Purefit Review: Adjustable bed wedge pillow system for reading in bed



Update: Lunix LX5 4pcs Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set is best alternative to the Purefit adjustable bed wedge system

Lunix LX5 4pcs Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set

Purefit adjustable bed wedge system by Relax the Back, is one of the best wedge reading pillow systems for reading in bed. It is a 4-piece of memory foam pillows, that works in combination to provide support to your back, lower back, neck and legs. Using this super comfortable bed lounger system, you can read for long period without hurting your neck or back.

Best suited, if you have back and neck issues, or need a ultimate comfortable pillow for reading in bed

Purefit is best suited for all the book lovers who want to read a lot in bed, comfortably, without any pain in their neck, back, or in any other joints. Whether you read in bed sitting up or at a sloped angle, this wedge pillow system will provide a great comfort and support.

This is perfect for everyone in the family, be it Kids, adults, elderly, dads, moms, girls, boys. Plus, it is an ideal thing for back and neck support for bedridden or disabled book lovers. Or you can also give it as a expensive and luxury gift to the book lovers in your life. You will be remembered, every time they enjoys the support and coziness of Purefit Relax the Back system.


  • Super comfortable to rest in Zero gravity position
  • Prevents and eliminates Back, Neck and Knee pain  
  • Sit up or recline in bed in Natural Ergonomic Posture for extended period
  • Allows Maximum blood circulation
  • Adjustable system works for every person, short or tall.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Simple and cheap alternative to adjustable bed
  • Easy wash removable cover included
  • Extra cover are separately available


  • Need to adjust headrest frequently. Not fixed.
  • The back pillow is not curved as it is in Avana
  • Pricey

Actually, it is a comfortable and supportive pillow for reading in bed, bust some users who bought it for post surgery recovery, have shown some concerns, but that use case is not my focus here.


Comfortable yet Supportive

Comfortable memory foam layer over solid supportive foam

If you need a supportive pillow systems that keeps your in the right posture, but also has some give to it, then it is a great choice.

All four wedge pillows are made of two layers of foam. The inner core is dense, and provides structure to the pillow and support to your body. On it, there is a memory foam layer which conforms to your body shape. This not only feels plush and soft, but it also helps in enhancing the support, due to the better contact with the body.

Relieves Back, Neck & Knee Pain

Zero Gravity Ergonomic posture helps eliminate pain in your neck, back, legs, and knees

All four pillows in the system work together to help your achieve the zero gravity posture, which is a very ergonomic posture. In this posture, there is no stress on any part of your body, hence you will feel comfortable.

The back pillow provides support to your upper and lower back. It rests on a support pillow which allows you to change the angle however your like.

Cervical pillow or headrest can be used in two ways: to elevate your head, or to support your neck.

The leg wedge elevates your legs which releases pressure on your hips and thighs. Plus, it helps in removing pressure from your knees.

If you read in bed in zero gravity posture for long time, you will not feel any pain in neck, back, knees or any other joints.  

Adjustable Angle

Comfortable reading in bed sitting up, reclining, or lying down.

Unlike the simple best wedge pillows that have only one fixed angle, Purefit relax the back system gives you the power to change the angle of the back to be comfortable however you prefer.

Whether you like reading sitting up in bed, or want to recline for a moment, you can easily do so by changing the angle.

And do not worry, once you place your weight onto the pillow, the angle you set will stay there without slipping.

Relaxed Reading in bed

Relaxed reading experience even for long reading sessions

It is one of the best, or I should say, the ultimate reading lounger for reading in bed.

The reason is, it helps you in reading in correct ergonomic posture with proper full body support, that feels cozy and plush.

All this combined, gives your body better blood circulation and super relaxed experience.

This is so enjoyable and luxurious, that you would not want to leave the bed, and when you would have to leave, you will miss it.

You will find it the best back, neck and leg support system, that you would want before hibernating with your TBR (to be read).  

Fits everyone

Kids, Aduls, Elderly. Short, Tall, Slim, Big

As it consists of 4 pieces of pillows, it fits everyone in your home perfectly.

You can keep the leg wedge and the back support wedge closer for a shorter person or a kid.

For bigger or taller persons, just put them at some distance, and it will work like great!

Breathable Cover

Comfortable cotton covers with faux suede at sides.

The cover is soft and plush. It feels nice to touch, and the best part, it is made of breathable cotton. This enables you to use it for long period without sweating your back.

The artificial suede at the also feels plush, and make it luxurious.

Easy to clean

Machine washable cover, plus extra cover available.

This comes with a cover that is zipped off over the pillow. When something spills over your pillow, just unzip and remove the cover, and throw it in the washing machine to make your pillow new again. It is so easy to keep your pillow clean and tidy for a long time.

In case, you want to be a bit more careful with protecting your favourite pillow system, you can get an extra cover set from Amazon. It is not included, but sold separately.  

Value for money

High Quality Foam material and great stitching for long lasting comfort.

If you consider the high quality materials, and top notch fabrication, you are getting a great value for money.

Although the price relatively high, but it is way cheaper than getting an adjustable bed.

It is an investment that you would do to prevent yourself from neck, back, and knee pain, and to read comfortably in bed for a long time.


Pillow Dimensions

  • Incline Base: 15″W x 11″H
  • Leg Support: 19″W x 6.5″H
  • Back Support: 28.5″W x 7″H
  • Neck Support: 10″W x 4″H


  • Takes two days to fluff up completely.
  • Slight smell might come when your open. Do not worry. It will fade away with time, and is harmless.  

Coupon code

I did not find any coupon code but you can get it at discounted price at Amazon.

Reviews Summary


Most of the users who used the Purefit relax the back pillow system, love it because of its quality, comfort and the ability to adjust at any angle.

They find it useful in post surgery recovery, acid reflux, sleeping sitting up in bed, reading and watching TV in bed.


A few users who bought it for surgery recovery, find it a bit firm, and not comfortable.  Another user complained about the headrest pillow, that needed frequent adjustment. (But that is actually a feature.)


For even more lumber or lower back support, consider the Avana adjustable bed wedge pillow system, read my Avana pillow system review, or check Avana at amazon for price and user reviews.

Other pillows that are helpful in relieving back pain while reading in bed are husband pillows, and wedge pillows.

You can check out the best shredded-foam-filled husband reading pillows with arms and dedicated neck support for reading in bed.

Or if you want a bit more firm back support, and do not need side arms, or neck support, then check out the best wedge reading pillows for bed.


Purefit adjustable wedge system by relax the back is a great reading pillow that helps eliminate back, neck and legs pain, hence making your reading experience in bed more comfortable and enjoyable.

It is a high quality product that simply works by enabling you to read in bed in the correct ergonomic posture.

And, if you pair this system with the best adjustable book holder, you will have a killer combination that will improve your reading experience in bed even more.