjustment

Premium Walnut wood end table with angle and height adjustment

Palos designs bedside table with adjustable height and angle, has a premium finish that feels solid and look great. If you love real wood, and looking for an elegant looking, yet a sturdy table to read in bed, then it is a great choice. It will hold the book or the tablet in front of you at the right angle and height, so you can read without neck pain for long period.

Angle and Height adjustable End or side table with angle locks

Angle and Height adjustable End or side table

Techni Mobili Rolling Adjustable Cart is both height and angle adjustable end table for reading in bed. You can slide it under the bed with the tight space. It is because its base is lower with the tires recessed into the base. The two sided stoppers on the surface of the table, allows you place books and tablets at an angle on both left and right sides.

Doworks Adjustable End Table with Shelves

Doworks Adjustable End Table with Shelves

Doworks end table give you the control to adjust its height and change the angle of the top. Plus, it has a three shelves to place your favorite books nearby. These shelves are useful if you want to keep your book near, so that you do not have to go and pick it up if you wake up in the midnight. It also has stoppers on two sides. It means, you can use it on left or right hand side, and the books or the tablet will not fall down.

Adjustable Over bed Tables with wheels

Angle and height adjustable overbed table with wheels

Komorebi Overbed Table is a large workstation table that can be rolled on your bed. You can read on it, or use it as a full bed work table or breakfast table on bed. Adjust its height, width or the angle of inclination to read in bed in a comfortable position. It works for all beds, from single bed to the queen size. Get this if you need a workstation.

Best Reading Stand for Neck Problems

Do you feel pain in your neck while reading? Then, you can get some relief by using any of the above mentioned reading stands. If you read digital, then use the kindle or the iPad stands. They will hold your book at the correct angle and height, and keep you at an ergonomic posture.

Getting a stand is only a part of the solution. To fix it completely, understand its root cause and eliminate that. Check out the detailed article on How to read in bed without hurting your neck?. In that article, I have discussed how you can utilize the multi-step process to ensure that you do not get any pain in your neck, back, or forearms, even if you read for long hours.

More Accessories for book lovers who love to read in bed

These are all great reading stands for neck problems, and for reading without using hands. But, here are some more accessories to make your reading experience in bed more comfortable.

  • Kindle or iPad holders for reading e-books in bed. It includes floor stands, over bed stands, and mount arms.
  • Page Holder clips to Hold books open while reading with one hand. These are also useful with some of the above mentioned book holder tables that do not have a built-in page holder.
  • Reading lights for bed, including clip on LED book lights, incandescent book lights, floor lamps, and bedside lamps.
  • Backrest reading pillows for reading in bed while sitting up, or lying down posture. It includes links to reading pillows for kids and adults. Moreover, it has Zero Gravity bed wedge system for reading lying down.
  • Book holder for elderly is is useful for elderly book lovers, and for those who usually read at one place in their bed, daily.
  • Or go to the Start Page to know how you can make your reading experience in bed more comfortable.