8 Best Book Holders for Bed to Read Lying Down – Oct 2022

Reading in bed

Are you looking for book holders for the bed to read lying down flat, on the side, or while sitting in bed? 

We have a guide to help you choose the best book holder to make bedtime reading more comfortable. Or, you can quickly select among the eight best book holders for reading in bed. 

1. The Book Seat Book Holder Pillow

The Book Seat book holder pillow for reading in bed

The book seat is a simple and affordable solution for the bed to read sitting up. It is a lightweight bean bag pillow with a pocket to hold books. Plus, you get a page holder that keeps the book open so you can read hands-free.

The good 

  • Simple to use
  • Take it anywhere
  • Double as a pillow
  • Hold even the heavy books
  • Do not tip over

The bad 

As it is a simple design, you do not get the option to adjust the height. A workaround to that, place some pillows under it to raise it to your comfortable eye level.


The book seat (Amazon) is great for reading when you just need a simple book holder to hold books open hands-free. Read the detailed review of the book seat

Check all the best pillow book holders for reading in bed

2. Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk Pillow

Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk Pillow

The MindReader lap desk is a soft pillow at the base and a hard surface at the top, with eight adjustable angles. To read in bed, Place the book or kindle, adjust your favorite angle, place the Mind Reader on your lap, and start reading.

It has two soft pillows attached at its bottom. They are comfortable to place on your lap, preventing sweating and allowing for better airflow.

You can get it in pink color as well.

Lap desks with soft pillows attached at the bottom are great for holding books and tablets while reading in bed. Plus, you can use them as a breakfast table or laptop table. Check Best Lap Desk Pillows for reading in bed for all the best options.

3. Adjustable Over-Bed Reading Table Book Holder with Two joints

Two-joint Adjustable bed table book holders for reading in bed.

SYITCUN is a new addition to ergonomic book holders for beds. It is similar to the adjustable multipurpose table that is listed next. The difference is that it has one less joint and a built-in page holder for holding hardcovers or paperbacks easily. One less joint makes it stable and sturdy. Plus, as they save the material, it is cheaper than the next one. You can get it in white or black color. It folds flat for easy portability when not in use.

4. Adjustable Ergonomic Aluminium Bed reading Table with Three joints

Adjustable Aluminium Bed Table Book Holder for bed

This Aluminum bed reading Table is the most adjustable bed table for reading books and tablets. You can adjust its height or angle to read in bed comfortably.

After reading, fold it flat and store it below your bed. It is also lightweight but can hold heavy books up to 10lbs.

You can get it in 11 colors that suit kids, girls, boys, adults, or the elderly.

If you like this bed-table style book holder but read heavy books, I recommend you check out this Back-Pain-Help Adjustable Table with zinc metal alloy joints. Its joints are not plastic and can hold up to 110 pounds.

5. SAIJI Adjustable Bed table for holding books, e-readers, or a Laptop

Laptop Bed Tray Table

Saiji Bed Table has two knobs at the bottom that hold your book, tablet, or laptop. These two knobs can easily hold a thick and heavy hardcover or a delicate paperback. First, you place the book on the table and then press the knobs to lock the book in place. It is a multipurpose adjustable table.

6. Wooden Adjustable Bed Table Book Stand

Wooden height, and angle Adjustable Bed Table Book Stand for holding books

Songmics bamboo wooden over-bed reading table is great for holding books and tablets while reading in bed, especially if you love wood. It is sturdy, waterproof, and durable. You can adjust its height and angle to read in bed in an ergonomic posture. Plus, your hands will also remain free.

There are five preset levels to change the angle. For example, you can change the height from 9 to 11 to 12 inches. You can keep your phone, book light, or bookmark in a cute little drawer at the side. It is available in dark shades as well.

7. Levo Book Holder floor stand for reading lying down facing upwards

Floor stand book holders allow you to read in bed while lying down completely flat, i.e., when the book is facing downwards. You can also call them overhead book holders for bed. Check here for more Best floor book stands for reading in bed.

Levo Book Holder floor stand for reading lying down completely flat in supine posture.

Levo floor book stand holds the books in front of your eyes like they are magically floating in the air. You can control its height and angle however you like. It helps read in a correct posture and eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

Whether sitting in bed, lying down completely flat, or reading on one side, Levo can hold books up to 4lb. It means it will work for most of the books you read. For heavier books, add a counterweight to the base. Attaching books and turning pages is also easy.

This multipurpose book stand is great for all book lovers, including kids and the elderly. To know how it works with iPad or kindle and its pros and cons, check my Levo bookholder review.

Levo is adjustable and multipurpose, but If you only read lying down facing upwards, this book stands for bed and is the perfect option.

8. Arm Book Holder for Bed

Arm book holder for bed with clamp

This Wishacc Book Stand with Clamp is a great option if you mostly read in one place in your bed and have a bedside tale or a flat solid surface to which you can clamp this. Once you have clamped it, which is quite easy to do, it will make it very easy to hold books in bed. The bool will float inform of your eyes at just the perfect height. You can change its angle, so you do not have to bend your neck. Once you feel sleepy, just push the book holder to the side and sleep. Easy!

So, If you want to have a book holder that is always there when you want to read sitting up or reclining on your bed, this is a unique choice with features that other book holders on this list do not offer. 

If you compare it to the Levo book holder, it only misses the ability to hold books over your head while lying flat. So, if you want that feature, consider Levo. Otherwise, it is a cheaper book holder for a bed with height and angle adjustment options.

Final Thoughts 

I did a lot of research on this list, trying to find the different book holders for beds that would be easy to use. I came across several options, but I found that none of them offered the options that the Levo book holder did. So, if you want a multipurpose book holder that will also help you read lying down in bed, the Levo is the best option. The Book Seat is the best choice if you want a simpler option. SYITCUN falls right in the middle of the two. SYITCUN is adjustable and multipurpose yet simple to use and easy to move around.