Discover the top clip-on reading lights for bed headboards that illuminate your nights with comfort and clarity

Best Clip-on Reading lights for Bed Headboard

Are you looking for the reading light that attaches to the bed headboard? Whether it has a wide clip, small clip or a large clamp. All of the best options are listed.

You will find the reading lights with 2.36 inches wide clip that easily attaches to the headboard. And if you have a thicker headboard, then large Clamp-on headboard lights will work for you.

Let’s Start!

The Best Clip-on and Clamp-on Reading lights for Bed Headboard.

LePower Round-Head (Recommended)

LEPOWER Clip on Light, Reading Light with 10 Dimmable Brightness Levels and 3 Colors, Flexible Book Reading Lamp for Bed, Desk, Headboard, Perfect for...

LePower round-head light is a well made all-metal LED that is bright enough for reading in bed. You can adjust the brightness using its switch. Step-less dimming function allows you to precisely control the brightness. For nighttime reading, warm color is preferred, but you also have cool light option. The light is powered by a direct USB power source. It means you do not have to charge the batteries, or keep replacing batteries. Just find a wall socket near you and plugin the wall adapter. It come with a long 5ft wire to easily reach the socket. To adjust the angle of the light, Lepower provides you with a long 15 inches neck that is flexible and easy to move. Yet, it stays there once you set it.

LOYLOV Rechargeable (Recommended)

LOYLOV Clip on Reading Light, Ultra-Bright Warm LED Book Light 3 Brightness Eye Care, USB Rechargeable Headboard Book Lamp for Reading in Bed at Night for...
Rechargeable clip on headboard light with warm 4000K light for better sleep

LOYLOV Clip on light is the best rechargeable headboard light. You can also clip it to bunk or Murphy bed. It produces 4000K warm light that is better for sleep. This is the only one warm color, rechargeable battery, and a wide 2.3 inches clip. You can adjust its brightness up-to three levels to makes it bright, dim, and very dim. If your headboard is less than 1.36 inches wide, then you can use any of the best clip on book lights, which are way more portable and has multipurpose use.

Lepower Bar-head

LEPOWER Led Clip on Light, Reading Light for Bed, 4W Night Book Light Clamp, 3 Color Temperature Settings Stepless Adjustable Brightness for Desk, Bed...
Lepower 4 watt bar-head light with stepless dimming

This version of Lepower clip on light has step-less dimming. It means, there is continuous range of brightness that you can control by pressing the low or high buttons on wire-remote. Another difference is the design of light. It has a bar shape design. Please note that, they have a 5 watt version in the same bar shape design, that does not have stepless dimming. Rest of the things are same. This includes, both warm and cool color light, long 15’’ flexible yet sturdy goose-neck.


Vekkia 6W Clip on Light, LED Reading Light for Bed, Eye Caring Clip Light, 3 Color & 10 Brightness Levels, Reading Lamp with Gooseneck, Perfect Bed...
Luminolite 10 level brightness and memory function

The luminolite clip-on book light offers 10 levels of brightness control. You can make it very dim or very high. This is the second best thing after stepless dimming.

The problem with that many brightness levels is that you have to press the button multiple times to go to your desired brightness. Imagine, doing it every time you start to read. It would be hassle for your. So, they solved this problem with the memory function button. Just turn on the light and it will be at the last set brightness, so you can start reading immediately It has both warm 3000K color and 7000K cool lights. This makes it great for reading in bed without disturbing your sleep. The LEDs are of good quality (like all the other mentioned here) that do not flicker and prevent any kind of eye strain.

To use, just plug it to any USB power source and start reading. No batteries need to be charged before reading. It comes with a 5 ft cable to easily reach wall socket.

Luminolite offers a variety of different book lights, and they have one in this clip-on plug-in  headboard lights category. Just like their other lights this one is also a great product for book lovers who love to read in bed.

Rechargeable Hooded lamp that double as a bedside lamp

LiFMIRA Clip on Light USB Reading Light 3 Color Modes 10 Brightness Levels Eye Care Clamp Light Flexible Gooseneck Dimmable Reading Lamp Clip on Lamp for...
Rechargeable Hooded lamp that double as a bedside lamp

This rechargeable book light has a large 2.36’’ clip, 10’’ long flexible yet sturdy neck and no-flicker LED light. Its neck is slightly shorter than the other lights mentioned above. With this, you do not need to find the Usb port or wall socket, as it runs on rechargeable battery.

The only problem with this light is that it is only available in cool color light, which is not ideal for bedtime reading. This color light disturbs sleep and irritates light-sensitive bookworms. There are warm lights available but  their clip size is 1.36’’ wide, or 2’’ wide. Other than that, it is a good light for reading and clipping it to headboard.

It is very easy to use. Just charge it for 1.5 hours using any USB power source, and use it for 4-8 depending upon the brightness. You can adjust the brightness up-to three levels: low, medium and high.

Dual-Head Unique Design

zjchao Adjustable Gooseneck Light Clip on Double Headed LED Lamp, 2in1 Portable USB Desk Light for Reading, BBQ, Makeup Tattoo Manicure Lash Extension
Dual-Head Unique design headboard light

This is a unique design that provide two cool color lights. But for reading in bed… I do not think it is a great choice, because you do not need that much light or that option. What you need is a dimmable focused light in warm color. This clip-on light does not provide that.

Alternatives of Clip-on Headboard lights for bedtime reading

The clip-on lights listed above are a great fit for certain types of use, but you can also explore options by checking the Best reading lights for bed