Vekkia/LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light, Reading Lights for Books in Bed, 3 Colortemperature × 3 Brightness, Clip on Book, Up to 70 Hours Lighting, Great...

LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Review: Best Warm 6 LED clip-on Book light?

Vekkia/LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light, Reading Lights for Books in Bed, 3 Colortemperature × 3 Brightness, Clip on Book, Up to 70 Hours Lighting, Great...

Do you love to read in bed, and looking for book light to read without disturbing your partner?

And, do you need a warm color book light that is good for sleep?

Plus, Would your love that book reading light in small size? so that your can carry it with you easily in home or while travelling!

On top of that, would you prefer a rechargeable book light? So that you do not need to worry about replacing the cells or finding a socket to plug in.

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are at the right place where you will get to know the features and benefits of LuminoLite B076SVC7SN, that is one of the best book light for you, which will make your reading experience in bed, enjoyable and fun.

This is a best book light for kids and elderly, because it is safe and very easy to use!

And if you are thinking if this, the book light for paperback or kindle or other ereaders? Then the answer to this is also yes, due to its clip that can fit any small or large book or ereader.

Something about the company: LuminoLite is a well known brand for book lights. Earlier, there lights were available in only cool white color. But, now they have upgraded their book lights to warm colors to make them sleep friendly.

There are different models of LuminoLite clip on rechargeable book lights, like the one  with two heads, the one with both warm and cool light, and the small bookmark size warm book light. This LuminoLite review is of the single head rechargeable, warm 3000k color, 6 LED light which is available in classic black color body.


  • Bright yet soft warm light.
  • Long lasting, USB rechargeable Battery.
  • Adjustable, yet sturdy goose neck.
  • Clip hold books without damaging them.
  • Dim book light does not disturb partner.


  • Lowest brightness is not very low for a few ( <2% )people.
  • A user said, it turns on accidentally, in a pocket.
Vekkia/LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light, Reading Lights for Books in Bed, 3 Colortemperature × 3 Brightness, Clip on Book, Up to 70 Hours Lighting, Great...


Luminolite warm rechargeable clip on book light offers a lot of benefits to the bookworms who love to read in bed. This makes it one of the best accessories for book lovers who read in bed.

Bright Light

The light is bright enough to read in dark, but not too much to start poking into your eyes.

It makes the words on the books and kindle easily visible, so that you can read comfortably for long period.

Although, it is a one head book light, but the light is enough to lit both the pages of the book. Whether you are reading a small size book or a large textbook, you will be able to read the text easily.


This dimmable book light gives you the power to control the brightness however your like. There are three brightness settings: Low, Medium and High. Adjust the brightness according your need.

You can set it to Low when feeling sleepy. Or, when your partner wants to sleep and there is too much light in the room.

Sturdy, yet Flexible Gooseneck

If you are looking for flexible neck clip on book light in warm color, then it is perfectly that.

You can bend its neck to orient the light direction, however your like. The stem bends easily, yet stays there one you set it. It is a flexible, yet sturdy gooseneck.

This makes it easy for you to read by directing it on the right page.

Plus, this eliminates the glares that are produced when the light is reflecting at a certain angle. Just change the angle of the light and the glares will magically disappear.  

Another benefits is that, you will be able to read without disturbing your partner, by changing the direction of the light away from him or her.

Safe and Sturdy Clip

The clip is sturdy as well. It holds the book with just the right pressure, without damaging the book.

You can use it to read paperbacks or hardcovers, without worrying about damaging the book.

Rechargeable Battery

It comes with a rechargeable battery of 1000mAH which last for a long time. If you read for about a couple of hours daily, the battery will last for about a week.

This frees you from the hassle of replacing cell batteries or finding the socket in a hotel room.

Easy USB charging

USB charging allows you to charge it anywhere. You can easily charge the battery from you laptop USB, the car charger, a powerbank, or from any micro USB charger that come with your phone.

Soft Eye care warm light book light for sleep

This Luminolite book light produces warm color light that is safe for your eyes.

The warm color has also very less effect on sleep. You can read in detail how warm color light is good for sleep?

Plus, the light is soft and even. It means, there are no harsh bright spots or the irritating glares on the page.

That is why, even if your reading session extends to 4-5 hours, you will not feel any stress in your eyes.


This is a portable book light for travel as well. When moving in the home, to travelling on a train, car or plane, you can easily fold it into a pocket size.

Light weight

It is light in weight which has three benefits.

One, You can easily keep it with you anywhere you go.

Second, when you clip it, it does not pulls the book down.

Third, there is no extra weight to hold, which makes hold the book with the luminolite clipped on, easy and fun.  

Safe for paperbacks

Luminolite is a good clip-on book light for paperbacks. It has a clip that does not damage the pages of the paperbacks. Plus, It is a lightweight book light which does not add more weight or pulls the books down.

Words for kindle/e-readers

This can also be used to clip on to a kindle and other e-readers. The clip opens wide enough to hold the ereaders.

Well built

It is a high quality, well built product that is loved by thousands of book lovers. The base and the light head is made if plastic and the neck is made of metal.

Awesome Customer Service

They give you 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty, if anything bad happens. Plus, there are very responsive which is why they earned the trust of a lot of bookworms. Get it from Amazon without any hesitation.  

Luminolite single head 6 LED warm clip on book light for reading in bed without disturbing your partner.



More than 80% of the book love this book light for reading in bed, because of its warm color and soft light. They love that it is adjustable and dimmable, which makes it easier for them to read without disturbing their partner. Users, also admire the long battery life that makes their life easier.


A handful of users have certain issues with the light. For example, a user find its on off button to be too sensitive. He says, that it accidentally turn while in the pocket. If this is serious, then check out Ecologic Mart’s best book light review with recessed on off button, and a pouch.


If you need the smallest, warm, bookmark size book light, then consider this Luminolite book light.

If you need a book light with more options the check out Ecologic Mart book light, overall best book light.

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