The Book Seat Review – Bean Bag Book holder pillow for reading in bed

The Book Seat Review - Bean Bag Book holder for Comfortable reading in bed.

The book seat is a popular book pillow or book holder pillow among avid readers who love to read in bed. Here in this review, will find the benefits and drawbacks, with the summary of both positive and negative reviews. Plus, I have recommended some alternatives for you to consider before buying this.

Best suited, if you want to read in bed without using your hands,  or you have Arthritis problem and could not hold the book,  or you want a simple and portable book holder for travelling,  then this pillow book holder is best for you.

Not suited, if you want a true multipurpose book holder for reading in bed, chair, while bathing, studying, or even exercising. Also, if you want to read in the correct ergonomic posture by adjusting the height and the angle of the books, you are reading.

A note about large hardcovers and stability of this book holder.

I have noticed after reviewing a lot of book holders that if you want the simplicity and portability, then you have to compromise with the adjust ability (angle and  height), and the stability of the books.

You have to choose whether you prefer a book holder that is easy to carry,  all the one which is very comfortable to use.

This book holder is good for hardcovers and large text books. There is no stability issues and it does not tip over either. You can see that yourself in the video mentioned below, but there are better book stands that offer even better stability, adjust ability, and handling of large books. Check them at alternative section.

The book seat book holder review

The book seat book holder is a bean bag with a pocket to place your books in it. After placing the books you tighten up the elastic that pushes the plastic page holder to keep book open.

Here is a Youtube video that shows how to use it?

This is a bit long, 8 minute video, in which the host tests all sizes of book. The quality of the video is not that great but you will get the main point quite well.

She finds it comfortable to use. She dispels the myth that the book seat is not suitable for large hardcover. Plus shows how stable it is to read books.

As this is a bean bag, there is slight adjustment possible in the angle. You can tilt it to read while lying down on your bed on one side. But the angle adjustment is limited. See alternatives section for better options.


  • Simple Hands Free Use.
  • Easy to turn pages.
  • Perfect angle.
  • Portable and travel friendly.
  • Works on desks too.
  • Perfect for kindle, and books of all size.
  • Good for arthritis
  • Good for reading in bed sideways, or on your back.
  • Keeps your hands warm.
  • Keeps your shoulders relaxed.
  • A remote control or mobile holder pocket at the back.


  • Not height adjustable. You have to raise your head, or change the reading position to read at eye level.

Reviews Summary

Summary of Positive Reviews

Most of the user’s loved this book holder because they can read in bed without holding the book. This helps them read more while keeping their hands warm, and shoulders relaxed.

There is also some kind of angle adjustment available that helps you to read while lying down sideways.

Summary of Negative Reviews

Some users find it difficult to place large size hardcovers, they found it to be less stable and feels like it is about to tip over. But, as I have already shown in the video above, this issue does not seem to be true.

As you cannot adjust the height while reading, so it causes stress in your neck muscles and you cannot read for longer period. But this issue can be fixed by adding an extra pillow below the book seat. And if you want even better height adjustment, Check out the alternatives section below.


LEVO Floor stand book holder.

levo book holder is an alternative to this book seat book holder

This is the best multipurpose book holder that every book lover should have in their home. You can use it while lying down, while reading in a chair, while bathing, exercising or studying in your home. You can move it to any location in your home easily. Plus, you can adjust the height to elevate your book at the eye level, and the angle of the book however you like.

While reading in bed straight on your back, you can place book over your head and still read comfortably.

Check out detailed Levo Book holder review

Pyramid Pillow Book holder

This is another pillow book holder that you can use to read in chair or bed. Some users find it less comfortable than the book seat. But still, it is a nice alternative to check out. This works well for books and ereaders, both.

Adjustable book holder

adjustabel height and  angle book holder table

Furinno book holder allows you read book or your kindle, in bed with ease. You can adjust the height and angle of the book to your liking.

More Book Holders

To get a better understanding of all the book and e-reader holders available for reading in bed, check my posts on 12 book holders of 5 Types, for reading in bed. If you love to read digital books then check Kindle stands for reading in bed.