Vekkia Bookmark Book Light, Clip on Reading Lights for Books in Bed, Infinite Brightness Levels, Soft Light Easy for Eyes, Built-in USB Cable Easy Charge....

Vekkia Bookmark Book light Review



Are you looking for a really tiny and slim, bookmark size book light for reading in bed? Then, The Vekkia Bookmark Book light on Amazon is so slim and tiny, that you can place it just like a bookmark inside your book. It produces warm light of color temperature 3000K, which makes it great for reading in bed.

Surprisingly, this really tiny book light also has rechargeable battery that you can charge from any USB source, using its built in cable. Yes, It also has a built-in USB cable!

Vekkia Bookmark Book Light, Clip on Reading Lights for Books in Bed, Infinite Brightness Levels, Soft Light Easy for Eyes, Built-in USB Cable Easy Charge....


  • Really tiny and slim
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3000K warm color light
  • 4 adjustable brightness settings: 10, 15, 20, 25 Lumens
  • Clip-on book light
  • Works with paperbacks
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours
  • Charging built in the design
  • Book light for kids and elderly


  • For a few users, it is too bright
  • Neck is not as flexible as a gooseneck.
  • Not 2700K or amber color.

If it is too bright for you, then there are two solutions: wrap it in butter paper, or get a more dim light reading light. For more alternatives check out the 15 Best book lights that are also small and tiny.

Benefits of Mini Vekkia Bookmark LED Book light

Vekkia Bookmark Book Light, Clip on Reading Lights for Books in Bed, Infinite Brightness Levels, Soft Light Easy for Eyes, Built-in USB Cable Easy Charge....

Here are the benefits of Bookmark size warm clip on rechargeable book light by LuminoLite.

Makes Your Reading Area Clearly Visible In Dark – Bright Enough

The most important thing about any book light is that whether it is bright enough or not? And the good thing about this bookmark reading light is, it is bright enough for you to read comfortably in bed. Do not be fooled by its small size.

Really Tiny And Small

It is a really tiny book light that measures only 8 inches long in total, out of which 6.7 inches are for the neck. The width is also very less, just 2 inches.

Use It With Books – Comes With A Clip

You can easily use it with large and heavy hardcovers or small and lightweight paperbacks. It comes with a clip that holds the books firmly.

Does Not Damage Books

The clip is wide and has a strong grip. But, it is also easy to remove as well. That is why it does not damage the books, even paperbacks.

Tiny, But Light Up Two Pages

The light is narrow, but it is enough to light up two pages of the book. But if you need even more wider and broader light then check out Ecologic mart  or this Luminolite book light

Good For Small Paperback Books

If you are curious to know that whether it adds extra weight to the paperback books, then be relaxed. It does not add extra weight to the book. Plus, your can safely clip it to paperback as its clip will not damage the pages.

Small Warm Light For E-readers And Kindle

It has a great design, as it works with not only books, but with kindle and e-readers. You can clip it using the clip, or insert the slim neck part in between the case and the e-reader.

Keep It As A Bookmark

When finished reading, you can just put the bookmark reading light in the book and go to sleep. This works perfectly as a bookmark.

It Even Stands On Its Own

Although, it would not be that practical and stable, but if need, it can stand on its own. Just bend the neck like a C-shape and it will become a portable reading lamp.

No Need To Keep Buying Batteries

Other tiny lights that has a small size comparable to this one, runs on coin cell batteries which last for about 20 hours and then you have to buy and replace the batteries, and this cycle keeps going on.

Where this book light saves you from the hassle of buying batteries. Just charge and read. One hour of charging is enough to read upto 8 hours on lowest brightness. It means it will last for a week, if you read one hour before sleeping, everyday.

Charge It Anywhere

Once charging is finished, you can charge it easily from any USB source available. It can be your laptop, powerbank, or your phone power adaptor.

Charging Cable Will Never Be Lost

With this light, you will always have the charging cable with you, as it is built in the design of the book light. Just bend the leg and insert it into any source to start charging.

Read Without Disturbing Your Partner

The light beam it throws, does not fill your entire room. It lights up your book or kindle without disturbing your spouse. It is a personalized light that will make reading in bed easy and comfortable for you.

Read In Bed Without Disturbing Your Sleep

It has a warm color light with a color temperature of 3000K. This is proven to have less effect on sleep.

If you want to know more about how warm color effect sleep then check this post: Which is best color light, for reading at night? White or Yellow?

If you need even warmer light then check alternatives section at the end.

Dim Light Book Light

You have the power to decrease the amount of light to as low as 10 lumens. This is the most dim setting on this light.

Other than that you can adjust the brightness to 15, 20 and 25 lumens. This is bright enough to read easily,  yet dim enough to not disturb your partner or yourself.

Prevents Headaches And Eye Statin

This luminolite bookmark reading light is covered with diffuser which spreads and softens the light. That is why, you do not feel any hash glares or hotspots on the pages of the book.

This prevents your eyes from stressing out and causing headaches.

Gift It To Book Lovers

This is a great gift idea for book lovers in your life. You can give to your spouse, kids or friends. If they love to read at night, they are definitely going to remember you whenever they use it.

Travel Friendly Portable Book Light

It has a lightweight and tiny body which is super easy to carry anywhere. Plus, there is no charging problem. You can charge it anywhere using USB cable. So, it is one of the best portable book light for travel.

Perfect For Kids Or Elders

It is safe and very easy to use. This makes it perfect for kids and elderly.

There is just one button that controls the brightness and turn on/off the light. The weight of the light is also very less which do not cause any stress when holding the book with the light clipped on. So, the kids or elders can use it easily.  

No Need To Replace The Bulb

Unlike conventional reading lamps for which you have to replace the bulbs, this book light has a good quality LED that is built to last thousands of hours. No need to replace the bulb. Just charge it to read in bed. No stress, no fuss!

Return It, If You Do Not Love It

It comes with 30 day money back guarantee and 3 year warranty, so if you do not love it, simply replace it and get a new one. This long warranty period shows the quality and the confidence which the company has on its products. Get it, without thinking twice!


This is a great book reading light which is as tiny as a bookmark. Plus, it is rechargeable and has a warm color light. This makes it  one of the best small book lights for reading in bed.

But there are a few alternatives with their own strengths and weaknesses. You can check the best 15 clip on book reading lights OR…

For a border light, more options in brightness adjustment, and even longer battery life consider Best all in one book light that is Ecologic mart. Or you can check out single head 8 LED Luminolite warm clip on book light with rechargeable battery

If you need a tiny book light for kids, but you do not mind changing coin cell batteries, and need cool color light, the cheap energizer book light is also an option. But, I do not recommend this.