Review: Lecco Floor Book Holder Stand for Books, Kindle or iPad

Lecco book holder floor stand with adjustable height and Angle for hands free comfortable reading.
Lecco book holder floor stand with adjustable height and Angle – Image Source

In this Lecco book holder floor stand review I will highlight its benefits and the limitations. At the end, you will discover the alternatives and when those will be a better choice.

After reading this review, you will be able to decide with confidence whether Lecco book holder floor stand is perfect for your reading needs or not?

Lecco floor standing book holder is a versatile holder for reading books and e-books in many different reading positions.

Best suited, if you…

  • Want to read in bed or couch comfortably.
  • Read while bathing, cooking, studying, or exercising.
  • Read on a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike.
  • Are elderly who wants to read without holding the book.
  • Have some kind of disability, like Arthritis or Parkinson’s.

Unique Features of Lecco floor standing book and tablet holder

There are two other similar alternatives, namely Levo and The Hold it. They offer the same versatility and adjustability, but the Lecco has three things that make it unique.

  1. It base is thin as compared to the other two, That is why you can slide it even your couch easily. (More details discussed below)
  2. You do not need to buy a separate extension for book and ereaders and tablets like kindle or iPad. The universal stand works for both, the books and ebooks. There is certain limitation is size which is discussed in detail below.
  3. It is made of metal and the shiny silver look seems elegant. It is a subjective thing and you may prefer it or not, but other two stands offer  black painted look.

Benefits of Lecco Book holder

Read in bed without hurting your neck

The stand helps you read in the most comfortable position in your bed. You can lie down however you want, and then adjust the stand to position the book in front of your eyes. Gone are those days, when you felt pain in your neck while reading.

Read in bed without using your hands

You just need your hands to first fix the book and then every time you turn the page. If you get tired by holding books for long time, you have any kind of disability, or you simple want to keep you hands warm and cozy in the winter nights, the Lecco book holder will make your reading, a joyful experience, again.

Moves easily under the couch

It has a very heavy yet a slim base, due to which you can easily slide under your furniture, for example, you couch or sofa. It is not a big deal, but it is something that makes things a bit more easy. Now, it is easy to adjust arms as the base is near to you.  

Height Adjustable book stand

Whether you read in places which requires less height, like bed, couch, or while bathing. OR You read on a treadmill, elliptical or while cooking, where more height is required, this stand will fit perfectly if your required height is in these limits.

The most height you can extend Lecco is 44 inches, and the least height is 27 inches. It means, if you want to buy it for reading on a treadmill, then check whether it can elevate up to the required height or you need levo book holder which can extent even more.

Angle Adjustable book stand

Not only height, you can also change the angle of the book or the tablet however you like. Let me explain by this example. Say, if  you want to read in bed while lying down completely flat. You want to place books exactly above your eyes facing downwards. You can easily do so. And this is one of the challenging postures to read. You can adjust the book holder however you like.  

Fits most books easily

It fits most books and e-readers easily, but not all of them. It works with only those books with height from 6.7 inches upto 11.02 inches. If your law or medical book is bigger in height Or you have some small books that are less than 6.7 inches in height, then those book will not fit in the book holder. Levo book holder is a great solution for this problem.

Easy to assemble

It delivers to your home, semi assembled. You need to do the final assembly which is very simple, and takes less than half an hour.

18 inch Arm Extension

With just a push of the hand, you can easily move the book in front of your eyes or out-of-the-way. It has an arms that extends up to 18 inches horizontally. To be exact, the distance is from the center of the book holder to the center of the pole.

The balance between mobility and stability

It has a unique base design which allows you to slide floor stand under the couch. It requires very less clearance space.

Sturdy Heavy duty stand for large books and writing

It is made of metal that not only look stylish and elegant, but also give sturdy support to the books or the tablets/kindle. The total weight of the stand is just below 20 pounds. It means, whether you use it for reading large books (up to 5.5 pounds) or you want to write on bed, this will not tip over, specially on the hard floor. On soft surfaces like carpet, it tends to bend on a side. Levo, which is very similar to this one, also has this issue on carpet floor. The solution is to either use it on hard floor or the other alternatives, if you want to read heavy books.

Fits books and e-readers, Mostly.

This book holder can fit books or the e-reader on the same holder. You do not swap the holder extensions like Levo book holder. This is its plus point. For detailed comparison see this post.

Limitations of Lecco Book holder

  • Will only work with 6.70’’ – 11.02’’ height of books/e-readers. Say, if you want to read on a small tablet that is 5’’ x 9’’, then you can place it vertically and not in the landscape orientation.
  • A bit heavy to move on carpet

Summary of User Reviews

Most of the users love this book stand. They got relief from neck and back pain. This gives them the ability to enjoy reading in bed for long periods. They find it sturdy and well built.

Some users do not love how it performed on the carpet floor. They find it difficult to move, and when in use, it bends a bit. This is because of the design of the base. There are two wheels and two solid rests at the base. On carpet, the solid rest points gets into the soft carpet, bending the overall stand. Also, at full extended arm, it become a bit flimsy.


Read in bed without Neck pain using Lecco book holder

If you want to read in bed without neck or shoulder pain, then getting a good reading stand is the first step. You should also do some exercises to strengthen your muscles. I have written a detailed post on how to read in bed without hurting your neck which you should definitely check as well.

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