Zelco Itty Bitty Non-LED Incandescent bulb Book Light Review

Zelco Itty Bitty Non-LED Incandescent bulb Book Light Review



If you are looking for a non-led, incandescent-bulb book light to read in bed, then zelco itty bitty book light is the best choice

It provides flicker-free, soft-glow, dim and warm-color light in a small size book light that clips onto your books without adding any noticeable weight. The light saves you from eye-strain and helps you read without disturbing your partner.

Zelco "itty Bitty" Original Book Light
Zelco itty bitty Vol.2 travel friendly book light

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Best suited, if…

You love to read in bed, and need a small book light to read without disturbing your partner, but LED reading lights cause strain in your eyes.

You have tried Best warm, soft glow, clip-on, LED book lights, but you are not satisfied. It may be because, you feel the flicker, or those are too bright for you.

You do not mind changing the batteries, and the bulbs. Plus, you are OK with the charge adapter or the power pack.

You are a kid, an adult, or an elderly person who needs a small size, incandescent bulb, clip-on book light at any cost!

Original VS Volume 2

There are two different models of Zelco itty bitty book light: original and the latest Volume 2. Most of the things are common between them, but there are some improvements  in Volume 2.

Zelco Itty Bitty Paperback Edition Booklight
Zeclo Itty Bitty slim Original Book light

What is common?

  • Incandescent bulb – They both have a  small incandescent bulb to illuminate the book. It provides soft, dim light without flicker.
  • Clip – A clip is used to attach it to the books. It does not damage the pages.
  • Lightweight – Works with paperbacks easily.
  • Power – Runs on AC adaptor, or the battery pack that requires four C-cell batteries.
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the angle of the light falling on the book.

Volume 2 Improvements!  

  • Smaller & lighter Volume 2 has a better design that is more durable and less likely to break at the neck. It is also smaller and lighter than the original one.
  • Cheaper– Volume 2 is way cheaper that the original itty bitty book light. You can see the prices below.
  • Brighter – For those who do not like the very dim light of the original zelco itty book light, volume 2 is brighter. But if you prefer very dim light then get the original. The difference in brightness comes from the diffuser cover that is different in the volume 2. The bulb is the same.
  • On/Off switch – Whenever you unfold the light, it turns on, and when you fold it back, it turns off. In original variant, there was a dedicated switch.

Now Let’s start the review of the Zelco itty bitty Original and Volume 2 book light with pros and cons.


  • No eye strain – Non-LED Incandescent bulb (flicker-free, high-CRI)
  • Dim & Soft glow light for comfortable reading in bed
  • Warm light does not disturb sleep (or Melatonin Production)
  • Feather light book light does add weight to paperbacks
  • Read in bed without disturbing your partner
  • Travel friendly – Small, compact, and foldable
  • No charging needed – Plug-in or use C-cell batteries
  • Includes the AC adapter


  • Bulb dies – Needs replacement.
  • Have to search the socket nearby to plug-in, or buy the C-cell batteries.
  • Bulky when used with battery pack.
  • Relatively fragile wire
Itty Bitty Booklight Volume 2 (Zelco Book Lights) Paperback – Import
Zelco itty bitty non-LED incandescent bulb book light for reading in bed


One Of The Best Non LED Incandescent Book Light

If you are looking for non-LED incandescent reading lights, then you have a very limited options because most of the lights have switched to LED. On top of that, if you need a small light that can clip on to the books, then it is the best option available to you.

Flicker Free, Soft And Light Does Not Stain Your Eyes

This incandescent bulb light provides a flicker-free light that is spread evenly on the book without any harsh shadows and glares. That is why, you eyes stays relaxed even after reading for long period.

Small And Compact – For Camping, Or Reading On The Beach

It is a very small and pocketable book light that folds into a form that is less than 6 inches long. You can easily put in your backpack, purse or pocket and take it with you. Whether you’re reading in home, going camping, or planning to read on a beach, it is perfect for every situation.

Dim Book Light, Yet Bright Enough To Read

Zelco itty bitty Vol 2 is not too bright to poke into your eyes. It is a gentle and dim light, that is also bright enough to properly light up the book, to read comfortably.

If you need very dim light, I mean dimmer than the Zelco Vol 2, then get the Zelco original version. It has a diffuser that decreases and softens the brightness, even more. The original one is for those, who are super sensitive to light in the evenings and the nights.

Read Without Disturbing Your Partner

The light is soft and stays inside the book. It is not that kind of light that fills up the entire room, making your partner feel uncomfortable. Now, you can read in bed without worrying about disturbing your spouse.

Warm Color Light – Less Effect On Sleep Cycles

Another benefit of this incandescent bulb is that you get warm color light which has less effect on sleep hormone called Melatonin. Hence, your sleep rhythm does not get disturbed.

High Cri Light – Better Color Reproduction

Incandescent bulbs always have high CRI rating. This means, better color reproduction of the text, and eventually better visibility. On the other hand, low quality LED lights have less CRI rating which is not pleasant to read by.

Lightweight – Makes It Easy To Read Paperbacks

Zelco itty bitty book lights do not add any extra weight when clipped on to books. Practically, these are weightless book lights. That is why, they are good to read the light paperback books.

Both versions of Zelco Itty Bitty are featherlight but volume-2 is lighter than the Original Zelco. Volume 2 weighs just half ounce, while original one is 4 ounce.

Battery Pack Is Not Attached Directly To The Light

A cool trick that reduces the weight of the book light is, battery compartment is connected with a wire. I mean, it is not attached at the base of the light, as you see it in most of the rechargeable Clip on LED book lights.

Height And Angle Adjustable, And Stays Put

You can adjust the height of the head, and angle of the head to position the light precisely, according to your need. You can set it pointing away from your partner so that he or she does not get disturbed while you are reading in bed.

Covers Both Page Of The Books

The light is wide enough to read the both pages of the book. Plus, you can change the height of the neck to make the light beam wider or focused on a tight area on the book. For the widest possible light, extend the neck to its maximum limit.

Includes Ac Adaptor, Bulb & Battery Pack

Both Zelco itty bitty lights come with a AC adaptor, a battery pack and a bulb. This is good because you can read it either by directly plugging it in, or using four C-cell batteries to power the light.

Note: You get only one bulb, not a spare bulb. And, you need to separately buy the C-cells for the battery pack.

Zelco Itty Bitty Volume Two Booklight
Eye-strain free, Best small size incandescent book light

Reviews Summary

This is the kind of book light that users either love it or hate it.


Around 60% of the users love this book light because of its anti-eye-strain incandescent bulb. The light produces very pleasant light that is neither too dim nor too bright. They can read without disturbing their partner. Users love the fact that it is featherlight to hold and clipping on to books do not add any weight.

Most of the users who love this light, do not find any alternative and this was their only option with incandescent bulb. They have to get it, they got it, and they are happy with it.


Some users who complain about this book light say that it is fragile and the build quality is not that good. The wire is slim and prone to breakage. According to them, bulb needs frequent replacement that is expensive. A few of them, complained about the brightness of the light being very dim and not enough for reading.

An interesting thing is, the users who do not like it said that, they prefer LED version of this book light. And as you know, if you can go with LED then there are a lot of best book lights available to choose from.

Important Notes:

If your are considering to get this book light then you should know these things, clearly.

Know the prices

You must know the maintenance cost of this book light.

Zelco "itty Bitty" Original Book Light

Here is the price of the light, spare bulb, and 4 c cell batteries to give you an estimate of running cost.

Volume 2 is brighter; Original is very dim

In comparison, Zelco itty bitty volume 2 is brighter than the Zelco Original book light. It is because, the older version has a diffuser that reduces the light, while the vol 2 has a reflector at the back of the light that focuses all the light to the front.

The battery pack attaches with a cable.

The battery pack is not attached to the base of the light. Rather it is connected through a wire to the light. This keeps the weight of the book light down to minimum, but you have to manage the battery pack, that some users do not like.


Zelco itty bitty was a great book light that is in the market since 2001. Since then, there are a lot of better lights entered in the market.

Those modern lights are not incandescent, but feature same high-quality, energy-efficient light.

Plus, those lights provide a hassle free experience. You do not need to change the bulb, or the batteries. Just charge and use those rechargeable, warm, clip-on book lights.

Some people feel flicker in those LED book lights that causes eye strain. I disagree. These were low quality LEDs that have flicker and blue-color light. I would suggest you to try some of the high-quality, warm-color, soft-glow, clip-on LED lights that are tested and loved by thousands of users. Some of those high quality lights, are mentioned below

  1. Single-head warm clip-on book light by Luminolite
  2. Bookmark light in warm color by Luminolite
  3. Dual-Head, Clip-on, eye-care book light with cool and warm color by Ecologic Mart


Get this Zelco itty bitty book light, original or volume 2, if you must need a non-LED incandescent book light in a small clip-on style. Otherwise, check alternatives section for LED book lights that also offer soft and warm light.